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(248) 229-0198

Lee said

Thats Brookes number she likes to sext.

(404) 341-0041

Pissed off said

Stop calling me with this auto-bot "God" bullshit

(303) 505-0037

al. said

(787) 436-0088

Ana said

I just receive a call from this number,said my doughter have a accident,asking for money BTW they speak spanish..It is a Scammers!!!

(248) 229-0180

Mel said

Just a loser boater!

(858) 451-0205

Sam said

Received calls. But don't leave messages.

(321) 266-0016

laurie said

just calls

(201) 909-0004

josefina said

josefina reyes Sep 13, 2014 hello , I live in philadelphia and I have with nerves calling me all day, If with the intention of annoying they are doing what they are getting these calls ,Please stop doing , ensima all remain silent and do not answer or call you to explain to you, If they continue with this type of call I have the intention to sue are already doing because I suffer from nerve ...

(347) 229-0048

Bob said

Same as Dave

(847) 826-0145

Hummer said

This is John Tarsa - parts salesman for truck parts.

(787) 270-0019

Nancy M. said

I got a call at 2:17 a.m. from this number, I was harassed with sexually explicit dirty words, the voice was a man but he had some distortion.

(787) 436-0088

Pablo said

Scammers! Want info about a person. They won't give you info about who they are.

(787) 436-0088

Jen said

This number just called me telling me that someone of my family members got into a car accident and they gave them my number. My family is okay! So I asked what he wanted and he wanted info about who was in the hospital. That I had to give name address ss#. I don't give out info over the phone sorry! I'm not stupid!

(972) 241-0043

Annie said

Keeps calling my cell phone several times today and doesn't leave a message

(203) 680-0048

C said

keeps calling without leaving a message

(520) 248-0012

Sue said

Young girl prostituting herself on Craigslist in Tucson. Goes by the name Ivy J or uses her real name, Eve Higgins.

(571) 232-0174

Biz said

the message said "helloooooo! Had to change my dress, my damn boobs were not looking cute" and then had a picture of a girl taking a selfie on a mirror, fully dressed and pretty distant from the mirror, so not the clearest photo, but i could see the bathroom sink and faucet making me think this person could have hacked the picture or something else. I'm not sure. Still. I also recieved two more texts, one just with the text again, and the other with the photo.

(203) 680-0038

Talia said

I get phone calls all the time from this number and i never pick up and they never leave a message. I'm about to block them, I'm getting sick of them calling

(516) 554-0006

Eli farias said

Hey I won 9800

(314) 254-0003

Jason said

This number has called me 4X in the past day. Whenever you pick up there is nobody there and it disconnects. If you call it back a recorder picks up, but you don't know who it is.

(206) 414-0053

Jaggy said

who does this belong to?

(662) 610-0132

Anthony said

Got prank calls from this number. On 9-12-2014. Starting at 1:30 am

(949) 599-0028

John said

Solar Spammers

(405) 293-0057

dlow said

(609) 297-0008

FedUp with Idiots said

Stupid Indian head hunters who don't read resumes they scan for keywords and then spam your email and call you not based upon the content of one's resume but based upon finding a search string in the resume.

(201) 457-0054

Randy said

Got a call from this number. Caller ID showed Dennis McVeigh.

(859) 559-0138

William said

Received a call from this number today at 16:10... answered it and nobody response from the other end, then they hung up! A look-up of the number shows "Avaiation" and "Business school"... so no clue who is calling or why?

(407) 480-0078

David said

Someone called from this number claiming to have visited our church 3 weeks ago with his family. Said he drove to Florida for his mother's funeral who was killed in a drunk driving accident. Their car broke down and they needed money for bus tickets to get back home to Grand Prairie, Texas.

(206) 414-0224

L said

Received a call from John Smith with an Indian accent, Crime Investigation Unit of Internal Revenue Service. He said that they issued a warrant of arrest against me and my physical property is being monitored. "SCAM...SCAM...SCAM"..."SCAM".

(214) 517-0047


great mechanic

(206) 414-0244

Vic said

Tried to scam us for 2300 dollars for unpaid back taxes. Claimed to be from IRS. Watch out for this guy. Claimed his name was john white.

(301) 232-0041

Bianca said

Same thing - Not Available. Call & hang-up. Now on blocked call list. Scum!

(714) 369-0018

Pat said

Getting text messages from this number. Anybody know who they are?

(505) 348-0032

Yukiko said

I did they called 8 times, left 4 messages one telling me to "call Mark" the rest silent. Called back sounded like a solicitors number.

(206) 414-0224

** said

Called while at work, "IRS Crime Investigation" and said they had an arrest warrant for tax evasion. ***SCAM***

(208) 539-0070

Di said

Yes I did... Didn't answer...

(206) 414-0244


Message states I have a warrant for my arrest. Not possible. I am sure it is a scam to beware.

(301) 232-0041

Frank said

CallerID was NOT_AVAILABLE. Didn't leave a message.

(480) 319-0156

AV said

Just rcv'd call - no message

(361) 371-0242

rick said

(904) 261-0017

Anonymous said

The person who calls from this number states his name as Dr. Davidson. He doesnít say which company heís associated with or which clinic heís calling from. He keeps insisting to speak with my supervisor and says itís regarding ďresearch.Ē The second time he called, he seemed pushy, borderline rude, and rushed me off the phone. I informed my supervisor about him and they have no clue who this person is. I believe itís a scam. Donít answer this number!

(727) 755-0003

Judee said

Calls keep coming everyday...I'm over it.

(304) 937-0028

jack said

It is a telemarketer for extended automobile warranty coverage.

(714) 854-0041

pissed off said

Ask by name, said wrong no and hung up, likely solar co, get ten alls a day from these dks!7

(303) 603-0006

GREEN said

(847) 457-0039

Six said

Yes I did get a call from this number

(801) 389-0057

Lucie said

No, but I know whose number that is.

(210) 797-0024

Alissa said

This number texted my friend a series of awful messages and screenshot of people saying bad things about her. Would very much like to know who it was!

