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(409) 332-0095

hilton said

(516) 554-0040

neesha mcgee said

Someone called me from another number and gave me this number to call along with a confirmation number to give once I called for a grant I was selected to receive of 10,000 dollars

(801) 718-0116

Mary said

Got a call from them too?

(253) 447-0016

popo said

Called one of my employees... I called him back and pretended to be the person he called. After he let me talk... because he was making some pretty severe threats... I explained to him who I actually was... I also told him since he was speaking to a Senior Lever Federal Officer and identified himeself to me as a Special Agent working for the IRS, I woud be filing a REAL Police report on him!!!! He hung up and blocks my line everytime I call...

(253) 447-0016

ray said

Yep I am still calling him back with a VOIP phone. He changes his name faster than a child day care center changes diapers. I told him I had a white cow on the BBQ, I said "Do you want some jerky"; he said "yes"; i laughed, then I told him to stop scamming people and hung up. This guy is not very smart. Dumb as hell.

(702) 552-0081

B said

I called the number back and immediately got a message to "press one to be removed from our call list", hopefully they will stop calling now.

(409) 200-0064

Courtney said

Anyone know whose number this is?

(318) 308-0061

corkel said

This number keeps showing up on my caller id. They do not leave a message, they are just annoying with the calls!

(281) 773-0199

Nick said

Who is Sue Brick. Name associated with the number

(253) 447-0016

govt worker said

I answered my cell phone and this accented voice said he was calling from IRS. Said if I choose not to call back and ignore his call "good luck". (good line from the movie "Taken"). I called back and asked what office he was calling from since he was calling me at work at a govt office. He said he would not call back. This creep should be reported, 4 calls alone this week either on landline phone or cell phone, different numbers different themes but all SCAMS. BEWARE

(252) 505-0104

raj said

me too

(405) 456-0059

kayci said

Yes,harassing calls and texts that are obscene and threatening

(361) 474-0163

tina said

Who are you?

(253) 447-0016

George said

Received one from a Seargent Rick I was fooled went around ranting to my entire family how I was getting audited soon and even wanted to go after an ex-employer about it! Thanks to this blog obviously it is a scam ! Thank you !

(253) 447-0016

Ab said

Got two of these calls today some guy with a very heavy Indian accent claiming to be from the IRS and threatening me that if I didn't call back there would be actions taken against me .

(202) 601-0020

Jessica said

This is a spoof. They say they are with the US Federal Government and that they want to give you an $8000 grant. Load of BS. I blocked this number. I suggest everyone else do the same.

(252) 732-0162

Mamcy said

Also got an unexplained call from this number 12/17/14

(212) 374-0171

Pissed said

trying to sell credit card debt to you banksters as usual

(956) 202-0227

Rayray said

This person keeps calling and I need help 4 this person to stop calling

(303) 731-0220

cb said

Unlawful call. Fraud.

(253) 447-0016

gh said

2 calls within 2.5 hours! Recording. Only partially intelligible. Obviously a scam!

(405) 646-0143

Matthew said

Call back and there is nothing but silence. so annoying.

(203) 680-0038

mick said

Calls all the time never leaves a message! Don't know who it is but would like them to stop. But based on what I see here looks like a scammer.

(727) 755-0003

Val vjorvj said

Same here. Every single day.

(704) 264-0004

McChoppa said

Number has appeared along with several others in the past few days (202-621-0020, 412-385-2361, 469-607-4751, 646-712-8557, 312-809-5189, 702-834-9676. Differing tales about the scam based upon info i've seen on other sites. May be an attempt to have folks wire money, others say it's a "educational" institution trying to offer a grant. All BS as far as anyone can tell.

(253) 447-0016

Annoyed said

My elderly mother received a call from this number leaving message on her answering machine saying he was Officer Eric Foster or Fluster claiming to be IRS and if she did not call back she would have to face the consequences. I called the number from my cell, and a different officer answered,IRS, I told him he was a jerk calling my elderly mother. He hung up. Now can't call him back because all I get is a busy signal. How many unsuspecting people out there are going to fall for this? Can only guess. But not sure what his scam is. YET.....

(201) 608-0047

mike said

Yep I've been called with the same message. They have been calling for months via 208-968-7982, now they are using 201-608-0047. Low life scum sucking cons. DON'T FALL FOR THEIR LYES!

(206) 201-0042

GG said

Just got the same message asking me to report to local police for a federal complaint filed against me on behalf of IRS and threatened to show up at my home/job to arrest me. The caller asked me to call the same number and ask for officer John Harris. I called and the number was out of service, thankfully. I thought it was strange the IRS would jump to these threats without ever issuing a letter. Apparently, this scam is not new. Thank God for the internet.

(708) 391-0005

JIM said


(314) 655-0016

CC said

I got a whole song " Thank you for being you "

(501) 340-0002

NOLA - kennergal said

keeps calling everyday - i don't answer - once i texted "who are you?" and they never responded

(203) 680-0038

rox said

Should have said uneducated not unexplained. Sorry not sure how that happened.

(203) 680-0038

rox said

Michelle called. Very many delayed gaps to just announce herself. Very RUDE OR UNEXPLAINED girl. I still don't know who this was other than Michelle nor do I care.

(301) 971-0027

fetchsammy said

alleged Veterans group soliciting donations

(813) 260-0013

BD said

12/16/14 Yes, I received call from this number. After I told them no one by the name of person they asked for was at my number, I was disrespected & called a Bitch!!!

(253) 447-0016

D said

I don't answer unknown numbers, but it's obviously a Washington state area code. Went to voice mail, which I couldn't understand except for being threatened if I didn't call back. A big nope in my book.

(607) 722-9687

scam alert said

Yes this is a scam.

(253) 447-0016

ray said

Keep track of his name, he is not very smart, and I hope he is reading this. You are not very good at this are you. You say you are calling from Washington DC but your VOIP number is registered in Puyallup Washington the tri-city area. HMMM. You got my number where? I do not list that number on my tax return. Where is the certified mail showing case number and my social. SCAM SCAM SCAM

(253) 447-0016

ray said

He called himself Eric Fluster I called him back now his name is Officer Grunander. What a fraud

(253) 447-0016

Js said

Said he was the IRS, it was a Scam. I hung up.

(253) 655-0224

em said

A man with Indian accent called to say the government randomly selected my phone number to issue me a grant. He gave me an approval # so I could call him back to claim it. This is the 3rd call like this I've had in the last 2 months. The second time they called I questioned them about the scam, and they hung up.

(702) 552-0081

Lee said

12-16-2014 Got a call this am at 8:00 am. Answered the call but no one was there. Not very professional.

(253) 447-0016

kit said

yeah,couldnt understand half of what he was saying but it was threatening.

(703) 593-0044

tg said

Anyone familiar with this number?

(607) 722-9687

Joshua said

Its a scam that trys to convice you that your computer has viruses and install a remote desktop service

(949) 599-0028

Dean said

I Answered & then no response. Annoying!

(302) 404-0029


I just received a text from this person and I am telling him cash only. I live in PA and hate scammers. I have sold many things on Craigslist

(214) 447-0211

Not Sue said

Got a call from "Sue" kinda robotic message wanted me to press 1 to transfer. Just hung up - sounded weird.

(214) 447-0211

TRacy said

Got a call trying to sell me insurance.

(214) 447-0211

Bob said

Missed call no message left.

(208) 558-0021

Barb said

Repeated calls from a variety of numbers, including 202-558-0021. FRAUD! SCAM! It's a fishing expedition... The IRS has assured me they ONLY contact re tax problems via mail. Strong Indian accents form all "agents." Reverse search number: If it's a legit IRS number, it will show up as such. (Call supposedly comes from DC; actually it's from Boise, Idaho.)

(201) 608-0047

Lissa said

Stated their was fraud done under my name and social and 2 charges will be brought against me in my county.

(562) 441-0056

cris rock said

Yea i do and I can't figure out who it is ..? Some girl on the line but I can't u understand what she is saying..

(417) 374-0001


No message hang up.

(781) 452-0016

Kristina said

This phone number is listed under my name and I have never lived in Massachusettes

(254) 717-0139

V said

This number calls me multiple times.

(202) 367-9287

Tony said

This is eBay collections. At first I thought it was some scam but they actually knew my eBay id, address and turns out I actually did have an outstanding amount. Legit call!

(305) 562-0148

Matrix said

Got a call and FaceTime from this number at 2:00 am. This is someone who doesn't have a life. Just block her.

(661) 547-0158

One love said

YES this morning. I received a call from this number at 9am .. Idk who number ths is tho. The guy who called Said this number belong to some other guy named Brian.

(201) 233-0055

lo said

(347) 465-0158

John said

Yo ur man. John is a rat. Don't. Fuck. With him. He see niggas get money. And he mad. Yo is c Don't. Say my name i am going. To call u. U know. C right

(405) 646-0143

lisa said

actually says its connected to 580-823-2644 someone named Adam?

(516) 554-0030

El Paso said

I got call from this number, saying i was going to get 9,800$ but first i had to get a moneypak and put 200$ first in order to get this money.yeah sounds like a scam

(615) 779-0005

Brian said

ME too. Then she sent some pictures?

