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(717) 538-0101

Nanc said

I thank I may have talk to the guy he had a red hat on one and jacket that said da lifeguard he’s I believe 72 his name is Chris thank youse last name is Williams from Lebanon also had said about navy seal I have a picture it’s very nice looking but then I saw another picture must be of now very different looking like he lost an off a lot of weight

(248) 739-0082


Ssssaaaaaaame Vancouver Washington 3/1/21

(404) 836-0089

RB said

Medical Alert sales people. Call every. single. day. I have them on autoblock.

(248) 451-0044


This number called my house phone at 2:07 AM waking up my 5 kids and alarming my wife! Why is this permissible?

(850) 601-0019

Larry said

SPAM call, would not leave message.

(334) 986-0062

Shannon said

It's a telemarketer. I'm pretty sure it's when I adopted my dog, and they want me to "register" him with some halfassed registry. I just answered and breathed into the phone.

(248) 739-0082

Resort Spa Clearwate said

Same situation as other spas on here, caller mumbled a lot and claimed to be blind wanting a massage with specific instructions. Wanted several people to call and confirm the details of the undressing. Anyone know how to report this in a way that may stop this nonsense? Wish we had asked for a credit card- would have charged this no show in a heartbeat.

(248) 739-0082


This person called our spa in New York claiming to be a fully blind woman who would like a massage. She claimed to need the assistance of three woman to undress her as she likes to nude during her session. She specifically asked that one woman hold her arms, while the other hold her legs, and the manager remove her bra and panties. Why would someone who is blind need assistance from three people undressing? She did provide a valid credit card to secure the appointment. She also asked that a manager call her back to confirm all the details of her appointment. We saw this forum and deleted the appointment. This was clearly a male posing as a woman in attempt to make us feel uncomfortable and serve their perversion. They need help!

(402) 256-0006

TO said

I am receiving multiple call's from this number, so I blocked it.

(858) 224-0018

1221 said

(928) 228-0004

lkj said

(660) 216-7866

Finderofthings said

This number has been calling & texting harassing my wife

(805) 824-0004

willy said

Got a call asking if the number they called was our personal phone number. Without thinking much about it, answered yes. Then remembered we're not supposed to answer questions from an unknown party with "yes", because they can copy and paste that "yes" into a verbal contract and bill us for whatever they want, because we answered "yes" when asked if we wanted what they have to sell. BEWARE!

(518) 216-0013

PE said


(518) 216-0013

PE said


(248) 739-0082

Business in Nebraska said

We are a Bridal store in Nebraska that received a call from this number and she said she was "Jane Thomas". Said she needed special help as she is blind. She asked that management and another consultant was available to assist her and to tell her how she looked in the gowns. She would not give a wedding date or an email address for confirmation. When we attempted to call back to ask further questions about the help she would need, it went to voicemail and she never responded back. Today when the time came and went for the appointment I decided to google the number we had on file and I found this page. How sad that this person does this. I am guessing this person is attempting to find a discrimination lawsuit against people.

(810) 305-0032

Steddy 1 said

What is the updated date ?

(314) 800-0113

Michelle said

Received a call from this number today. It was a man trying to tell me that my daughter had waitlisted for ACT/PSAT prep and needed my approval to send her the test prep information. They knew her name, our address and last name. They asked for a form of payment and an email to send a confirmation to. When I questioned him and asked for a number to call him back so I could verify with the school the call disconnected. I tried calling the number back and got a recording that said the number had been disconnected. Beware of the scammers - It's their season

(740) 788-0237

Used said

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