(805) 445-0052

Mike said

Solar Telemarketer.

(717) 961-0007

Josh said

Do you know who owns this number?

(304) 995-0112

k said


(661) 283-0050

Random said

Calls and hangs up, no answer, no voicemail... Once a day

(206) 414-0244

BBC1900 said

Tried to scam me. pretending they were from the IRS

(206) 414-0224

T said

same thing happened to me, except he was asking for the previous tenant, and when I explained i wasn't the person he was looking for, he said "oh" and hung up!

(270) 948-0053

JAM said

Jut got a call from this number, didn't bother leaving a message on my machine either. Wth up with that?

(203) 680-0038

aldaddy said

yea they called me for an audition for Americas next top model . I agreed and went for the interview and It was a different circumstance. It was home made videos in a basement. I had to run out!!!!! Muah Ally baby

(262) 806-0078

Patty said

Called me 5 times in a row and rejected the call and keeps calling and calling my pay per call cell phone... AARGHH! I buy $20 at a time of air time and have this crap going on. AND I'm on the NO Call list!

(714) 881-0089

Magica said


(203) 680-0048

Mei said

Called me two time (12:53 1st time and 10:53 2nd time) I don't know who it is. Doesn't leave a message and would ring for about a minute.

(718) 727-0016

Eve said

This number is nothing but a bogus listing. It's interfering with peoples business.

(715) 709-0119


Well this is my number now so It wasn;t me

(904) 616-0032

Billy bob said

I got a phone call from this number to, I hate it!! I wish I could block unwanted numbers from my cell phone, but don't know how!

(281) 427-0036

Annie Said said

It's the YMCA.

(718) 907-0002

john said

yes, got a call, no message

(304) 945-0009

John said

I Had the very same experience. after my interview with basic questions, I asked Heidi to give me more details about the position the call was disconnected. This company can't be legit. scam for sure.

(315) 679-0090

mig said

syco scamer from this number call us n hung up. told cops we press charges. dont take no chance wit ur kids lives nowdays so u shuld notify law enf if this number call u.

(315) 679-0090

miguel said

this number call us n leave no message. we dont need to mess with no sycos or stalker so i let the cops handle it. u shuld contact cops like we did if this scamer calls u

(956) 371-0086

q said

Yes. Two missed calls. No message.

(956) 371-0086

q said

Yes. Two missed calls. No message.

(201) 571-0157

Tricia said

Got a call ... didn't pick up ... no message

(212) 444-0023

Tanisha said

Received a crazy call from a lady asking about some chick named Maya (?) She started dropping F bombs and threatening to find me. I dont know who she is...

(281) 247-0061

ann said

a company wanted to reduce my interest rate?? wanted me to give them information about my current home loan?? Sounded sketchy to I just hung up!!!

(386) 937-0017

Thill said

No, not nasty but it is call every phone number in the family but now leaving a message. Concerns over ex husband.

(253) 861-0069

shotgun said

They messaged: Hi, I love you!!

(248) 224-0078

rick james said

I keep getting text from this number. They go by the name kelly

(347) 559-0073


Yes I received the Sam text from this dirtbag

(434) 922-0011

Robert Earl said

This number does not make outgoing calls - it is the incoming number for The Choice Homes Real Estate Team -

(347) 559-0073

Another Annoyed Pers said

I just got the same thing I posted a item on craigs list and they text me saying that they need my full name and address and they will send me a Money order and pay me an additional $40 to hold on to it ...

(347) 229-0048

Dave said

Received a text message: Hello Good day...I am Mr. David Baird from the firm (Essar Steel inc).,I wish to inform you that your resume has been reviewed by the appropriate department...Reply back with (YES I AM( if you are interested!

(206) 414-0223

concerned said

yes, I got a call today from officer John White trying to collect money for the IRS This is a total fake. If he calls you , don;t give out any personal info!!!!!!

(360) 461-0077

Alb3Y said

Whats ur last name jonathan? And that number looks familiar

(405) 640-0017

Ally said

It looked familiar for some reason.

(212) 810-0021

paul said

hews cool

(203) 680-0038

sandy said

Stupid person called me. And idk who it is. Freaking me out.

(347) 482-0002

nice said

This number goes to a eric davis

(619) 350-7871

Yep said

Heard people talking on the line then it cut me off.

(623) 242-0017

The Kid up north said

Aggressive a**hole "consultant", aka debt collector.

(401) 628-0122

Bob said

Keeps calling... twice a week with a recording. I want it to stop.

(609) 567-0009

pill said

I got a call on my house. I didn't answer,so I called back let out ring for5 minutes and they picked up and hung up. I called again they picked up and hung up 3 times. They called the wrong person because I love this game.

(313) 655-0024

ann said

they asked for me using my full first name and i dont know the number

(562) 607-0167

LouBricant said

Unsolicited text in Spanish with a link. Translates to "Obtain your free application here. And call me!"

(219) 314-0084

Someone said

Kept getting texts from this number.

(978) 956-0038

Red Head said

Just got a call, it is from cancer fund of America, looking for donations.

(949) 436-0001

papi said


(337) 942-0001

sean said

Who is this

(337) 942-0001

sean said


(512) 270-1349

Ben said

Scam artists. Girls that showed up were fat flabby and had terrible attitudes besides. Pics didn't match girls that showed up. It was too late to book other girls so the bachelor party Saturday night was ruined. No refunds either. Beware of these scam artists.

(818) 490-0017

dm said

Got a call. Noone there.

(214) 772-9140

bel said


(201) 359-0036

Jman said

I've received 4 phone calls from this number so I texted them "who are you?" They replied "debby" I replied that I don't know anyone named Debbie" the person texted back "you know I don't have time for this, call me NOW!"

(818) 490-0017

Sandy said

They called 3 times in a row, one after another.

(818) 490-0017

Michelle S. said

Got a call on 9/4/14 at 4:17pm, called it right back and got recording that number is not in service. May report to FTC.

