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(954) 602-0028

Adrianne said

Pushy sales call from "Nina" trying to push a scam /dating service called It's Just Lunch

(252) 512-0085

Terry said

Has several calls from this number some of them were five times in a matter of two or three minutes don't know who they are

(516) 594-0163

bee said

credit card scam

(989) 207-0043

lame said

rabdom call

(540) 358-0029

Pissed Off said

Tired of this number calling. Three times and counting. Blocked him, but somehow he then moves on to another number and leaves no voicemail, etc...Annoying.

(248) 739-0082

Jen said

This person just called and sounded very strange telling me that he had an appt next week but couldn't tell me what day. He ended up hanging up just after he asked me if my name is Jennifer, which I stupidly confirmed. He's a weirdo. I didn't answer when he called back a few minutes later.

(386) 868-0011

Yassy said

(608) 515-0023

co said

Creep! More specifically Pediphile!

(313) 766-0091

K said

Female caller with last name Gold wanted to talk about bussiness matters

(248) 739-0082

Audrey said

I got THE phone call today. I was on the phone for 45 minutes trying to figure out if it was a prank call. We don't discriminate at our shop, so I was trying to listen and take notes as instructed but the whole thing was way out in left field. I was asked to do all of the things that the other shops were asked to do. As soon as I got off the phone I ran his number in a search. It sounds like he has been doing this for a long time.

(323) 356-0005

Erica said

They try to FaceTime me all the time. I texted them to see who it was.... no response.

(315) 307-0069

Vonello said

This number is a scammer, saying hes calling from advance america to process a loan. He asked for my banking info, Daniel MarTin he says his name was

(248) 739-0082

Woodhouse Day Spa said

Prank calls about being bound due to medical issues for a massage. We are in Charleston, S.C.

(651) 318-2011

Lou said

I got a Skype message from this number. Have you discovered as of yet who they are?

(440) 279-3830

Melissa said

Warning! Bob Kelly is a guy who hired me then treated me badly. I'm an escort and I think other women should be warned of his dangerous behavior and deviant personality. Do not let him fool you.

(928) 297-0017


Received call. Do not know anyone in Navajo Detention Center.

(843) 649-0003

Marco said

This number just popped up today and has already called three times. I have not answered and they leave no message.

(727) 498-0143

Bill said

This is a ROBO SCAMMER TERRORIST caller! They keep calling, when tell them not to call again. They call from different phone numbers and you have to keep blocking them. Crazy, wacko, nuts.

(310) 245-7054

Mary said

Student loan forgiveness/ refinance scam

(248) 739-0082

Linda - Texas 6/27/1 said

I also received a call from Jane Waters stating the same thing about being handicap and blind, needing several to help him into the dresses, wanting two dresses, one long and one short and "flirty", and need to "bend him over" then "push him back up". I feel sure he has called my shop on two other occasions asking for an appointment and never showing up.

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