(602) 348-0002

narrg said

called saying lord of lords king of kings

(602) 410-6699


He said racist things and gonna kick in my door and has his boys watching me

(516) 554-0030

KIMBA said

I JUST GOT THE CALL ON MY CELL PHONE. The lady was very difficult to understand and when i told her i couldnt understand her, she got very offended. These people are nuts. Lets just give away money. right !

(702) 751-0021

adam said


(260) 527-0020


caller said there was an issue with my computer. annoying!

(516) 554-0030

Adaku said

The caller said l have been selected for a grant of $900,800.When l asked him his name he refused to tell me rather he said another person like Smith, Rachel and Tasha will receive my call when l call back.I believe that they are scam,

(702) 578-0151

ppppppppp said


(361) 428-0134

oscar said

hung up on me

(281) 999-0116

jeff said

they called and asked if I spoke Espanol. Said no and they hung up.

(269) 477-2235

me said

this guy is a stalker! the bad thing is he works for a police department in Berrien county MI.

(954) 817-0082

Ray said

(610) 739-0026

Amanda said

They wanted to FaceTime and I was scared so I ended it and hopefully they won't call me back or FaceTime

(858) 401-0039

danie said

Some film producer got my number from tweeter looking for a Rivera. Weird because I went to college for filming but never perused it

(203) 978-0042



(206) 201-0042

denver resident said

received call on dec 11 2014. same allegations as those above- report to local police office, call the number above to discuss. person left message saying they were frank karison irs badge #497. wanted my 5 year old son.

(405) 646-0143

Marlene said

Called my cellphone. Call back and get nothing!

(941) 613-0057

Loree said

Yes, but who is it?

(206) 201-0042

RF said

Received same number 206-201-0042 from Officer David Marshall. Previously left a voice mail on home number saying I was a primary suspect and the complaint and arrest warrant was out. He then called my cell and when we tried to put him on speaker then he hung up. He said to call kevin brown at the 206-201-0042 to work out this charge.

(757) 550-3766

James said

Its collection agency

(757) 550-3766

James said

I get the same one? are you in the military or have you been?

(206) 201-0042

RS said

Hi Guys , I also got a same call regarding IRS and asking me to pay them $2800 and also they threaten me with police arrest warrant, this is a prank call , last night i went to police station and i found out from police . just ignore those calls . , this guy is in india call center guys and asking the money from people with wrong way .

(201) 218-0124

John said

Keep getting calls from this number...

(202) 621-0020

Jill said

I got a call from this number and told them the number was a scam and they hung up. I got another call from this number four days later and had my son answer the phone.... "so and so police department" and they hung up.

(814) 216-0006

Theudude said

Just missed a call from this number, no message

(515) 221-0033

KEY said

Auto fax repeatedly dialing my home phone # Very annoying!

(706) 604-0045

John said

(702) 556-0107

Dr Carl said

Also rec'd message regarding Verizon, isn't this illegal?

(303) 200-0049

DC said

Keep getting hang up calls from this number.

(315) 515-0106

Nick said

I got a call and a really long message, creepy

(405) 646-0143

kara Few said

weird calls,call back silence,annoying!

(405) 646-0143

kara said

weid calls,call back silence,annoying!

(702) 556-0107

Bro said

Received a text stating my verizon wireless account needed the credit card info updated to avoid cancellation.

(262) 353-0049

dax said

Was harassing my daughter and sending naked pics

(248) 663-0025

Beth said

Just got a random call but no message. Think it's a solicitor?

(347) 305-0202

will said

Patrick Williams is brilliant computer engineer he fixed my computer he updated my windows as well ..he gave me the full technical support for life time..he is the great

(601) 488-0098

RENE said

Received an unexplained call from a Dr. Hughes but a Kelly called and when asked to be transferred to the physician that wanted to call our Dr., she said she would talk first so we hung up.

(262) 910-0033

Len said

(956) 790-0094

Jenny said

(202) 621-0020

Phil said

Guy just called and said he was from the Federal Grants Department (although he said "Grains Department"). He said my name and number were randomly selected for a Grant. I told him if he could tell me my name that we had a deal. Then he hung up.

(662) 995-0103

Karl said

Employment opportunity scammer...contacted me via text. Fishing for suckers from ad I posted on CL.

(979) 229-0194

lemonparty said

Harasses people via SMS.

(512) 469-0188

P said

Got a strange call from this number claiming I hit his car and left a note with my phone number? Almost sounded like a pre-recorded list of responses.

(336) 285-0031

nicholas kiser said

it has called me 3 times

(662) 676-0009

gina said

I keep getting calls from this number and don't know who this is. No one talks

(425) 965-0019

DD said

Yes received a call at 4:30am which woke me out of a dead sleep

(313) 447-0011

Shawn said

I keep getting calls from this number but they never leave a message they call three of four times a day.

(410) 964-0165

Concerned Person said

wanting to lower an interest rate on a credit card only don't have any from this location

(415) 234-0095

Ric said

Does anyone know anything about this #.

(315) 351-0124

Dutch said

Yep. I got 2 calls yesterday. Didn't even answer the phone.

(808) 489-0054

Jill said

Green reality

(787) 308-0009

PEDRO said

Me dice que si estuve en un lugar. Por que ni que estaba guapo. Pero le dije que no era y no volvio a text mas.

(505) 871-0030

andrew said

Pretending to be bank of America. Call was from 0033

(260) 527-0020

mommacfr said

They claimed that I had reported a problem with my computer

(301) 856-0087

timj said

What did they want? I've got a call from someone at this number wanting to place a large order with us. I can't tell if they're legit... too many red flags.

(347) 871-0051

Steev Johne said

the are bastered and scammer....

(347) 871-0051

Michel said

Bloody scammer... dont pick phone....

(347) 871-0051

Ricon said

Scammer. So dont pick up phone from this number..

(949) 599-0028

Loaded4th said

I just keep reporting them to the FCC. If they get enough complaints, they will fine them:

(315) 351-0124


Don't block him, start calling this POS back non stop! I am!!!

(207) 698-0239

unknown said

They keep calling my brother and hanging up then call his wife and ask for him, then hangs up again???

(787) 689-0022

Edwin said

This guys sell new stolen phones like iphones be aware.

(702) 552-0081

JettaGuy97 said

It is credit one bank calling about a late credit card payment. Their offices are based out of Las Vegas

(480) 659-0017

Aaron said

got a call

(818) 825-0012

debbie felman said

Guy keeps calling my 12 year old boy up and saying sick disgusting and gross things to him. Called the cops but they did nothing. Big wierdo perv pedophile

(929) 232-2808

alan d said

received a call from this Indian sounding guy claiming he is from windows and my computer is showing critical errors.he asked me if my computer was on i said no and your not getting in my computer he hung up.

(602) 410-7698

randy said

Acting like a dead friend or relative !!!!!

(516) 882-0021

Morris said

They are soliciting sports pix.....they blow

(516) 554-0030

wario said

DO NOT BELIVE THIS !!!!! WORST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!!! They will tell you its the once in a life time oppertunaty...yeah it is but to get scammed ... I hope god punishes those scammers because they took all I had and now I'm left with nothing not one cent..

(313) 766-0099

newcomer217 said

Convergent Healthcare Recovery

(516) 840-0027

chills said

I'm afraid of this guy

(336) 759-0001

winston said

I have like 10 message from this number

(850) 745-0060

Ne-C said

I dont know this number but it keeps ringing my phone and when I answer it hangs up. I called it back and it was busy the number called back and hung up. Crazy... do anyone know where this number belongs

(214) 353-0013


person by the name of John hacked into my Sprint Boost Mobile phone using hotel wifi, chromecast, and Google Voice. John was able to make calls on Voice via my phone. 214-353-0013 was the number assigned to John.

(208) 908-0253

Gary said

Texted me from 208-971-6063 and said my "Visa heckCard" (dumbasses can't even spell) is disabled and to call 208-908-0253. Total scammer.

(763) 269-0003

Nikki said

bunch of shit

(405) 646-0037

cliff said

Received several calls from this number. Since it's an unknown number, I never answered. Rob [above] is correct. Fraudulent car warranties and junk mails seem to be the rage these days. Time stamp 12/05/2014

(516) 554-0006

Rooney said

i got the money too.. whats going on guys itz real

(765) 994-0032

dew said

(765) 994-0032Premium Report Owner Name Address Information Jeffrey Burns 2922 Harbur Blvd, Anderson, IN 46011 Occupation: Administrative Support Occupations, Including Clerical Occupations Education: High school graduate don't know the guy

(270) 685-0021

ju said

No. Just not familiar with the number

(248) 605-0155

tom said

They called many times no answer, spammm

(440) 219-0001

Shari said

How do these people get my cell number????