(407) 480-0078

newhope said

I received a call from this number. The caller said his name was David Smith. He said he was in Altomonte Springs, FL at a greyhound bus stop. He said he had gone to FL for his mother, MaryAnn, who died in a drunk driving accident and was cremated at Manor Funeral Home. He said he lived in Diana, TX and needed $400 for bus tickets to get home.

(206) 364-0195

O. said

Chase Bank in Northgate.

(662) 423-0060

po said

do not know nasty or not no msg is left

(516) 633-0120

t said

What did that number text you

(405) 445-0066

Rmp said

I received a call from this number. Unknown name. They didn't leave a message. I don't answer calls unless a name comes up. And sometimes when they do show up.

(210) 520-0047

sam said

I owe everyone so I assume they are trying to collect. 5 calls in 12 hours so far.

(248) 438-0147



(281) 203-0067

metalshredder said

Apparently an auto-dialer. I don't stick around to find out who, lol. Usually calls when I'm at work and don't have good signal to talk anyway. I'd screw with them if I had a signal. If they had an actual human call, maybe I'd stick around a bit longer.

(303) 923-0132

Al said

Keep getting calls from this number.

(601) 660-0050

red said


(219) 232-0007

what said

stop calling elderly people, you are scary and you are frightening the elderly!

(661) 367-1395

Craigslist Seller said

Also got a text from this person claiming to offer me $30 above what I was asking. Asked for name and address. Glad I looked this up!

(662) 638-0013

april said

I trying. To call back give a busy signal

(440) 865-0003

Red said

Getting lots of calls from this number? Hang ups

(641) 472-0076

Ladiana said

It's a company called Ultimate Sleep. I called them to ask a question on a product I saw on their site. They returned my call, but I didn't answer as I did not recognize their number. Now, I'll call them back.

(662) 796-0027

MStreet said

I just received a call from this number.

(405) 680-0078

Me said

Number for Agrilawn - (alerting me they are spraying my lawn tomorrow)

(662) 638-0013


Tried calling back call would not go through.

(256) 452-0153

Anon Ymous said

Unsolicited jewelry advertisements texted to my phone

(775) 685-0094

john said

who is this

(609) 297-0008

Lucinda said

They keep calling and hanging up.

(641) 847-0057

Stacia said

I just got a call from this number. Did you ever find out who it is?

(415) 413-0145

Mal said

This same number keeps calling me and leaving voicemails. Saying that they have a position open for me in my area for a job that I applied for even if i didn't apply for a job. ANNOYING!!!!

(360) 637-0007

Sam said

Got a phone call from this number. It is Pac-Telecomm in Aberdeen Washington. They are also going with 360-637-0093 as well. When I called the number back, the line was busy.

(252) 503-0020

k said

Received a vulgar txt message from this number252 503 0020. Do not know this number or person named cameron.not the first time. Have received txt messages before.

(315) 285-0089



(256) 761-0029

studmuffin said

Does this phone number have blocking abilities and are activated?

(248) 747-0091

For real said

They try n rob people.

(301) 737-0017

LMW said


(440) 219-0052

Nick said

Getting tons of calls from this number. They are trying to get me to renew my SirusXM Radio. I have told them to stop calling me and they still call 5-10 times a day.

(512) 891-0026

Brian said

Total scam and rip off! Beware! Makes false promises over phone. Girls that show up want more money just to show any nudity at ALL. They are also NOT the same girls pictured on the website. They trashed our Bachelor party. You pay them to show up then they want more money to do lap dances right away. Hustlers and scammers. Money and time wasted.

(979) 237-0141

BF said

No message left, called me at midnight!

(512) 891-0026

chris said

The business for this website is After I did some research I saw that they've had to change their business number multiple times. Other numbers attributed to these scam artists are 914-315-9118 and 512-730-0289. Do a search for these numbers and you will see for yourself.

(405) 313-0031


prank caller

(323) 380-0088

wesstt said

Fuckk smeelliess

(610) 901-0014

Ralph said

Wondering who is calling several times a day???

(253) 639-0111

Yellowteeth said

This guy Mike got my number from Craigslist and has tried harassing me into gay male sex though I said that I'm not into that.

(347) 559-0073

AnnoyedPerson said

The owners of these phone numbers 347-559-0073 and 347-380-5791 texted me to inquire and pay by money order for a craigslist item I posted. They also promised to send payment and asked me to remove my posting from craigslist. Stop this person from scamming people and find who owns those phone numbers

(760) 468-0252

Moe said

Called attempting to report a female skipping bail. Does not provide anything further.

(561) 401-0197

zig said

name and address of party making call

(254) 203-0148

Yes said

Yes.. Asking to send pics.

(347) 674-0089

P said

This is a scammer from West Africa.... He is posting all over and going by the name of Chris T Holguin,, Beware and be safe

(717) 818-0131

Me said

Unexplained call

(813) 336-0079

boobsie woobsie said

Got unwanted text from this number

(979) 255-0009

jlh said

Called cell. No message, telemarketer.

(254) 479-0153

chale said


(603) 966-0021

jerry said

text from craigslist said can't talk

(303) 995-0045

Ana said

I got a weird message.

(847) 612-0100

atmgurl said

What Kind

(330) 770-0013

boneman said

whio is it

(304) 532-0221

Brent said

This woman scammed me of 12500

(206) 414-0224

Jonathan said

Thank you had some fun! Definitely a scam!

(206) 414-0224

had some fun said

I had some time on my hands so called back a number of times until someone picked up I asked who it was and he told me it was the IRS crime investigation unit and wanted my number. I asked his name and he told me in his heavy Indian accent that it was officer Jack Johnson. I asked for an id number and he gave me 29297856. I said I read this was a scam on line and he said certainly not. I asked why the IRS was calling ahead of warrant and he said mhmm, mhmm, mhmm until he hung up

(405) 660-0220

Jeff said

Always calling and hanging up

(315) 309-0081

ron said

(602) 781-3635

solomon said


(205) 379-0265

Vee said

Caribbean cruise line. That's all I got before I hung up.

(808) 291-0028

James said

I got a call asking me to leave a voicemail message and I would receive a call back. Is this some sort of hoax or scam?

