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(203) 680-0006

Junior said

(610) 807-0003

Suzan said

this just happened with me, just beeping

(818) 616-0042

Badboy said

Nice person

(844) 671-8837

eastside joe said

they call over and over for someone who does not live here. They never leave their name or business name. Sounds like a bottom feeder bill collector to e.

(512) 823-0143

wally said

scumbag scammers! They call constantly!!!

(203) 680-0005

katy did said

Sales call from Buckmasters Deer Hunting 2/7/18

(425) 951-0015

Mike said

Check this article on the guy, he’s already been caught scamming in 2011! Holy shit Dean Hamilton is fucked up

(425) 951-0015

Mike said

This asshole said his name is Dean Hamilton. He mailed my previous employer fake documents from Whatcom County District court, trying to have my wages garnished. I checked with the clerk and I have no cases with the court. I talked to him on the phone and he tried to tell me I was served paperwork in Bellingham in 2012 when I was living in Seattle, I started asking him questions, telling him this wouldn’t hold up in court and he got mad and told me to have my lawyer contact him, and he hung up. I checked my credit report and I have no outstanding debts. After googling his number, I’ve realized he is a DEBT SCAMMER, so WATCH OUT! DEAN HAMILTON IS A HORRIBLE PIECE OF SHIT. Apparently he’s located in burien, so someone better role up on this guy.

(267) 867-0040

John said

Called but didn't leave a message

(740) 630-0019


Unwanted repeated calls, they do not leave a message.

(808) 528-0004

Fourth said

Recieved odd call

(401) 279-0000

Zsck said


(314) 800-0113

Matt said

I continue to get calls from this number, they said the same thing though, it shows PNC Bank and said something about CDs for my daughter for ACT and SAT prep. Says they got the names from those who took the PSAT test. But halfway through the call disconnected, glad I looked though, I know not to answer. They need to be investigated

(989) 459-0031

Angrybird said

Had 2 out of the comments above my brother says it sounds a lot like a prank app

(440) 219-0061

Steven Tory said

Robocall advertising Google business listing placement. Clerk says the company is "BMS" in California. When asked for the address, she hung up. This is not a legitimate company, and is probably a boiler room running numerous scams.

(347) 630-0203

brbmca said

Didn't answer - message left was mostly cut off, only last part received which said 'press the number 2'! Very similar to one in Spanish I'd been getting until I blocked it!

(304) 425-0109

Pauline Fisher said

May I ask who this number is

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