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(267) 867-0040

Rick said

Has called numerous times, never leaves a message

(417) 855-0079

Kay said

I was on a dating site when he contacted me. He said his name was Steve. He wanted to meet for a date. I said okay but the first time he asked he apparently didn't have the time to drive as it was 1 1/2 hour drive. The second time he contacted me was today. He wanted to meet again tonight but said he would try to work it in because he had to take his daughter to dinner and graduation tomorrow. He didn't contact me again and when I tried to contact him he didn't answer. Got on the dating site and all his information and our conversation on there was gone. So typed in his telephone number and came up with the information that said he was a sex offender. Then saw this site and decided to send in the information.

(619) 313-4498

Jonathan said

Sales call using "CA green energy program" for home upgrades. Spam.

(858) 964-0112

Nick said

It's a scam phone number

(516) 874-0090

dave said

(405) 771-0042

Hal said

Same, but I just got a new number. No one has it, and I still received these calls? (Thankful my phone has caller blocking.)

(608) 291-3582

MMG said

Same. Compliants filed and to call back or press one to talk to an operator, but then it just hangs up even though there's no other options.

(919) 925-1697

ticked off said

Subject (Joe?) calls and continually asks about the status of my disability claim. It appears he is trying to get you to say "yes" to his questions. The police have told me to never say "Yes" when these low life individuals call. They are known to take advantage of the elderly.

(620) 255-0193

Tree of Wellness said

He is prank calling us.

(706) 861-0049

Bamaboy said

It is title bucks

(989) 751-0000

Anon said

Keeps calling and texting nonstop

(920) 567-0011

Toni said

Calls from this # daily, all different times. Never leaves message. Blocked calls finally.

(512) 269-0019

kk said

Several calls over multiple days. No message left.

(847) 997-0045

Al said

Recieved a text from this number

(440) 378-0034

fed up said


(440) 378-0034

jbone said

Get daily phone calls on my cell and home phone. Anyone have any information on this number?

(714) 881-0178

Jelly said

Blank ...No voice

(614) 230-0005


No message left. Who is this?

(954) 393-0026

Eugene said

They call regularly, never leave a message and so are ignored.

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