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(619) 672-5633

Jonathan said

Spam trying to sell me a new credit card

(425) 951-0015

harassed one said

caller says his name is Dean or Nadean, when he actually talks, as some of them have been just hangups. says he has my information and he is trying to schedule a court date for a matter that has come across his desk. will not say wht that issue is. i called the court house and this is a scam. he is a fake.

(252) 321-0183


its from the patient phone at walter B jones rehab in greenville, nc

(202) 715-0022

Marie said

I didn't answer it, but caller ID said it was from IMF. It seems it's an unsafe number - no message left.

(989) 461-0117

Janice said

Left message threatening legal proceedings if I did not return their call. Did not identify themselves.

(503) 281-0038


Two calls, no message left

(760) 640-0002

J said

Me too.......Left a VM saying her name was "Melinda" I couldn't make out the rest of whhere she was calling from

(989) 461-0137

op said

Scam call which goes like this: This is the message that was left: "Officer Edward Jonathan calling you from the legal department of internal revenue services. This is in reference to a criminal law suit filed against you your case number is iR 7416 the moment you receive this message. I need you to return the call the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive the hotline to my desk is 989-461-0134. I repeat. It's 989-461-0134 don't disregard this message do return the call now if you don't return the call, and I don't hear from your attorney either then the only thing I can do is wish you a good luck as the situation unfolds on you. Goodbye. " A few seconds later a female voice: "Goodbye." Clearly sounds like a robocall recorded and that they forgot to eliminate "goodbye from previous cal

(989) 461-0137

Boston said

Scammer claiming to be the IRS and that I am being sued. The IRS does not call. They send information by mail. If you get this call DO NOT give them any personal information. If you are really uncertain, hang up and call back the IRS at their actual phone number listed on their website.

(618) 713-7068

Kathy said

Had a call from this number. Wondering who it is?

(541) 689-0206

d said


(808) 664-0010

Alikona said

I had to block this number...kept calling my phone everyday including weekends

(808) 664-0026

Alikona said

I had to block this number...kept calling my phone everyday including weekends

(303) 351-0221

Mike said

Keep getting calls from this number during work hours. No details about what the call is about on voicemail.

(859) 898-0004

jay said

(508) 409-0011

m said

calls several times a day, ID's as 'MASSACHUSETTS' never on long enough for answering machine to finish

(267) 867-0040

Lily said

Called twice; left no voicemail.

(561) 542-0024

Rel said

Do you know his last name?

(561) 542-0024

Rel said

This man told me he worked for Comcast. He may but after seeing these posts I'm very happy I did not give him my social security number when he asked for it. Please report him to the better business bureau if he has scammed you.

(248) 739-0082

Business in MN said

Yup. Jane Winters called with caller ID "Kimberly Walker" stating that "she" was blind and needed two-three girls in the fitting room helping dress and undress during her entire stay. Voice is deep.. she first asked what kind of dresses we had in store. She talked to management the first time. Then called two hours later and told a sales associate she was shopping for a wedding. Extremely suspicious.

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