(347) 305-0202

chris said

THEY WORKED ON MY COMPUTER AND MAKE MY COMPUTER SAFE & SECURE..... I LOVE THERE HARDWORK.... Dennis is the guy who workedon my computer..... you can call him and he will really work fine on your computer "try once" ..... call on 3473050202 and ask for the Dennis a perfect guy

(347) 305-0202

JOHAN said

THEY WORKED ON MY COMPUTER AND MAKE MY COMPUTER SAFE & SECURE..... I LOVE THERE HARDWORK.... Dennis is the guy who workedon my computer..... you can call him and he will really work fine on your computer "try once" ..... call on 3473050202 and ask for the Dennis a perfect guy

(347) 305-0202

JOHAN said


(516) 554-0006

said tells you everything you need to know about grant fraud

(347) 708-0081

Christine said

Man named Edward called saying he was from Microsoft, saying he received my phone number from Microsoft Products.

(206) 201-0042

Dre said

Received a call from Lee Chandler claiming to be from my county police department and stated that I had a warrant for my arrest. They had the nerve to leave voicemail instructing me to call Officer Thomas l. Brimes at (206) 201-0042 or I will be arrested. I called my local police department directly to check the validity of the call. SCAM! No warrants of any kind and now I have to make a report with the crimes division.

(314) 627-0030


They keep trying to collect money from me but cannot prove I owe the money, no paperwork no history. I paid them once then found out they are a scammer and my bank got my money back. They call me every day from 10+ different numbers. The company is based from California, but Missouri number and a Wisconsin address... very sketchy company, I block their number each time they call and they just keep calling from different numbers, i have over 10+ different numbers blocked and yet they called today from another number. I have a dispust through Experian Credit to prove the bills and they just keep dropping off the credit report but still trying to get money. What a joke!

(609) 420-0020

bet said

texting crazy messages to my phone

(610) 333-0021

tmoney said

this person keeps texting me and i do not know them

(202) 462-0003

k said

They call with a fake american name and say I qualified for a $9,000 grant to pay school loans or anything. How do I make it stop?

(956) 465-0121

Stacy said

Just got a call asking for my young daughter. Mispronounced her name and hung up when I asked "who is calling?". Definitely a scammer/psycho.

(662) 676-0009

Chuck said

Yeah, they call and when I ANSWER THERE IS NO ONE THERE. Wish I could talk to someone. Sorry SOS HO-HO-HO

(715) 201-0139


that is a charter cable issued number. unfortunately I cannot tell you who it belongs to. hope this info assisted you.

(704) 264-0004

Matt said

Who could this be, really need info please!!!

(484) 477-7863

Ditto said

yes incoming and going out when business is closed

(818) 267-0017

kpadmin said

this fax number keeps dialing into my office!!!!

(314) 627-0017

Brenda said

Calls me several times a day for the past few days, never leaves a message

(314) 817-0047

Amy said

Called today & yesterday. I don't answer calls from numbers I do not recognize. Didn't leave an actual msg, but there was some sort of beep sound left on the voice mail recording. Maybe the caller hanging up? There was no beep sound on the first blank voice mail recording I received.

(206) 201-0042

KL said

I just got this call too from an Officer George Martin Badge number #4978. said there was a federal complaint against my identity and I had to go to my local police station and see an Officer Cooper to sign a paper or they would be at my work place in the next 30 minutes....WTF???

(972) 635-0086

kimmie said

missed call 9:30 am 12/4/14 left no message

(440) 219-0006

Joe said

Got a call from this number, called it back from a work phone and it was an answering message from Sirius XM Radio?

(337) 734-0073

Tyler said

Constantly getting calls.

(206) 201-0042

CTA said

Received a call from this number advising that he was from the IRS. When I said I believe you have the wrong number he said , "F*&% you," and hung up.

(740) 926-0009

Lynn said

Banks do not ask you to call them via text, they will call you if something is wrong. I got the same text. World is scary messed up place.

(740) 926-0009

Cassie said

I also received a text... (Contact-[WellsFargo]-Call (740) 926-0009) Scam! I'm not an idiot!

(256) 682-0032

steve said

called, but will not pick up number when u call back

(347) 708-0081

Sam Case said

They wanted me to divulge computer information. It was right out of the 'playbook' - a real scam:

(740) 926-0009


Received a text message saying to call wf bank at this number SCAM

(415) 325-0033

dustin said

calls me everyday :| this shit should be illegal

(740) 926-0009

Heather said

I just received a text from this number also, but when I tried to call back the line was busy. Apparently this is a scam?

(313) 919-0088

mo said

This number calls and I assume it's a scam loan company. I wish they would stop

(208) 899-0173


What are they saying

(740) 926-0009

Dana said

Same thing here, txt saying to call Wells Fargo

(740) 926-0009

Leslie said

Got a text also from this number tried to call to tell them put on DO NOT call list but ut was busy

(405) 779-0055

gLENN said

I bet!

(281) 433-0127

mikey jay said

I think I did whats the problem with this number

(929) 232-2808

whois said

Got a call from this guy claiming he was from Microsoft. Couldn't understand much of what he was saying. Hung up.

(203) 680-0039

Eric said

Calls and then leaves a 5 second voicemail saying "Goodbye." Don't answer!

(847) 532-0052

Mary said

Guy called acting like we had just placed an order needed to speak with Maintenance supervisor....put him on speaker phone when super talking to him and then I interrupted he hung up.

(314) 817-0047

trish said

no one on the line, then just disconnected.

(253) 655-0224

Kathy said

Received call from man named Sam, said I was going to get a grant of $9,000.00 from the U.S. government. He said he was from Washington, D.C. Sounded like he was from India. Could hardly understand him. He gave me a grant ID # and this telephone number to call. I called Mark Meadows' office and then N.C. DOJ and was advised this is definitely a scam. Watch out for good old (Uncle) Sam!

(248) 919-0169

Nancy said

constantly calling cell phone as in every few seconds...when I answer, all I hear is aloud beep noise...

(315) 351-0124

B said

My wife got two messages from this number today, Dec. 3, 2014! Thanks to the good info here, we just blocked it. Screw em!

(717) 329-0094

Linda Metcalf said

Securist Credit Card Appointment Setter or something. rude.

(480) 650-0072

Dawn said

Been receiving calls from this number. Never leaves a message. Assuming it's spam

(302) 404-0029


This guy texted me on my car I have for sale in KS. Seemed like a regular guy, asking normal questions not automated like normal scammers. But wanted to pay via paypal. I told him in person deals only. Then looked up area code and it is in Delaware then found this site. SCAMMERS NEED TO GET A REAL FUCKING JOB!

(302) 404-0029

andrew said

Same thin here..Kansas CL in KC area, texting cell about a listed car, asked for more pics and info. He made a offer JUST under what we were asking but wanted to do paypal. We said cash or cashiers check and have had no response back. BEWARE this number is hitting up the KANSAS CRAIGSLIST!

(740) 926-0009

Lori said

Text message from to call wells fargo 740-926-0009, SCAM! No business w wells fargo and email address is fake, but I know who on my street has windstream vsns going to their homes, have photograph proof of it. Scammers on my street hacking nearby wifi networks, bleed over signals expose your browsing habits. Idiots, nosey sick ill and stunted non intelligent idiots. I will file police reports with authorities, reply w STOP, then log reports of harrassment via cops.

(954) 699-0033

rm said

Yes, I have been getting calls from this number with the same issue. No response on the other end when I answer.

(315) 351-0124

Snickelfritz said

Me too. Said his name was Eric Foster. I've since blocked the number.

(740) 926-0009

Kelly said

Received a text from this number saying contact Wells Fargo, I have no dealings with Wells Fargo.

(347) 305-0202

JS said

same as TT plus he gave me a PW and ID number to log into. Don't know why I went so far but then hung up.

(702) 644-0222

Dan said

Same here. Called back, no answer. No luck finding this number listed anywhere either.

(315) 558-0274

nosel said

who is it?

(740) 926-0009

Jonathan said

Thanks for the feedback everybody. Looks like a SCAM. Watch out!

(740) 926-0009

Joe said

Got same text, called Wells Fargo customer service and they stated it is not a Wells Fargo number.

(740) 926-0009


Got text saying call Wells Fargo. I HAVE NO DEALINGS WIYH WELLS FARGO!!!

(740) 926-0009

Timmy said

Got a suspicious text message saying call wells fargo at this number.. I have no wells fargo business or accounts

(412) 361-0007

Annoyed said

Got a call from this number, answered I said hello 3 times with no response. Probably another prankster or scammer. If they were legit they would have responded.

(740) 926-0009

Liz said

Got a suspicious text message saying call Wells Fargo at this number. I currently have no Wells Fargo accounts.

(740) 926-0009

John said

Just got a strange text saying call wells Fargo at this number. I have no active accounts with Wells Fargo.

(740) 926-0009

Bob said

Got a suspicious text message saying call wells fargo at this number.. I have no wells fargo business or accounts

(740) 926-0005

CP said

Identity Theft!!! Asks for SSN as first question. Pretends to be Wells Fargo.

(715) 680-0170

Betsy said

Who 's number is this .... Receive concerning calls from it

(520) 356-0001

vic said

Same rang once and hang up

(240) 821-0059

nike said

how call me

(253) 777-0128

d said

Same here. It's a western union scam.

(313) 506-0012

Jeb said

Yeah who is this just got one

(206) 201-0042


They are identifying themselves as the Internal Revenue Service.

