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(505) 348-0105

Me said

They call me at least 10 times a day

(805) 341-0132

ga said

keep getting calls from this number and no tolkind

(567) 263-0009

Stalked by Mexican & said

I got this call from E.Indian fellow, same for phony IRS, hospital,etc calls. These are hackers who have hacked into your medical records & everything else for a vengeful group. These IT & GPS tracking services are available on the black markets of the world via deep web. local drug gang is stalking me, my friends & family 4complaining about my apart. being fumed engulfed by a neighbor making meth. They have consume every venue I visit for business-computer use & jobs w/volunteers. You must report these numbers to the FBI-IC3 for report against professional hackers &your state attorney if stalked or USDOJ-usually they will have volunteers working there to access your records & delete any complaints. This is how corruptions has comsumed Mexico by drug cartells.

(317) 489-0002

None said

This number is for Inteliquote which provides life insurance quotes.

(405) 553-1962

Nina said

Calls several times a day and never leaves a message

(210) 548-0002

layla said

Keeps texting sheet I say not 2

(440) 249-0043

na said

seems fishy

(631) 237-0011

J.F. said

Got a call from this number, answered... They hung up. This has happened 10 times.

(215) 987-0091

sdgsdg said


(662) 452-0101

Jake said

I refused to answer.

(343) 955-0145

Chopin said

Who is calling me?

(662) 452-0101

chris said

Had a call from this number. Didn't answer.

(706) 723-0007

lulu said

Who is 7067230007

(715) 371-0017

J said

This nut used uncalled for, inappropriate and insensitive language in a text today. Should have simply said, remove me from your text string as I am not who you think I might be.

(606) 246-0005

kim said

they call and hang up on me

(215) 460-0056

Bill said

Got an unexplained text saying "NICE JOB!!" I suspect any response will start the onslaught.

(862) 849-0068

Ale said

I am not sure who this number is.

(203) 680-0017

BM said

I have no ideal who this is keep calling no answer

(702) 448-0147

ONA said


(334) 803-0003

diana said

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