(336) 505-0044

pfmpm said

Calling for a woman who doesn't live here. Said she had a summons. Bossy jerk, who would of guessed?

(662) 792-0155

Mae said

Got call didn't answer and no message..

(662) 612-0074

De said

This number calls me at least 15 times a day. Never a message.

(440) 789-0017

nick said

About how long ago did you get a call from this number?

(520) 356-0001

MP said

Same experience like everybody else. Showed as a missed call, but there was no voice mail.

(206) 414-0224

Private said

Just received a call from this number saying they have a warrant from my arrest SCAM beware folks

(305) 761-0210

gotyanow7 said

Yes lacey is her name

(415) 325-0022

Charmin said

Got a call from this number they left no message.

(512) 891-0026

Chris said

This is an escort service and dancing/stripper service phone number. They are a total scam. Buyer beware. They will agree to a price over the phone then show up and ask for more money before doing any dancing at all. They ruined our bachelor party. Also the girls that showed up were absolutely not the same girls pictured on their website. Terrible service. The worst!

(603) 821-0085

wiz said said

Called twice, one call was at 9:30pm. Hung up both times before I picked up.

(603) 821-0085

Outlaw said

Called twice, as late as 9:20pm.

(360) 740-0211

Annoyed in Adna said

What is amazing is that the Monthly fees CenturyLink Customers are paying, CL can't block this because?

(954) 605-0262

Terri said

No message

(316) 251-0041


calls 2 - 3 times every day, will not leave message. Today I answered it and they hung up.

(949) 599-0028

John said

I was called by this number yesterday and again today. No message. I believe they have called before.

(404) 341-0041

KK said

they tried it 2 times

(206) 414-0223

police said

Fake IRS number calling in PA do not send money these people are frauds the are not agents and are not police. A million dollars has been collected in this scam hang up they may know some of you social security numbers and your email do not send money they are fake and this is a scam that used threats to get your money !

(786) 233-7761

received sapm text said

Spam text - enjoy your trip to the Bahamas.

(304) 945-0009

Rodney said

I just had the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE. My "interview" was by the same lady, Heidi, very basic questions. When I asked about compensation, call disconnected!! I called back and got voicemail. i am extremely suspect. I cannot find any internet footprint of this company other than their own website. That is very suspect for a company that is supposedly international. The application was very basic. I was worried about filling it out, but all the information on it is public on my resume. Gl

(248) 259-0067

Kelly said

That is a phone number on my account

(603) 821-0085

catspookie said

Called twice - did not leave message

(808) 699-0183



(203) 728-0130

Jill said

Some annoying middle eastern dude tried to tell me my pc was infected. I just hung up.

(603) 821-0085

Wad said

Called at 9:19 PM , NO MESSAGE ....

(603) 821-0085

J said

Called late (9:21) and no one said anything after I picked up.

(404) 341-0041

dena said

(253) 315-0005

dehiya said


(417) 831-0041

Kitty said

When you call it back it's either busy or a fax machine sound.

(323) 651-0133

MS-13 said

Jonathan? Sounds like the name of a 5-year-old trust fund baby who thinks he is a credible financial consultant. I know who you are mark-ass bitch and I have a hollow-point double tap for your fat head.

(206) 414-0224

Tyrone said

The guy calls claiming to be form IRS "Crime investigation department unit" and makes a claim about owing money and having an arrest warrant. Total SCAM.

(313) 729-0051

Josh said

Me too

(440) 783-0043

Anon said

A piece of shit real estate agent uses this phone to attempt sales contacts. She is not experienced in the business and should not be an agent. She has neglected her children, has domestic violence charges, a suspended license, back child support, filed bankruptcy, just got evicted. Is this someone you want selling you a home?

(808) 523-0100

topaz rain said

getting a lot of calls, no message left!

(281) 427-0036

Dan said

Don't know who this is

(318) 841-0041


Claims they are from Harvard University Press but the phone number is from Shreveport, LA. Woman with a foreign accent wanted to offer us a "free" 60-day trial for a database. I told her we weren't interested.

(715) 701-0017

Sam said

(304) 689-0150

Tony said

Received constant calls and hang ups from this number.

(267) 834-0098

Running Man said

Me too, have a call block on it but was curious

(818) 490-0017

Danny said

I got a call from this number. when I called back the number is not in service

(956) 239-0078

Bob said

Live in Arizona. This number called and hung up.

(206) 414-0022

Private said

A man with a heavy Asian accent said he was calling from the IRS police department and I was under arrest and that I needed to call immediately. The IRS would not work like this. It is clearly a fraud to obtain information to be used to take advatage of a person or to take money from them. Don't give out your information. If you are really under arrest, someone will come to your house and serve you a warrant.

(360) 637-0031

frank said

I am dumber after speaking with that individual who just called me

(405) 646-0035

mommy said

got a call and they didn't leave a message

(440) 378-0034

KLKF said

keep getting one answers

(206) 414-0000

liz said

I got an email say I was approved for a personal loan I never applied for.

(954) 533-0103

Alyson said

I get 5 calls a day from this number. When I try to call back to tell them to stop the recording says the4 number is no longer in service. When I answer it's just silent then a hang up

(213) 375-0002


did not answer. left a message, saying press one, so i can hear the word from god.

(305) 226-0001

s said

Emilia Carretie is bad shit crazy. Get a restraning order

(304) 945-0009

Matt said

Supposedly its for a company called Opti Lease Company ( I was contacted strictly through email, and when I would all the ph#, no one answers. Then when I had an "interview" for a position, it was VERY basic questions, but no info about the job itself. When I asked where the specific location was, "Heidi" stated they were opening a new location in....disconnect call! And of course, when I call back, directly to a voicemail. Needless to say, I am suspect.

(516) 612-0195

Bill said

Caller didn't say anything when I said "hello," and eventually hung up. 25AUG14 11:55 a.m.

(304) 463-0152


Tomas kajus kk 6 rimas

(714) 673-0023

tim said

i ignored this call but what is it?

(818) 261-0042

heather said

not from me you didnt. who are you?