(206) 201-0042

DK said

I received a call from 206-201-0042 from an "officer Jenkins". He said there was an IRS complaint and I was the primary suspect in a criminal offense from my 2012/2013 tax forms and I owed $1,987.00. I questioned him further and he then said the allegations were do to the fact that my "electronic signatures" did not match. Who's electronic signature ever matches their own handwritten original??? He said the police would be out to see me in 45 minutes to discuss the matter. REALLY?? Scam, Scam, Scam!

(201) 226-0071

Rerun said

Just started to call my home phone, no message, name says L. Brown

(315) 351-0124

Nate said

My wife just got contacted by this douche. Jokes on him. She's Navy. She's taking the info and phone number to NCIS here as we speak.

(203) 680-0038

Chris said

No message left

(347) 708-0081

mike said

could you tell me the name of the person

(262) 238-0199

- said

Got a call from this number - didn't answer, no voice mail.

(702) 609-0029

DatGuy said

I called the # by mistake when I was visiting Vegas, it is 1 # different from an associate that I do business with. Lady said she was Courtney & I left a msg for my contact giving our hotel that we were at & my plans & room #. We had flown in around 6:30pm, so I was going to grab a bite to eat somewhere go to my room for the night. She recommended a restaurant at the hotel & a bar for after dinner drinks. My partner was ill & turned in early. After the food I was at the bar. An attractive girl was drawing a lot of attention with her long blonde hair, mixed skin (black & Phillipines if I had to guess). She made a call on her phone & my cell rang. It was Courtney Asking IF I would like some company? I looked at her & said YES. An awesome night & well worth it.

(248) 730-0074

d said


(801) 701-0047

Jay said

Started getting hang up calls from this number today .. Figured it tele since when I answered there was no one there, until 3rd call when I said hello I heard them hang up..

(516) 554-0006

man on the moon said

This is sooo ridiculous i hope no ome has fallen for this... Really??? Americans do not give out grants on the phone to Americans

(702) 552-0081

cris said

Same as above calling then no response

(315) 447-0095

holly said

keeps texting me idk who it is

(859) 608-0133


Remax sales person

(201) 884-0201

ryan said


(360) 637-0007

Christopher Wooten said

I received a phone call and when I called back the lines where busy.

(520) 732-0057

Jag said

I received a call from this number and the person asked questions about our classes (we are a fitness business) and when I gave him the information he stated "you'll never get any customers", and hung up.

(512) 562-0060

Mary said

They were threatening me and will file a case against me, this is a SCAM

(202) 621-0020

sales manager said

Just got a call from this number asking if we sold money pack cards and asking how much they can be authorized for. "Indian" sounding man told me that he would be here soon to buy one. I assume this is a scam to get another employee to authorize cards over the phone at a later time. These people will try anything.

(214) 601-0120

Me too... said

Bill Collector from a Title Loan company.

(516) 554-0030


I Think they are running a scam!

(205) 240-0022

Inquisitor said

Calls you to say your visa debit card is locks and to press 1 to unlock. This is a scam designed to check to see if the phone number is active.

(315) 351-0083

PatK said

I received the same call - automated saying that I was to have an attorney contact them or call them back, time sensitive and they will take action???? I had no clue what they were talking about. Called the number back and I was told some very ignorant things, this man was looking for phone sex. I let him go, then I said So this is the IRS HUH? He said yes, and I said thank you, I will be contacting the attorney general right away and hung up. What an idiot. Will call the IRS with this number Monday.

(202) 552-0738

Jonathan said

Got a call from this number but didn't seem to be anybody there. Dubious.

(310) 626-0027

dick said

he is my best friend and is a cancer lover

(562) 228-0033

mari said


(401) 214-0018

Snwwk said

Getting calss sevearal time a day. I don't even know how the caller get my cell number but i'm sick of these calls

(260) 527-0020

Helen said

I'm getting repeated calls with no message on my cell phone. Annoyed.

(702) 528-0106

JC said

(516) 554-0006


This is TOTALLY A SCAM! The person on the line didn't even know my name or how to spell it. That makes no sense Don't give them your birthday or full name and especially don't give them your social to "verify" the grant. FRAUD!!!!!

(347) 409-0029

Hev said

What the scammers do know is instead on calling from land lines they buy track phones so you think it is someone you know calling. Being from NY, I noticed a Brooklyn area code but still did not pick up. No message either.

(401) 214-0018

tom said

Called 12 times betweern Nov 17-28. Caller id Providence, RI. Sometimes use 401-214-0017. I never answered. According to a directory, the call actually coming from Charlestown, RI in the County of Washington under the name R. A. Roche.

(954) 606-0245

dana said

claims to be firefighters assn put high pressure on my senior mom and wohldnt take no for an answer til i came on the phone! i dont believe it is legit!!!

(315) 529-0054

doggie said

i get this number alot

(347) 708-0081

Terry said

Called saying they were from windows that my computer was sending error message it is scam called Microsoft to verify it is a scam Microsoft said they would never call!

(954) 573-0035


IRS Scam stating you owe back taxes.

(347) 409-0029

G said

Definitely a scam/troll. Told me I was eligible, because of my medical history, for a settlement. Haven't taken a med in my life and this was on Thanksgiving in the afternoon

(310) 736-0189

ACC said

11-27-14 I just received a text from this number telling me to "Be Careful" I don't know whose phone number this is.

(347) 409-0039


Some medical insurance.. trying to sell something.. pish..

(315) 351-0083

JD said

Thanksgiving Day, rec'd this call. Like a Federal Agency is working today? Give me a break. You would think the Treasury Department would find these scam artists and shut them down.

(512) 489-0158

n/a said

Incoming call to my cell phone not answered. No message left. A return call results in the following recording: "Hi, this is Lisa with Reward Redemption. I called you because you recently visited one of our affiliate are eligible for a $100.00 rebate card redeemable at popular stores. Press 1 to receive the card. Press 2 to be placed on our do not call list." Recording repeats continuously.

(702) 552-0081

Milkman said

Everyday, we get a call from this number. No message on our answer machine, it's been 2 weeks, going on the third.

(925) 233-0004

friend said


(253) 655-0224

Ana said

I just received phone call from that number. Government sends letters only. There is no way that they are going to call people for money. Recently lots of scam calls are going on. My friends received fallowing phone calls. * Call from the bank regarding expired debit card.(They are asking for your personal information) * Telling people regarding not paying Taxes to IRS and requesting to pay it right away. * Calling business regarding unpaid DWP utility bills and requesting to pay it right away or they are going to shot down electricity.

(315) 351-0124

JR said

Got the same message, I called back several times. Getting the same voice from an 866-978-8483. Said his name was Eric Foster.

(206) 777-0998

Jonathan said

Free Bahamas cruise for entering a survey. Yeah, sure. *click* SPAM

(214) 258-0157

Jag said

constantly receiving calls from this number and when you call it back it says line is disconnected

(661) 313-0038

richard the hearing said

i want you to work for my new house in the city

(347) 409-0029

dude said

ching chang mow pow clang ching chang was about all I heard.

(702) 552-0081

Di said

started calling once a day starting 3 days ago..leaves no message:(

(516) 554-0006

Billabong said

I got a call from this number today also... Same as above.. Told me that I was chosen to receive $9800.00. It sounds like a boiler room with a bunch of folks in the background talking with accents. The caller also had an accent and I could tell that she was obviously reading a script. She didn't speak English very well either.

(347) 409-0029

John said

Location attached to phone matches location for Capital One Bank, probably because I'm late on a payment. Strange that it is listed as a cell phone though and only rang a couple times before they hung up.

(347) 409-0029

Vickie said

Got a call from this number. Ignored call. Only rang twice before hanging up. No message left.

(404) 341-0056

Adam said

I got a weird call from this number

(315) 351-0083

RIP said

I received a the same call/message also. When I returned the call someone answer announcing this as the IRS. When I started asking questions, he hung up. I called backed, someone answer and hung up immediately. How do they legally get away this ?

(641) 351-0082

Jess said

No they are texting me and trying to find out who they are they won't tell me

(859) 556-0189

Stan said

Got a strange call from this number heavy breathing and moaning. Weirdo with to much time on their hands.

(248) 760-0098

gay said


(405) 310-0129

blah said

Who is this

(248) 790-0110

Big Joe said

Getting random texts from this number

(315) 351-0124

ROB said


(817) 382-5433

james said


(949) 229-0243

Sunshine said

No calls, just texts, from a lady named Mary Norris. She's very nice. She's in Real Estate.

(706) 944-0038

Dee said


(401) 214-0003

Bruce said

This number will not stop calling my phone

(214) 258-0095

Nik said

is this a personal phone number? when i try to call back the number is busy...could you trace this number?

(949) 599-0028

Danny said

Call back. It is a fax line.

(704) 264-0004

Debbie said

This number is calling me every single day. Then I answer and nobody even speaks...then I called the number back and the phone doesn't even ring.

(530) 688-0038

Dan said

This guy was looking for investment capital and was angry when I questioned him. Very rude and the kind of person that you want to get away from

(315) 351-0083

SS said

On November 25, 2014 at about 10:00 AM MST, I received a call from this number as well with a voice activated message from a Julie Smith stating she was from the Internal Revenue Service. Her message: "Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Good bye and take care." This is a scam and I suggest not calling the number back. I will be reporting them to IRS.

