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(601) 882-0085

Megan said

Who is this they call 50 times a day

(516) 606-0007

Etanna said

Just got a call. Didn't answer it. Who is it?

(919) 355-0026

H said

They've called once a day for a few days and leave a message but say nothing.

(401) 279-0013

Steve said

This number says it's dealer warranty services. None of my cars have had a warranty since 2009. But apparently my warranty is about to expire and i need to renew it with them. I've never used this company before and never will. Ive put my number on their do not call list 12 times in the last 2 weeks and they still keep calling from different rhode island numbers telling me I have to renew my warranty

(989) 244-0022

Mama said

They call and disguise there voice and just keep saying hello hello hello it's becoming rediculius

(303) 351-0221

Mary said

I have received calls from this # several times. He wants to know if my property is still for sale. It is not and has never been. Fishing scam!!!!

(970) 423-0002

JD said

Called, rang 4 times, left no message.

(727) 619-0004

anon said

I get calls every day from this number, they will not tell me which company they are from, only that it is a personal business matter, and proceeds to ask for my address.

(602) 933-0001

Trbs said

Bad caller

(315) 676-0049

jeb said

I answered, caller then hung up.

(256) 270-0003

Jim said

No one there

(540) 358-0029

Cowkidz said

I got 3 calls back to back, no messages left. I called the number with my Google voice number. I got an automated response and opted to remove my name from,the internal do not call list; however, the computer was stumped and gave me no response, because it didn't recognize my number. I called back again with my verizon number to put on their do not call list and a guy answered, "Hello, are you there?" I didn't respond, so he hung up. I called back the third time using my Verizon number, (a tit for a tat) haha! This time I got the computer and was able to have my number removed from their system, because they recognized it. Anyone can get a Google voice phone number. It is great for privacy.

(212) 943-0044

Krishna said

Received a call from this number.

(501) 628-9329

Gigi said

Windstream trying to get customers! Unwanted!

(303) 209-0142

Christina said


(334) 351-0032

mom said

Keep getting unwanted calls it needs to stop we need our privacy back.

(619) 293-5631

Jonathan said

Solar spam.

(225) 328-0006

keith said

Received text from this # that I was not able to use iTunes account until it had been "verified" and gave a web address that Norton flagged as fraudulent. SCAM!!!

(610) 807-0003

Clinic said

Keeps trying to fax for over 24 hours to a regular phone

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