(320) 579-0020

Mandy said

This call was a recording about my credit card being used in weird countries! I don't have a credit card

(760) 940-0160



(315) 285-0019

Leesa said

No message.

(269) 299-0157

Heather said

Yes I receive calls from this number daily!! I'm over it. Tried calling it back and there was a 25 min wait

(206) 414-0223

Private said

Fake IRS number calling in PA do not send money these people are frauds the are not agents and are not police. A million dollars has been collected in this scam hang up they may know some of you social security numbers and your email do not send money they are fake and this is a scam that used threats to get your money !

(203) 691-0191

Nil said


(323) 348-0095

ur daddy said

Ur a bitch...come get it bitch...

(786) 233-7761

Jonathan said

Got a definite SPAM text with this number as the number mentioned to fail... "you have w0n a luxury voyage!". Sure I have. Try again.

(214) 830-0095

JOHN said

Got a call from this number and ask about an item I have for sale on C L,could not make pout what was his purpose. I think he is an advertisement magazine or web site sales-rep. He is weird and rude.BLOCK HIS NUMBER AND DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME.

(847) 505-0086

Naomi said

Got a call but no text

(714) 980-0020

1rs said

They called left no message. They didn't pick up when I returned the call. Bummer

(714) 980-0020

1rs said

They called left no message. They didn't pick up when I returned the call. Bummer

(304) 229-0057

Andy said

This Md PhD fat psyco assistant professor is a liar and he's crazy. Do not believe anything he says.

(818) 404-0001

Daemon said

what is the deal with this #?

(818) 490-0017

Michelle said

Missed a call from this number at 8:00pm. Called back but "number is not in service."

(361) 878-0100

Belle said

Who was it?

(818) 490-0017

frank said

Second time I got a call from this number. when I called back the number is not in service

(440) 249-0052

JoAnne said

A girl called to verify employment of one of my employees.

(203) 680-0038

Roger T said

Scammer 25,000 contest I supposedly entered? Really Female?

(619) 350-7871

Sam Here said

August 21, 2014 I took a call from this number. Caller identified himself as "Spencer the Great" offering General Contracting referral service. Caller was obnoxious and relentless until I asked how he got my number then he was evasive and offensive. Claimed he was calling from 666construction, obviously fake. Honestly, it felt more like a prank than a solicitation.

(662) 676-0009


I am constantly getting calls from this number. I'm ready to turn this into a legal matter!!!

(435) 618-0115

C Dude said

Getting texts from this number asking my name. Have no idea who it is.

(626) 667-0017

Jon Peters said

They sent me a text sms, wanting to know if my bike was sold. Is is an add I placed on the web adds ine the Quebec Province, Canada. They seems to be from La Puente, California, if true that is ! This is just some commercial company that, once you reply, they want to sell you anything or everything. Just a phishing scam if any ! Don't reply, flush them ! Lost of time !

(715) 573-0057

cheetah said

(270) 535-0004

hey said

who is this person?

(520) 356-0001

JD said

This is a telemarketer - they're hoping you will call them back.

(313) 230-0053

Bri said

This number has been calling me and asking for me several times a day.

(619) 350-7871

Katie said

Caller ID said 619-350-7871 but had another number V82012093200158 above it. I used a reverse phone number app and if you start with the 8 or the 2 it shows a cell number. So I'm guessing it's a scammer. Why can't people just get a real job and stop harassing everyone?

(717) 398-0008

v said

this number calls & calls & calls ! seventeen times in 2 days. getting to be too much.

(949) 599-0028

Stu Pidas said

Calls my new number every few days ... called back ... its a fax line...

(610) 901-0014

joe said

yes, on a regular basis. Reported to the do not call of pa. What good is that list anyway. Looking into legal action at this point.

(818) 314-0019

jim said

weird calls from 818-314-0019

(203) 925-0027

Dick said

Caller hung up as i picked up to answer. What disturbed me was my caller ID screen showed the caller to be "ATT"

(619) 350-7871

rhonda said

(316) 251-0039

I HATE IT said

This guy was very concerned about getting any sort of money for KS State Local Sheriffs department. 1. Scholarship $$$ 2. Benefits $$$ 3. Loss of Job pretection $$$ I said 6 times that I already give to a local fund, and he insisted that I give more, not to my local fund, but to his Association to provide for state wide sheriffs. I told him that in the future that if any Sheriff fund drive is in front of me, I an stepping around it. He got mad and gave me the nice day, "OK"

(808) 792-0052

Big h said

No message left.

(662) 638-0013

vicki said

missed the call t tried calling it back no answer, plz don't call me again .......

(619) 350-7871

Melissa said

When I answered said "Mr. [my last name]?" I said no, there is no Mr. [last name] -- what do you need? He said, "Oh, Melissa, I didn't know you were single." He introduced himself (I didn't catch the name) and then he seemed to be talking to someone else, said, "Oh, that's the one you were telling me about?" And hung up.

(619) 350-7871

aileen said

3x in the last 2 days. no one on their end.

(602) 326-5639

PEPE said

This guy says he is from the better business bureal

(619) 350-7871

Bob said

A male voice ask for me by name.I asked what he wanted without giving him any information on who he was talking to.He became annoyed and hung up the phone.

(207) 593-0214

Abbey said

(847) 450-0027

Kate said

Asking me to pay my loan? What loan?

(661) 367-1395

Atomic said

Got a scam text from this number from a Craig's list ad. Person who claimed their name was Peter. Wanted my name and address for a money order. When I questioned him, he stopped responding. Be careful and avoid. Seems to be fishing for personal information.

(201) 364-0070

dsfsdf said


(818) 253-1207

kiwi said

need to know name who owns this phone

(347) 928-0017

dp said


(347) 928-0017

dp said


(000) 000-0000

sarah said

One would definitely need tolerance for your website as it is definitely not user friendly. Had a problem submitting this message for a phone # message I received. Check your website out and good luck. Sarah

(602) 206-7674

charo said

(000) 000-0000

jay said

whats up sexy

(717) 398-0008

sc said

this number calls me all day long, i picked it up and the guy said my name and then hung up the phone.