(801) 318-0041

John said

Our phone bill showed two calls to this number. I don't know who i0t is. Info, please.

(256) 649-0110

nicky said

(203) 680-0017

Ant said

At gnat at a BBQ just buggin the f*ck out of me.

(801) 869-0040

Me said

Called ut said nothing

(315) 351-0124

tina said

Bogus call by a foreign accent gentleman that can't even get his message straight claiming to be with the criminal division of the IRS. "This message is meant for you" yea right!

(201) 815-0098

Samson said

Yes, i have recieved two calls today and they didn't leave a message either time.

(405) 496-0125

Tom said


(516) 554-0006

Tim said

Just got a call to say I have a grant for $9,800, I knew it was a scam and just kept talking waiting to find out how the scam works. I assumme if you are stupid enough to call the "federal reserve of nyc" that they try to get personal information from you for fraud.

(202) 621-0020

linz3386 said

Same thing happened to me. Except he said he wanted to marry me, that he loved me and he wanted to use this grant money to run away with me. Lol

(202) 621-0020

Deadman said

Called me a few seconds ago to breath heavy n to my ear. WTF lol

(405) 646-0035

Grandma said

This # called my cell 2 times back to back and did not leave a message. When I called the # back I got a recording that says "If you want to block this #, push 1." They do not identify what business it is.

(202) 621-0020

DS said

This number called me using an Elmo voice asking me if I loved him. I said no and "Elmo" kept insisting that I do. HAHA These stories are funny and I'm not as angry as I was a minute ago!

(516) 554-0006

nicole said

I just got the call too.thank goodness I put the phone number in google because it confirmed this is a scam.I didn't even call the number to "get" my money.

(864) 378-0039

alys4e said

(386) 383-0027

tp621 said

for interview...cant figure out where

(714) 274-0041

dreamer said

They call me back to back like at 1:21 and 1:23 in the morning. No message nothing. And when I called back there is a recording I can not really understand.

(480) 330-0259

jay said

(515) 337-0225

Robin Hanks said

He have a profile on yes its a scam!!!

(512) 204-0004

Austin, Texas said

Second call in three days, on my cell phone. Caller identified himself as from "Direct Buy." I hung up. I've been on the Do Not Call registry for years and have never done business with Direct Buy. I've filed a complaint against this number at . (If you Google "direct buy do not call", you'll see that Direct Buy has zillions of complaints about Do Not Call violations.)

(315) 791-0067

Francisco said

They messaged my saying hey cutie and I asked them who they were and they said my secret admirer. Then I asked them who I was and they didn't answer back. This is creepy…

(904) 495-0016

Tia said

(571) 402-0021

Islander said

I got this call telling me that a lawsuit was being done against me for fraud. this is a Bogus call I tired calling and no answer I called the IRS and reported it.

(252) 521-0112

lakeitha said


(571) 316-0075

Kathy said

I got a text from this number. I called and no answer.N

(347) 630-0218

Fabi said

This person texted me saying "I see you" and I was in NYC yesterday which is really weird.

(337) 296-0107

T said

Yes I do! Except they are continually calling my pager (I work at a hospital which still uses pagers)

(334) 986-0063

Kate said

Yes! Who is this

(315) 351-0124

Md said

Just got 2 calls from this number today. Man with an accent calling claiming to be Officer Eric Foster from IRS criminal investigation dept. totally sounded BS. Blocked the number. How can they get away with even doing this, and how do they get my cell phone number?

(347) 269-0099

judy said

said its a graverment grant

(315) 351-0083

Bert said

This is a scam. The IRS contacts people by MAIL, not by phone. AND - they sure as heck don't say "take care" when they hang up. as if.

(808) 213-0023

bob said

call three times in the last 5 days [ today is 11/20/14 ]

(315) 351-0076

Furious citizen said

I am so mad. They've been calling me from 'IRS' almost everyday from different numbers 347-298-7944, 315-351-0076, 315-277-7777, 585-364-6540 all about different issues with taxes. Each number has different accusations from 'IRS' THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(704) 246-0004

Data said

Stop calling my phone number

(702) 552-0081

Danny said

Keeps calling once a day then hangs up

(347) 305-0202

Jill H said

11/20/2014 just received a call from this number who said the same thing as TT above. told them my computer was not hooked and that I didn't have internet access at the number he called. I acted confused and continued to argue with him. asked for his number and told him I would call back when I am hooked up to internet. Told him I am not sure how he got this number if I don't have internet. Lots of back ground noise and very strong India accent, I also told him that I thought he must be phishing for something or that it was a scam.

(262) 880-0088

Marc said

Same here. The massage was, "This is Julie Petterson. Call me back as soon as possible." No further detail.

(405) 646-0037

rob said

they called me again. this time the machine connected me to someone trying to sell me an extended car warranty plan. i told them i'm not interested, lets see if they call again.

(218) 720-0134

paige said

It is Morgan Stanley.

(567) 258-0014

T said

Scam Scam Scam! Bad enough they call once. But three times today starting at 6:30 this morning.

(571) 402-0021

a2writermom said

Bogus call from "The IRS" telling me that I would be subjut of a criminal investigation. Yada yada. The robo-caller had a very thick Eastern European Background. Block this number.

(954) 324-8800

Mary said

Caller tells me about a $2000 vacation credit. I can get this great deal because of some trip that I took and wasn't able to finish it. When I started questioning this deal the guy told me he had no idea when I would have taken this. When I attempted to tell him to remove my number from their database they hung up on me. I tried 2X to call back and again both times when I tried to tell them to remove my number they hung up on me. By the way they claim they are calling on behalf of Westgate Resorts. I will lodge a complaint from them.

(424) 235-0261

Sweetz said

Then number called I answered and held the line for at least 30 secs stating hello, but no one ever came to the line it was just dead air and then soon a disconnecting signal.. just weird...Does even one know if it has something to do with a travel agency or signing up for free trips?

(305) 742-0025

jjbb said

not cal me any longer

(516) 554-0006

Me said

Biggest Fraud !!! DOnt fall for it !!!

(662) 676-0014

Bobbie said

Got a call from this number. It was not on my caller list.

(714) 248-0124

dena said


(248) 397-0198

Phil said

Called back and said 'thank you for calling. Your number is not recognized. Goodbye'

(415) 325-0033

karenw said

Received call from this number today. Calls started on 11/18/14. No messages left.

(407) 252-0019

KIP said

Some weird phone calls from this number.

(415) 251-0020

sweetness said

Low life! Go to Hell!! Trying to extort money!! Screw yourself! ! ROGER JONES AND DAVID JONES

(717) 668-0092

Drew said

The text msgs were coming from someone named "Jose" I finally had to block the # because he was not taking the hint that he had the wrong phone #. Had very poor English and spelling and kept texting "ctfu" which maybe he was trying to say "STFU" who knows the guy was an idiot.

(859) 473-0009


Yes, no sure who it so I quit and blocked on my phone.

(405) 256-0152

Bob Robb said

You shouldn't ever get a call from this number because there loving friendly people!

(215) 310-0172

Anna said

Received many calls from this number, but no voicemails or anything were left.

(567) 258-0014

viktim said

All of the time I lead them on...transferred multiple times to different names but the same person wd the same heavy accent, different departments but the same direct number...the 4th person is asking if I have cash/$ bills, i said yes, and asked me to go the store wd moneygram service...wants to stay in the line but hanged up on me after 15 mins. I went to irs office....scam!

(808) 213-0023

SKG said

Calls every day. No message on Voice Mail....

(972) 923-0023

bob said

This is Dr Roye's office in Waxahachie. Waxahachie Sports Medicine.

(808) 213-0023

scott said

I never answer this call because I dont know any one in Kaunakaka, but they just keep calling.

(256) 670-0051

MK said

Have called twice, no message

(405) 646-0037

rob said

they called, i answered, couldn't hear anything, they eventually hung up.

(310) 695-0030

Joe said

I get the unwanted calls early in the morning everyday day.

(706) 955-0047

Lola L said

Crazy call; same as Jonathan. Don't know who they are or what they're trying to push. Has called before.

(567) 258-0014

MSB said

Recd several calls from same scammer. Caller sounds Indian.

(567) 258-0014

not falling for it said

4 calls today started at 730am.. same speech per word each call.. one call was all broken up.. NO names used or NE left to call back...

(567) 258-0014

Deb said

I have gotten a call from this number several times over the past month saying IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. Some foreign speaking dude. Stupid scammers!

(415) 325-0033

ANA said

415-325-0033. I got a spam call from this number on Nov 19, 2014. I don't know who they are or what they want.

(516) 554-0006

mark said

this is true i won 9800 .. i reacive $9800 today m so happy

(315) 351-0124

jd said

Same call saying the same BS. The scam is laughable

(361) 561-0169

ME said

I got a call from this number and she stated she was DeeDee Flores with the City of Clearwater. I looked it up and this number is for ICG CHOICE COM L.P. TX. So they are lying about who they are when they call to try to get to the owners of companies!

