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(520) 265-8786

Judy said

They keep calling.No message.

(508) 247-0114


Medical debt collection agency.

(662) 732-0013

Frustrated said

multiple calls a day and no one ever says anything when you answer.

(601) 488-0098

TA said

Got the exact same call, from the asst to Dr. Hughes. I am not returning the call.

(508) 247-0114

The Profit said

Also rings a few times, when I answer no one is there. Can't be a credit agency for me, I don't owe anyone money.

(256) 620-0063

Cd said

Texted my husbands number all i could see was miss debbie so who is this person?

(650) 342-0319

Jonathan said

Got a voicemail with just a grunt.

(254) 693-0100

Joyce said

Didn't answer but did call back. Got a recording that said if you believe you received this call in error, press 1 for do not call list. We'll see if it works. But how do you if you should have received the call if they dont say who they are? It's stupid.

(417) 733-0218


"Hung up"

(717) 538-0101

Barb said

I was talking to "Chris" started to not believe he was retired navy seal, lives with his mother, send corny little heart cartoons & a lots of photos of a older man. I talked to him on phone sounds like a kid. He is on POF.

(516) 238-0106

joe said

(281) 815-0042

Ryan said

limousine company calling to confirm reservation I placed online. I missed the first call but they answered when I called back

(620) 322-0071

Missi said

I really need to answer,just to see if they say anything.whats really odd 620 203 2590 and 620302 0077 are in areas where my parents knew people,just kind of freaks me out.i wish they would leave a message but they don't so I just put it as spam.

(303) 501-0103

brian said

just says the number & "United States"

(508) 247-0114


It is a collection agency.

(787) 408-0048

pichard said

(818) 307-0037

Nigger said

Nigger bitch

(619) 324-4724

Jonathan said

Spam call telling me I could permanently reduce my electric bill. Presumably solar.

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