(347) 638-0035

John said


(619) 350-7871

tereseee said

Called said hello and my last name.... then hung up creeper it was a mans voice

(619) 350-7871

tired said

Calls says my name introduced himself and hung up

(630) 205-0102



(248) 443-0052

Stop Spam said

Received a call from this number on my cell phone, but they did not leave a voicemail message. Assuming it is a telemarketer, spammer, or scam artist since those are typically the only types of calls where a message is not left.

(303) 368-0056

zelda said

I also receive call almost everyday and no one is every on the other end when I do answer.

(225) 366-0013


Person called me with Middle Eastern accent asking if I wanted a bargin or wanted to save money... Argh.

(702) 277-0044

CT-resident said

caller ID listed # 702-277-0044 from Aurora, CO, no message left. on days: 8/13 and 8/14/2014

(225) 366-0013

LDK said

Recieved 2 hang up calls from this number. No message left.

(316) 742-0046

Dino said

(316) 742-0046 Scam Scam Scam

(619) 350-7871

Kathy said

Keeps calling our house too. No one ever responds when I say hello.

(316) 251-0039

podunk said

Kansas Sheriffs Association, calling to beg for money - Lyle Lewis is NOT my friend, he keeps waking me up.

(225) 366-0013

M said

Just got a call from this number. Said something about me shopping at Walmart, KMart, or BestBuy. I said I don't and she said she must have a wrong number and hung up.

(760) 748-0030

Anon said


(602) 252-3333

Derek Atlas said

Persistent phone calls made from this number. Some old fag day dreaming about me.

(508) 587-0032

sam said

This was my stepfather and mothers home phone nmbr from 1964 to 1980, when they lived in Brockton. I was curious who had the nmbr these days so I punched it into the web. I guess its up to no good.

(303) 368-0056

D said

Calls from this number every day at roughly the same time, never a person on the other end!!!!

(520) 356-0001

Regina said

Call, ring once, leave no message.

(571) 261-0021

Bobby said

Yes this morning i get a call it ask me to hold on a man gets on the phone says my name and then hangs up weird don't like it.

(316) 742-0046


"card temporarily limited." text. Asking to call that number. No bank affiliation listed; clearly a scam.

(610) 762-0100

T-and-C said

who is leslie arthur at 610-762-0100?

(219) 926-0100

Lucy said

(602) 326-1716

R said

I get calls, but there is never a message. I get a call or more a week form this and 602-326-1720. I am on a due not call list but that does not seem to matter.

(305) 992-0300

Lotus said

(316) 742-0046

Kim said

Me too, Card deactivation

(240) 577-0045

mj said

(480) 730-0036

registered angel said

If you ever have an opportunity to do work for these people, DON'T. They wrote me a check on a Saturday and already cancelled it Sunday because I had not been there yet. So, these people fired me in less than 24 hours and I had already bought there material. Stay away from them

(316) 742-0046

Brenda said

Also received text saying call this number as my card had been deactivated

(316) 742-0046

Russ said

Text from this number talking about bank card being deactivated.

(858) 956-0023

Miki said

Who is this and why are they calling so much in regard to what

(626) 468-0021

Doug said

Seems to call every three to four days in the early evening. Never leaves a message. Identified as "California"

(858) 956-0023

b said said

They keep calling i dont answer and they wont leave a voicemail.

(956) 821-0032

sarah said

I keep getting calls from this number but no messages

(225) 366-0012

Roxie said

Called my cell. Said the number was from LA. Answered and they said they were calling from Direct Buy. TOld him not interested and to take me off call list.

(818) 333-0030

Joe said

Yep, no message. I'm in New York.

(717) 398-0008

M said

717-398-0008 has called 10 times in the past 2 days. Some calls come as late as 9PM. Caller leaves no message. Attempted to call the number from a different phone and received the voice message: "You are not approved to call this number. Please check your phone book for the correct number."

(717) 212-0015


Same. Didn't say anything.

(206) 445-0015

Brad said

(717) 212-0015

Ann Noid said

No message. I'm thinking politics. It's that time of the year again. And 'it' was calling from the Harrisburg, PA area. I just don't pick up any number I don't recognize.

(619) 350-7871

Iselle said

Received call from this number, called said my last name, I said "Yes", then he hung up. Called back, no response.

(717) 212-0015

Dee said

They wouldn't say anything

(858) 956-0023

amanda said

I got a call from(858) 956-0023 but I did not answer it

(619) 324-0014

cole said

(313) 312-0005

Benford said

Keeps calling and hanging up

(602) 326-7282

tee said

8/6/14, 3:56pm AZ time "Check out my photo on Tango" and a url that I am NOT about to click on that says "Tango App Install".

(818) 934-0040

OC said

I've got calls from this number multiple times with similar story of job interview. There are different voice messages, meaning by different people.

(239) 216-0003

ice said

(858) 956-0023

Vixter said

Called regarding car insurance wanted email. Asking questions regarding crashes etc. Told him not to call again. I could hear traffic in the background.

(602) 220-0002

ry said

Jst got a call and no message left. Firsat time they have called, who are they?

(520) 356-0001


Rang once and hung up

(276) 321-0019

Me to said

Got a call from this number

(858) 888-0031


This is the message is received via text from this number: MSG#118. This free message from verizon alerting you that your number 7036221092 had recently been recorded starting from February 6/2014 @2am through August 1st/2014 @ 1am eastern time was requested from Washington Gov.//district att./1428. Please call customer care at 1888 294 6824 if you have further question

(234) 738-0032

Steve said

Me too.

(661) 367-1395

Boatman said

Scamer hope u die and burn in hell

(877) 935-2427

Jonathan said

Received a call from this number claiming to be from Card World Account "This is the fraud detection department at BarclayCard calling with an important message regarding your MasterCard World Account. If you are the cardholder please stay on the line and press 1 otherwise have the cardholder call us at 1-877-935-2427. a temporary hold may have been placed on your account and will be removed upon verification of activity." This is definitely a scam - I don't have a BarclayCard or any kind of

(619) 350-7871

steve said

Repeated calls no answer no response when called back

(619) 350-7871

Me said

Keeps calling me on my mobile and does not say anything and then hangs up. I have blocked the caller on my phone.