(567) 258-0014

Phyllis said

Caller called this morning and left a message claiming that there was an IRS lawsuit pending against me. The connection was bad. The caller ID said it was from Toledo, Ohio. Clearly, a fraud.

(567) 258-0014

Ginny said

Caller called twice claiming to be from IRS and that IRS filed a lawsuit against me. The call had a very bad connection and was going in and out

(407) 915-0297


crazy calls 6 times a day from this number

(662) 813-0146


Yes who are these ppl claiming out I took an online loan

(567) 258-0014

Not Scammed said

Scammer pretending to be from the IRS. Complete fraud.

(608) 286-0055

Janette Ocotl said

Hola Mami soy Janette y Te mando Un mensaje que me voy aquedar a la escuela de Savanna Oaks y voy a llegar a la casa a las 5:30.

(256) 730-0006

jon said

I saw I had rec'd a call from this number. Tried to redial. An operator ecording came back that said "I dialed 0006". So, I punched in the number by hand and got the same recording. Very strange!

(303) 542-0069

B said

A lady by the name of Ashley calls me from this number claiming she's from "Security Metrics", a firm that ensures PCI compliance for sites. It was rather fishy because she sounded like she was reading off a script and was giving me a vague description of my account being past due or non-compliant. I tried to pry for additional information about my account and she couldn't answer them, but kept on trying to push me to one of her agents who could help me with my account and bring it up to PCI compliance. I told her I've never heard of them and this all sounds like a fraudulent call. She then proceeded to end the call by wishing me the best of luck and have a good day. Tried to call them back, but an automated message says it didn't recognize our phone # and hung up. VERY FISHY!!!

(303) 339-0072

mj said

Who is calling from the above number?

(704) 264-0004

Captain said

Numerous calls suddenly with four seconds of dead air as a voicemail. Really annoying.

(567) 343-4829

rick said

Heavy accent Indian/Pakistani male voice said he was David White of the IRS and this was about a lawsuit the IRS had against me.

(315) 351-0083

Jeff said

I had the same experience and every attempt to return the call was met with a busy signal or the call simply ended. If it's truly the IRS and it's so important, they have a funny way of handling it... IRS can suck it.

(949) 599-0028

Schneider said

same for me.

(949) 599-0028

Schneider said

that's the worst.

(315) 351-0076

me said

Received message today, 18 Nov 2014, at 5:57 a.m. Pacific Time (I'm in California). Robot female voice claimed to be Julie Smith from IRS and said I needed to call before they took action. Called back just to yell at 'em but got only a recorded greeting.

(315) 351-0124

A.S. said

If they're going to try to fool people into thinking they're American, maybe like...get a guy who speaks ACTUAL ENGLISH to record the voixe? Yeah, dude. Your name. Is Bri. Annn. What a dumb excuse for a scam. These people should be ashamed.

(302) 404-0029

Tereasa said

Received a text asking for pics and pay pal account. Ask why he needed pay pal as trailer would have to be picked up. His response was he would PayPal amount and have trailer picked up by commercial carrier after I had my money!! Guess he thinks we are all stupid!!!

(567) 258-0014

bc said

Another Scam call 3rd today

(315) 351-0076

no sucker said

Same scam.

(315) 351-0076

Memphis said

got the same call this morning. Ugh

(405) 694-0010

Anon said

My friend has this number

(610) 883-0014


It's some guy named Joey

(727) 439-0029


The number is Chris K.

(760) 206-7342

Jonathan said

SPAM. "Under a recent bill passed by Congress called The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act permanently reducing your electric bill up to 60% through the US Renewable Energy Program. The US Renewable Energy Program will stop the 14% rate increase on your electricity bill coming soon. Press 1 now if you are a homeowner and are paying more than $150 per month for electricity. Press 1 now to stop the electricity bill increase coming soon." etc etc

(440) 447-0067

dave said

american petroleum institute political spam

(347) 524-0181



(315) 351-0076

Unknown said

Just got a call from a recording saying, I owe the IRS , and definitely dont! Its a SCAM

(302) 727-0029


I did today twice. No message either time

(662) 676-0009

Tiffany said

I get calls from this number all the time. I had to end up blocking the number.

(305) 940-0018

PDs said

(949) 349-0001

CJ said

Just got a call today. My Reverse Lookup app shows as "telemarketer", and looking a the "0001" in the # is probably a robodialer. Got to be some jackhole selling solar or some other BS.

(315) 351-0076

In Richmond, VA said

Got the same call from a Julie Smith from e IRS and want a call back before more acts is taken..

(202) 621-0020

Ricky said

Guy called me saying that the have 9 grand for me from the government. He then said he wasn't forcing me and that he would meet me in hell and hung up

(440) 219-0063

nigel hack said

no message

(954) 699-0033



(847) 867-0187

Brian said

receiving unwanted calls, appears to be using our company name as the 0187 caller id.

(347) 471-0196


Re: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Priority: Normal Date: Thursday, November 13, 2014 9:10 PM Size: 9 KB Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Counter-terrorism Division and Cyber Crime Division J. Edgar. Hoover Building Washington DC Dear Beneficiary, Series of meetings have been held over the past 7 months with the secretary general of the United Nations Organization. This ended 3 days ago. It is obvious that you have not received your fund which is to the tune of Eight Million and Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars ($8,500,000.00) due to past corrupt Governmental Officials who almost held the fund to themselves for their selfish reason and some individuals who have taken advantage of your fund all in an attempt to swindle your fund which has led to so many los

(724) 513-0022

jenny said

Called twice within a 2 hr period on a Sunday. No messages left

(808) 213-0023

oahu said

Picked up, and immediately said the call will be recorded for quality assurance.. I hanged up. Why would I want to be recorded by someone I have no idea what the call is for or by whom.

(417) 224-0049

WTF? said

Called and a special agent picked up?

(205) 441-0164

pumpkin said

(847) 433-0076

CC said

Said they were from general electric and "provide" my home security and wouldn't shut up when I tried to stop her from saying more. Complete scam call.

(404) 992-0120

amn1410 said

anyone know who this is?

(315) 351-0076

Unknown said

Scammers dupe victims out of $5 million? Really? Yesterday received voice mail identical to others - threatening action. Funny idea of calling back repeatedly (if you have unlimited calls on your phone) to tie up their lines - Great way to irritate them/shut them down.

(313) 753-0134

Me said

What type of weird calls? How long ago?

(979) 255-0029

Juhree said

Who is it?

(801) 893-0103

skippy said

(419) 482-1369

Ellen said

I have gotten three phone calls from this numbers three times on November 14, 2014, 12:49pm, 2:54pm and 5:04pm. This number is in Perryburg, OH. There was one message on the machine about some political thing, and to call my Senator, or press 1 now (if I answered the phone). I have no idea what the ad message was even about, except they were babbling about jobs. There were two messages from another phone number 440-219-0061, Elyria, OH, 12:44pm, and at 2:51pm, so I have no idea which number this one message came from, but they certainly did not need to call numerous times. I get suspicious about callers when they call multiple times, but do not leave a message.

(315) 351-0076


The first time they called it was a recorded message, then a day later we received a phone call from a male with a very hard to understand accent. Don't fall for the scam and help report this so they can be shut down.

(603) 373-0055

S. Bechtel said

Some loser called and left a voice mail for someone, did not say who the message was even for. Told me I had a terrible message for my voice mail, and proceeded to threaten me verbally about a debt, the caller did not even confirm who it was for, what, amount, etc., as if he believed he had the RIGHT number to begin with. What a moron. Hey chump, here is an idea, how about you call and indicate who your calling for, the nature of your call, the reason your calling, and ask if the person could please call you to discuss. If I owned the debt I'd never return a call to you either no matter what it was for, in fact with your attitude on a complete strangers voice mail no wonder no one is paying you. Good luck with your "collections" efforts and maybe next time make sure who you're calling for?

(315) 351-0124

T said

Just wish these people would get a real job. Called my number twice and it was 2 different people which you can clearly tell they haven't rehearsed their line enough!!

(404) 419-0115

Jono said


(315) 351-0076

Tired of crank calls said

I just received a call from this number stating that they were from the IRS, but it was a recording. When I called back someone answered and when I begin asking a question they hung up. BIG SCAM.

(972) 578-0024

BDK said

Cavender's Boot City. Stupid autocorrect.

(972) 578-0024

BDK said

Lavender's Boot City

(215) 310-0154


Caribbean cruise line sales call. Automated computer with voice recohnition

(956) 968-0020

Mtz said

I ALSO GOT 2 calls from this #! And i calle back and no one answers 😡

(415) 990-0160

Jaytee said

Assholes keep calling and not leaving a message

(571) 471-0074

iona said

Said he was a police officer.

(314) 925-0056

captain said

hang up

(315) 351-0076


Keep calling back to jam the lines, they can't call out and you have done more to resolve this issue than any law enforcement organization could possibly do, put em outta business....

(315) 351-0076

Outraged Citizen said

Got a voice message from 315-351-0075 stating that it was the IRS and have an urgent message. The caller id is from Utica, NY. These scammers have to be arrested and prosecuted!

(315) 351-0076

Bogus said

I just received a message stating they were the IRS - Bogus and don't fall for it.

