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(202) 759-3786

Jonathan said

Caller ID said "Washington DC". Started off by mumbling something about who he was with then started asking me about current events. No interest in whatever their survey is so declined. He actually said goodbye before hanging up!

(770) 790-0006

tc said

I received a call from this number

(408) 353-0016

tw said

This number charged my credit card causing the bank to close down the card for fraud. this is a PIA

(405) 225-0129

732-225-0535 said

Who is this?

(617) 207-0003

julia said

I didn't pick up, but returned the call. A recording answered that said: "If you wish to be placed on a Do Not Call List, press 1 now" ... so i pressed 1.

(662) 732-0034

MAC said


(602) 456-5486

Gary said

(641) 780-0099

Nick said

sent me 4 messages with misspelled "hay" and smileys.

(505) 312-0009

Brandy said

Cray girl keep calling

(213) 455-0002

cb said

called me a couple times and never left message. then when i call back it's a recording that the verizon wireless number is not available try again later.

(203) 680-0017

M said

Same here, Shane, same here. Lol

(610) 214-0074

Meg said

Got a call, sounded like a party in the background. Selling windows? Uh okay?

(808) 647-0024

AMP said

This phone is mine, A homeless heroine junkie chick walked away with it when I let her us it for a phone call

(614) 782-0001

Sher said

Claim to be from Troopers Coalition.

(858) 472-5055

Liz said

Came up as "CA Cellphone". It wasn't. "You have been selected to receive a free cruise to the Bahamas". grrr.

(662) 228-0077

patty said

this is a fraud number is calling to get money send to mexico to pedro Garcia bautista saying that a family member as a accident and I have to send the money to pay the car that was include in the accident. I call my family in mexico and they are find they never had a accident I have the luck to cancel the transaction and they can't get the money but I am sure that they got to do fraud to other people

(574) 241-0011

Bob said

Doesn't show as "swiping in...." Or anything. I got this as a tinder match and I'm in a desert in Nevada!

(229) 207-0069

Deborah said

Just called my cell and work # at the same time. Lady addressing me by my first name as thou she knew me. Would not tell me her name only that she was calling from the Law Office of M. Thomas. I never acknowledged my name. Finally hung up.

(631) 333-0031

temp said

Calls but no answer!

(636) 221-0036

Nick said

This number called are cell at 4:00 a.m. and blew rasberrys into the phone.

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