(520) 356-0001

Will said

They call and dont leave a message

(818) 934-0040

E said

I have a similar story as the post above. No resumes posted anywhere for quite some time, but contacted twice by this company this week. Strange

(305) 226-0001


its a crazy retarded person

(818) 934-0040

Alvaro said

Just got a call from this number, from someone claiming to have seen my resume online and wanting a job interview. They thought I lived in Campbell (CAlifornia). I have not posted my resume online in the last decade, and I am not in a profession where a cold call for an interview takes place.

(602) 456-2396

Joe said

(207) 612-0043

JW said

Not a nasty call, a voice mail that just said hello, hello then hung up...

(904) 508-0027

JenniferK said

We get these calls several times a day, if we don't get to them on time or do not answer it they do not leave a messege. If we do answer it, most of the time there is a recorded messege saying to please stay on the line for an important call. Other times when answered I can hear typing.... And i say Hello repeatedly, but noone says anything, so I hang up. If it were not for the fact, that I live with someone that is hearing sensitive I would use a whistle when they call in. I wish they w

(904) 508-0026

UpsetHouseWife said

We get these calls several times a day, if we don't get to them on time or do not answer it they do not leave a messege. If we do answer it, most of the time there is a recorded messege saying to please stay on the line for an important call. Other times when answered I can hear typing.... And i say Hello repeatedly, but noone says anything, so I hang up. If it were not for the fact, that I live with someone that is hearing sensitive I would use a whistle when they call in. I wish they w

(504) 335-0041

Gart said

(231) 488-0014

mooer said

Cheater company God will punish you

(727) 364-0017

hhhhh said


(503) 789-0018

wyatt said

Just got a call from this number. Something about calling me back to give me the code to the lock box?

(401) 400-0016

f*u*c*k telemarketer said

Got a call from this number 3 days in a row no message called it back says "an application error has occurred" and hangs up

(786) 394-0034

Fernando said


(760) 304-0001

bobby said

Called - left no voicemail.

(602) 918-7119

jose said

call and call me

(661) 367-1395

GodHatesU said

This is a spoofed number used for internet financial fraud.

(424) 835-0025

GodHatesU said

This is a spoofed number being used for financial internet fraud.

(562) 607-0055

B said

Got 4 calls from this number today. They keep collect calling and the message says it's from someone named Sheldon. No idea who or what this is.

(562) 607-0055

B said

Got 4 calls from this number today. They keep collect calling and the message says it's from someone named Sheldon. No idea who or what this is.

(818) 416-0001

jan said

This number keeps texting me about modeling and sending pictures. I'm annoyed. Beware

(561) 290-0033

CD said

This number keeps calling my phone asking for some person and I have told them over and over again they have the wrong number. Once the guy called me a liar and said that I was this person he was trying to reach. I wished this POS would stop calling my phone. I added the number to the blocked list but the number keeps showing up on my phone. I believe it is a scam!

(970) 315-0021

Something said

Called Don't know who

(561) 771-0019

Florida said

Keeps calling I don't know what it is

(970) 315-0038

2Much said

This UNKNOWN NAME person/company just called at 3:30 PM on 7/23/2014 and proceeded to let the phone ring for the next 20 minutes - no exaggeration. I never answered, so I don't know who they were (not that I would anyway) or what they wanted. This is about the fifth time in the last couple of months that this has happened, although I don't know if this is the same calling number.

(818) 261-0001

roger said

Got a reply to my bicycle for sale. California number. I'm from Missouri. Doesn't make sense.

(503) 415-0038

Duane said

Some girl was calling and just started yelling once i said hello. I have no idea who she was

(213) 488-0014

mooer said

This is a cheater company

(310) 258-0014

bluto said

no mssg - "california call"

(818) 605-0024

alan said

calls from this number...maybe craigslist?

(360) 209-0029

Arby said

They called today, but I didn't accept it. No message left, so I blocked them. I'm learning if the number isn't from my contacts, I probably don't want to talk with them.

(225) 366-0012

Ricky said

I recieved a call from this number and a area code 205 number within 10 minutes both with this MO

(213) 550-0039

mike said

I get 2 or more calls a day and no one is there, just a computer generated voice that says goodbye when I answer.

(225) 366-0012


Called my cell twice back to back. Answered the second time. Foreigner said, "this is Baton Rouge calling , is this xxx-xxx-xxxx? I asked who was speaking ....they repeated what they said. Again I asked who was speaking...they hung up.

(602) 326-7324

AV said

Please call me again if ur any

(213) 550-0039

guns251 said

this phone calls me every day and when I answer, a computer voice says goodbye then hangs up. when I call it back, it disconnects the call after 30 seconds

(310) 874-0045

lj said

(985) 703-0017

? said

Very Angry Ignorant and Ghetto black female

(772) 564-0049

Waldo said

this number has been calling several times a week for months never leaves a message....some dirt bag solicitor apparently and I am on the DNC

(610) 931-0035

Vic said

called and texted me

(360) 720-0038

uhiop[]\ said

(954) 605-0031

cage said

Jonathan I'm also looking into that number, how long ago did you get the call

(760) 548-0059

Mikey said

Illegal outbound autodialer using Press 1 which was outlawed Sept 2009. I'm going to the FCC with a complaint and suggest all who read this do as well

(904) 806-0019

Janet said

I thought it was an unwanted call. When I checked my voicemail, found out it was a contestant coordinator for a new game show asking if I wanted to come in for an audition.

(727) 822-0012

na said

(215) 254-0019

Em said

(213) 347-0014

cindy said

(949) 374-0036

Mud hole said

There is an ad on craigslist with this as the contact number! The area code for this number is 250 miles away from the alleged town where item is for sale. Guess I won't be calling it!!!!