(424) 835-0025

strange craigslist t said

Odd text in early morning, stay away

(405) 313-0132

donna said

love u

(269) 929-0021

Peyton said

i got a text from (269)9290021

(708) 715-0003

Mike said


(786) 237-0019

papo said

They dont talk ., then hang up

(602) 206-6232

Adrian said

this number calls everyday, multiple times, we don't answer #'s we don't know and a message is never left. AZ area code.

(347) 520-0137

Matt said

Some psycho keeps harassing my girlfriend. I looked it up and the man keeps changing his name first roland, then shawn henderson.

(321) 482-0256

Brittany said

Called no message left

(314) 627-0030

Mandy said

I got a call and answered, and they hung up so I called back. The lady that answered told me they were the "Integrity" something and she asked for my phone number and zip code. I said wouldn't you already have my phone number if you called me? And she got nasty and was like MAM I'M NOT ASKING AGAIN WHAT'S YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND ZIP CODE PLEASE. I said Naaaahhhhh I'm good, seeya. And hung up. They haven't called again but I might keep calling to fuck with them.

(314) 682-0006

Jenny W said

I should have never placed my number on the college enrollment list. I get calls from them to inquire about their MSN program. Grrrr.

(347) 305-0216

Ken said

Well, my caller id # 503-020-1453 But he gave me 347-305-0216 He wanted me to get on my computer He was a ass his name was Anthony Vils

(602) 206-6232

Not Answering said

I do not answer calls from numbers I do not recognize. This number called but didn't leave a message. I have now blocked the number

(315) 351-0124

Josh said

Yeah same thing here as above. Caller identified himself as Brian John (after forgetting his own name for a good long pause) and in his terribly broken English left a message stating that it is urgent I call back immediately. First, my number is not under my name but my spouse's name. There is no form for the IRS to have me listed with this number. Second, his agent number changed between his voicemail from the first call and the time I took the call on his fourth attempt. Scam through and through

(516) 554-0006

Alittletoogullibleso said

A "Lucy Parker" called and said I had been granted $9800. I felt the whole time it was a scam, but was hopeful. After giving out some information, I was given the 516 number to call. I called it and told the guy that I realized it was a scam and he promptly said goodbye and hung up.

(248) 438-0147


Ford Sirius XM

(602) 206-6232

He77 said

Keeps calling, hit redial and says its a Verizion number that is no longer in serviceFV944

(602) 206-6232

mlb said

Called at least 12 times in a row--within about 10 minutes. No message. Right after first call, a second call comes in that sounds like a FAX beeping and then a voice says "Goodby." This repeated 12 times until I blocked the number. No message, but boiler room sound on answering machine.

(253) 655-0224

Sharon said

Said I received a grant from the Government for maintaining my credit, etc. Leaves me this number stating I need to call it back immediately to claim this grant. Why should I have to pay for this call and call back if it is from the government? did not call and won't feel it is a scam

(281) 508-0018

Alex said

I got a call from this number knowing so many things about me, but I don't know who it is. No one of my friends know who that person is either. I think it could be an ex, but I'm not too sure..

(315) 351-0076


I received the same automated message threatening to arrest for unpaid taxes. scam!!

(956) 202-0227

J said

WONT STOP CALLING MY WORK CELL. Everyday, no voicemail.

(602) 206-6232

John said

He called three times today. On the last call he proceeded to call me profane names. Serious loser. Sounds like he's about 15.

(347) 391-0049

none said

escort service

(405) 310-0189

pissed off said

Woman calls and knows personal info and names. Call back and its a disconnected line

(214) 856-0122

quick said

Unexplained text

(315) 351-0076

Arkansas said

I rec'd the same recording it said she was calling for Julie Smith with IRS and if I did not return call quickly I would have further actions taken against me. The caller ID said Utica, NY.

(315) 351-0124

Tatania said

I am currently away from USA with International Roaming on my mobile. This person calling himself Officer Mike somebody (unable to understand what he was saying) said he was calling from some Internal organization (again could not understand but it sounded nothing like Revenue or IRS) and started with threatening me not to disregard or it would be quote "all on me". Then he said I could not call back and do not disregard the message again". At this point I realized this is not a live person. It is a bot call that just ran up $2.00 per minute International Roaming charges from a person impersonating an Officer (pretty sure that is a crime in itself). I DID make an effort to call back so as to find out what he was saying as far as his last name, his company, and why he was calling.

(315) 351-0083

NanC said

Yesterday I received a call from this number as well with a voice activated message from a Julie Smith stating she was from the Internal Revenue Service. Her message: "Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Good bye and take care."

(315) 413-0145

robert said

i got a call from this Life Insurance people and they want to stop by and talk to me about Life Insurance i try to call back and the number was not in serves that don,t sound right when they get here i,m not going to talk to them because off the phone number they might be scam

(336) 681-0036

Red_eye said

Got a text, don't know who it is, I responded, got nothing

(315) 351-0076

old_guy said

Both the wife and I got call form them on our cell phones on 11/13/2014 threatening seizures and arrests for unpaid taxes. Sheer madness that people fall for this. everyone should know that as evil as the IRS can be they are not as bad or powerful as these calls want you to believe

(661) 390-0104

Jonathan said

Don't worry noveen, we're all good!

(661) 390-0104

noveen said

its my number now and I love everyone I would never ever be bad phone person

(417) 751-0025

Honda rob said

Just got a reply text to an ad on my wood stove from this number. Same thing.offer of 50 dollars over asking price with an Ash Grove MO cashiers check. Glad I didn't send name and number

(347) 836-0147

Ji said


(417) 751-0025

Moonstone Mary said

Just had the exact same thing happen to me I was suspicious when he offered me a cashiers check for $50 above my asking price without seeing the frig for sale. Plus it being out of town land line. So I am texting him back that I'm only interested in cash, in person sale. Thanks. Glad I checked before giving name & address as he requested. Craigslist just brings out the ID thieves, why I don't use too often.

(407) 230-0096


Keeps calling me and hanging up when gets my voicemail. Calls repeatedly time and time again. I called it back. Sounded like an African American male. He would not give me a name and hung up on me. Very shady.

(201) 414-0131

G said


(313) 743-0079

frank said

(314) 817-0047

Mary said

I answered this call because I was getting other phones calls from this number and they didn't leave a message. The guy said he was calling from a recorded line and that I was looking for information on continuing my education. I don't know what he's talking about because at no point have I looked into continuing education.

(219) 558-0039

KB said

Who is this calling?? won't leave message.

(415) 325-0033

Chris said

Keeps leaving 2sec VM on my mobile phone. I have blocked the number but can't keep from leaving these annoying vm's with no content. Calls almost daily!

(956) 212-0011

james said

Get calls from 12 to 3

(330) 964-0149

Zipperneck said

This number started showing up on an almost daily basis. They always ask for Marilyn or tell me that my prescription is ready. Or, if you try and call them back it either says the number is not im service or they cannot be reached right now. I want to reach my hand thru the phone and choke the living shit out of them. Nonstop, this is harassment, anybody have any solutions?

(315) 351-0076

Unknown said

Received the same call today. You would think since it's a known scam they would have tracked them down some how.

(972) 635-0086

Jennifer said

Missed call. No message

(315) 351-0124

Rob said

Tax Fraud caller stating they are from the IRS!! Block this caller!!

(603) 410-0093

Naomi said

They call me every day. I never answer and they never leave a voicemail

(315) 351-0076

Oilman88 said

Got a call from this number stating they were the IRS. First of dealing with the IRS they would give you an ID number. They also had an old address from years ago, the IRS would have current address. Scammers, do not give the information or money!

(315) 351-0076

Kansas said

Just received a call from this company claiming I owed money to the IRS and that they were issuing a warrant for my arrest in an hour and seizing assets. When I asked why they didn't have my current address (I file taxes regularly to the REAL IRS), he claimed I hadn't updated my 'local IRS' of my new address. This line is definitely a scam! First, the IRS would never go through the trouble of warrants and seizing property over his claimed $3000 I owed. Second, they would notify me in writing before any of this started happening (with my current address). Third, I didn't even make $3000 total the years he was claiming (was in college). Classic scam. Did scare the crap out of me for a second, though.

(267) 250-0068

Jonathan said

Good plan! :-)

(205) 863-0209

puddintang said

when did you recieve this phone call?

(267) 250-0068

Rich said

Just got a text with a link. Obviously didn't click it.

(208) 944-0136

H said

I didn't answer. They didn't leave a message. Nov. 11th, 2014 9:48am

(801) 864-0080

nena said

there was no answer. I called back and it is disconnected.

(214) 558-0026


no message and no one speaking when you answer the phone. I suspect it is a computer generated sales call.

(516) 554-0006

Matthew Spencer said

I would get 9800 . i looked this number up and immediately discovered it was a scam . I went ahead and called the " manager " and picked his brain for about 5 minutes . After him cussing me out and yelling derrogatory things to me , he offered me an in to the scam . Do not fall for this . It is fraud & if enough people report this he wil be brought to justice one day .

