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(440) 389-0034

At work said

call came in on my direct line. Hung up immediately when I stated our greeting

(814) 325-0019

aj said

This is Ymax Communications. State College, PA. They specialize in locating underground wiring and replacing same.

(256) 937-1632

John said

Yep, craigslist scammer scumbag! His mother must be proud of this dirtbag!

(424) 226-0006

HLS said

Called did NOT say ANYTHING???

(972) 947-0018

JC said

Scam pretending to be single parent widow looking for a long term relationship. Sends emails and family pictures. Suppose to be 55yr. old Scottish man raised in Germany. Voice on the phone pretending to be this person was a young African/black with an African accent. Shame on them! Don't know what their scam is, blocked this number, but I'm sure there is a scam coming.

(904) 474-0008

yak said

me too no VM just rang

(318) 525-0044

Sli. said


(304) 345-0184


It's the Social Security Disabilty office. Have you applied for benefits? They may need to ask a question or two. In my case it was to tell me my case was approved and they had a question which could be answered.

(949) 600-0053

Nnn said

Who is this? Butt dial over and over.

(561) 542-0024

darrinisadick said

Darrin is a douche bag who is full of self-importance. He should teach his children some manners, instead of teaching them how to steal Christmas presents from others. Please google dumb duo steal Christmas.

(262) 332-0074

george stachura said

you have no right to tell me to stay away from my mom. I was just trying to make ammends with my mom.I am not the drug addict or jailbird in the family.I have my rights. I wish I can treat you like shit like christopher and them did.I gave up alot to help them to be burned by them.

(267) 834-0098

Pet lover said

I get called from this number at least once a week. They never leave a msg. and I have not called them back.

(503) 743-0106

Rocky said

Kept calling trying to get me t let them get involved in a home sale transaction. They would call at 7 in the morning at times. Never gave a name or any information. Just lot of questions. Sounded like a scam, trying to get home information.

(503) 743-0106

Call center said

Call center but they didn't leave message but I heard lots of talking in background of voicemail that began recording

(440) 249-0052

Robert Barros said

Called from a blocked number to verify one of my employees. It was for a house loan. Thought it was a scam but they are legit I guess. CompleteVerify was the name.

(929) 336-2565



(407) 989-9366

jj said

idiots keep talking about lawsuits

(321) 482-0091

Harley said

What kind of message/call?

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