(714) 800-0015

John said


(310) 361-0037

jp said

caller disconnected as soon as I answered

(225) 366-0012

dw said

called my cell, I did not answer. I live in alabama

(302) 635-0020

Deb said

This guy puts up fake profiles on dating sites with other men's pictures to lure women in, then he gives out 3 different numbers, California, Delaware and another number and starts texting you. He finally left me alone.

(480) 502-0003

Reba said

Trying to find out the name that is associated with this # is it Jon Daniel Thigpen?

(225) 366-0012

bogie said

called this number back and recording sounds like a foreigner and said could not take messages

(225) 366-0012

bogie said

called my cell but didn't say anything, hung up and called back--did not answer and they left no message

(310) 258-0014

LL said

Did not leave a message.

(360) 209-0029

Chaz said

This person calls for a "Mildred"

(620) 392-0026

Azrael said

I keep getting unwanted calls from this number

(323) 632-0024

Gabriel garcia said

What happend to ur phone

(904) 982-0032

KT said

I am getting a lot of calls from this number. Several each day. All that I hear when I answer is a shuffling sound, like someone moving things around. No one ever responds to me when I answer.

(207) 210-0023

M said

hi there

(305) 819-0012


Keeps calling and pressing numbers

(323) 715-0001

Juan said

3x called. Seems to have been an accident?

(786) 533-0041


A woman with and Indian or Pakistani accent called from this number and said she was a medical verification officer. I immediately knew it wasn't legitimate. I told her I was going to hang up and I wanted her to take my phone number out of her system. She argued with me that I "might qualify for a free consultation." I told her again to take my number out of the system and not to call again. Then I hung up.

(786) 533-0041


A woman with and Indian or Pakistani accent called from this number and said she was a medical verification officer. I immediately knew it wasn't legitimate. I told her I was going to hang up and I wanted her to take my phone number out of her system. She argued with me that I "might qualify for a free consultation." I told her again to take my number out of the system and not to call again. Then I hung up.

(949) 599-0025

DNC List Commander said

Caller opened with "Hi (wife's name)" I replied, "No, this (my name)." Hung Up.

(949) 599-0025


Caller ID showed: Lake Forest(949)599-0025: Caller slow to respond; asks me to confirm my name (he knew my name!!)and I kept insisting he identify who he is...stalled and kept asking me to confirm my name..I WILL NOT! He said his name but wouldn't give company name...finally stated "energy solutions"...I then blew up on him and told him to stop calling, that they were going to be reported & a police report made out...all the time this asshole was giving me a maniacal some type of pe

(321) 302-0034

chuck said

received a call from 321-302-0032 but they didn't leave any message.

(620) 878-0019

nena said

this person is a SCAMMER!! "Selling" 2003 ford f150 around $2245! was told to get more info/photos by emailing many posts on craigslist in different states (los angles,CA. Houston,TX. Bakersfield,CS Greenville,SC. augusta,Al. las vegas,NV much more)

(620) 878-0019

nena said

2003 ford f150 around $2245! was told to get more info/photos by emailing many posts on craigslist in different states

(225) 366-0013

EJJ said

Received a call from 225-366-0013 - sounds like he is from the Middle East and said I won a free prize - I didnt bite and he hung up

(212) 763-0021

Alex said

This sounds like someone we recently terminated from a project with our company. We DO NOT run any outbound calls from this # as it's strictly used for incoming purposes only. This is simply someone trying to slander the business. CloudTweaks Media

(225) 366-0013

MP said

Received a call from this number, didn't recognize it so I didn't pick up. They left no message.

(520) 356-0001

karen said

I have gotten 2 calls from this #. They never leave a message. And don't respond to texts

(225) 263-0078

jaye said

"Hey Its Ashley Stokes. I'm interested in Jam on Walnut. r u?"

(206) 733-0006

Katie Reinert said


(336) 285-0031

Kelly said

(786) 715-0001

noyo said

Wonderful, that's all we need. A society which can only use one word.

(786) 715-0001

debbie said

Yeah, they texted "yo"

(727) 741-0027

N/a said

Not valid

(727) 741-0027

False Report said

Stop posting false reports regarding this number. I suggest you remove these posts, before the authorities are contacted for harassment. You're not fooling anyone hiding behind a fictitious name making false claims. Face the facts. MOVE ON.

(310) 361-0028

gumby said

really weird call... sound demonic...

(515) 208-0012

jeff said

dont know what they wanted, i didnt answer

(623) 242-0017

Wrangler T said

Bogus collection call for an old Verizon phone number. Seriously harrassing call. Trying to get $75 out of me!

(401) 272-0025

Fazz said

Keeps calling and hanging up.. Eats my Cel minutes ??

(904) 508-0050

jan said

called refuses to identify self

(323) 221-0036

Benya said

Female called and said she is from NY Elite Bank. When I tried to get more information what is this call about hanged up on me.

(206) 948-0019

Tom said

Since I did not recognize the number, I simply did not answer. Then I deleted it from my incoming calls missed database. I remembered it only long enough to look it up using Google, which sent me to this website where I am leaving this comment right now. I routinely ignore phone calls from numbers I do not recognize, and heartily recommend to others the very same practice. Have a good day!

(619) 350-7871

Annoyed said

Same as above except when I called back The wine beeped a couple times and then disconnected.

(619) 900-1248

Gary said

5 calls in a row today! What is this?

(619) 478-6153

John K said

Got a call from this number today but nobody said anything so I hung up.

(619) 478-6153

Bob said

Got a call from this number, didn't leave a message.

(619) 350-7871

MB said

This number appears to be bell phone company owned so it may be a pay phone. If you call the number back after getting a call from it the message says call can not be completed and to wait for a representative.

(619) 350-7871

JD said

Missed call message. Nothing connects when dialed.

(602) 918-7119

frank said

yes ii been and keep caling calling again

(619) 350-7871

Tim said

Keeps calling and leaving voicemail with background noise - butt dialling!

(602) 456-0001

Frank said

No message left.

(602) 456-0001

Tracy said

Keeps calling. No voicemail.

(941) 803-3003

Bill said

Whoever this is keeps calling and hanging up.