(315) 351-0076

Do not return their said

IR-2014-81, Aug. 13, 2014 WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration continue to hear from taxpayers who have received unsolicited calls from individuals demanding payment while fraudulently claiming to be from the IRS. Based on the 90,000 complaints that TIGTA has received through its telephone hotline, to date, TIGTA has identified approximately 1,100 victims who have lost an estimated $5 million from these scams. "There are clear warning signs about these scams, which continue at high levels throughout the nation,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “Taxpayers should remember their first contact with the IRS will not be a call from out of the blue, but through official corresponden

(276) 970-1487

xyz said

continual calls / pranks

(956) 202-0227

Lili said

The caller has called for the last several months. Used to call once a month, no message. Then every other week, no message. Now every week, no message.

(205) 471-0031

jason said

(520) 356-0001

Nn said

It's a scam they want personal info and a credit card number to ship you a hundred dollar gift card

(717) 676-0001

Rae said

Number caaled me too

(619) 413-0001

chris said

Who are they, where and what are they doing and what website did you getbon to get called, and how did they get my number when no one not even my mom has my number

(303) 847-0111

Вож said

I keep getting Call from This Number Every single Day and Im tired of it they asked me for My Information and My SSN I hang up right away I wouldn't answer this call again

(303) 847-0111

Вож said

I keep getting Call from This Number Every single Day and Im tired of it they asked me for My Information and My SSN I hang up right away I wouldn't answer this call again

(212) 321-0093

Tim said

wonder who was it

(206) 414-0224

Karen said

11/10/2014 I had the call twice today. Heavy accent saying warrant for my arrest. Not sure how the got my number.

(516) 554-0002

I don't like scams said

That number is a scam. Stated that I was to recieve money from the government for college.

(619) 413-0001

Chas said

Who is this calling? Where did they get my number?

(248) 430-0128

chole said

What kind of phone calls?

(520) 356-0001

J said

nothing....welcome to my ban and mute list

(336) 469-0022

Hilario said

This number belongs to Andrew Gibbons

(215) 437-0024

tyler said

does anyone know who this number belongs 2

(662) 571-0057

Indianola said

Trying to get information. Block this number

(808) 213-0023

ev said

Got several calls from that number but never answered. Today I called back and an automated message informed me to dial I know it's not from this island. They just should stop calling because I have nothing to give.

(808) 213-0023

hawaiianeskimo said

Called but never leave any messages.

(253) 226-0011

kg123456 said

hey, i keep getting calls from this number. it's creeping me out. i call back it says the number is not in service. do you have any idea who it could be? are you still getting calls from that number?

(315) 351-0076

Texan said

I just received the same unwanted automated IRS threatening voice message. This must stop.

(315) 351-0076

Disgusted said

Just got call from Supposedly IRS on time sensitive matter from this number. No idea where they got my number but I know it is a scam.

(315) 351-0076

Skipper said

got an automated call supposedly from the IRS! what a bunch of idiots! I guess some people are stupid enough to fall for it or they wouldn't keep doing it.

(315) 351-0076


I've received similar tax related message. A person with strong accent was threatening me that my bank accounts will be blocked and I am on my way to jail for 10 years ?!..The minute I told him that my lawyer will be handling it he said " have fun in prison" and disconnected. There should be a way to stop scammers ...

(315) 351-0076


message saying to call back... was automated message...

(315) 351-0076

Unknown said

I don't owe the IRS. I am unsure how this call is directed to my personal cell number. It calls me once a day. Strange.

(315) 351-0076

N/A said

I keep receiving calls stating that it is a representative with the IRS

(520) 356-0001

Britty said

Flashed on my screen for .0005 of a second - no message. Idiots.

(267) 581-0115

No kaos#plz said

Nothin tosay

(415) 399-0009

fred said

Be very careful of this number. It's some fraudulent person hacking into people's personal information

(520) 356-0001

Shann said

Same as everyone else, called but left no message.

(520) 356-0001

Han said

Got a call from this number, rang twice, and then they hung up. Didn't leave a voicemail.

(954) 233-0035

jme9570218 said

Trying to change my Energy Billing Company. Total Scam.

(949) 599-0028

PMR said

This woman keeps calling, and when I told her I was on the DO NOT CALL Registry, she said, Oh my God, you're such a liar"

(808) 213-0023

Kaimuki Citizen said

today 11/7/2014. Got a call. did not pick up. Kaunakakai is a small town on the island of Molokai. Almost picked up as we have friends there....who calls from Kaunakakai??!?

(520) 356-0001

jess said

I just got a call from this number and only one ring as well.

(520) 356-0001

Brittney said

I called it back from a landline and it said I won a $100 gift card blah blah, press one to receive and then hangs up if you press one. Block the number.

(347) 531-0130

pete said

This Spanish lady keeps calling n saying wrong number

(253) 777-0128

b said

They called me trying to get my bank info to send me so called Grant money

(407) 535-0078


Personal cell phone number

(520) 356-0001

NCK said

Flashed on my screen for a second then was gone, no message.

(202) 621-0020

202 hater said

get multiple calls from number always hangs up on me

(520) 356-0001

Dennis said

I just missed a call from this number. It only rang once.

(320) 403-0213

No tolarance said

Calls and leaves 2 minute msgs. Like a pocket dial.

(208) 965-0193

Grim said

Christine Wilmott a.k.a. "Miley" from BoiseBabes a.k.a. Team Bird Flu a.k.a Comstock Dental

(276) 321-0177

Kory said

Got a call that said Yahushua comes in the flesh ..In an evil voice

(504) 335-0041

Fred said

Rude or phishing?

(620) 322-0206

Oz said

Who is this from?

(203) 367-0053

jow said

(516) 554-0006

LEE said

just rec'd a call....same grant for 9,800. Sounds too simple to me

(314) 682-0006

Raymond said

It is Marysville University calling in regards to information about their nursing programs.

(214) 587-0121

Cody said

I received a text asking for my email address so they could email me info about some surprise party for there wife. No answer when I called the Number back.

(919) 714-0001

Sylvia said

This is exactly the same scam as the callers got above with an accent that sounds like it is coming from one of the islands off Florida. Don't be worried or concerned as there is no such agency as the "Agency of Crime"! I am in law enforcement myself and reported this caller and number. Just forget and delete.

(601) 664-0193

Lid said

I got a call no message

(603) 677-0034

terry said

Sending my friend craigslist scam

(808) 213-0023

Lehua said

My recorder was on, but no message was left.

(229) 233-0000

stop said

This a scammer calling same person picks up

(229) 233-0051

gabreed said

I don't know why this number is calling me but I think it's a scam because the same person picks up when you call bAck

(706) 490-0014

Sur said

hola como estas?

(267) 499-0112

meela said

Number my daughter lying about need to know if its a student?

(818) 671-0045

di said

Sez I won free airline tickets. Nothing is free. never called back

(609) 755-0121

juan said

(801) 312-0010

Taylor said

Very disturbing getting a call from this number asking for a stranger and then knowing my own name.

(415) 349-0109

CW said

wants to sell my timeshare for me but won't provide business lisence or business tax Id number.

(808) 213-0023


Caller said he was from American Veterans Support Foundation - Called ID Kaunakakai, HI (808) 213-0023. He right away began asking for a donation to support these veterans, many of which who are homeless, etc. Told him no, sorry, not at this time. Again caller asked to purchase a donation packet in the amount of $20 or $40 and If I would I be willing to donate. Again, I told him no, sorry, not at this time. Upon caller's third request from me for a donation in the amount of possibly a $10 packet, I hung up. :'(

(504) 733-0019

dfyhjdty said

(602) 206-6232

Hugiez said

This number shows Alan R Lapierre on caller ID and he called 3 days in a row. Doesn't leave message.

(919) 714-0001

emilio said

Got same call but different officer name. Will check with state troopers. This has to be a scam.

(562) 697-0023

MARS said

(208) 489-0110

susan said

This number is a scam number the number is used in fronts for business,latest was Mc Connell Wagner Sykes and Stacey PLLC

(954) 467-0001



(919) 714-0001

Retired Federal Work said

This person sounds pakistani. Left a voicemail stating a he was a sheriff and a Federal Warrant was out on me(course he did not stat WHY LOL)and I was to call or report to local police as all other callers have reported. It was a restricted call. Told me to call Ofice Jonathan Cook. I coikdnt understand whom he said his name was. Area code 919 isnt even in the sstate I live in. Dumb asses.

(954) 585-0106

Lexi said


(706) 303-0005

lucy lu said

They keep calling my phone I answer but they wont say anything! For 2 weeks.

(206) 227-0009

Jb said

Got a couple of texts and don't recognize the number

(270) 635-0091

Auntie said

This number is calling and will not leave a message.

(206) 414-0224

Laszlo said

This guy(s) never will be tired of this call making. He called us several times today, and said they will arrest me for IRS CRIMES.....I told him I'm recording this conversation, ..... He hanged up right away. What a patetich looser.

(520) 356-0001

Ray said

Same experience like everybody else. Showed as a missed call, but there was no voice mail.

(919) 714-0001

rock said

Had the same phone call today from a John stating he was calling on a file for sherrif Alex watson to go to my local sherrif department and turn myself in or they will come arrest me. He left me the 919 number so I called and he said all the claims that were agent me and if I disn't pat the 620 dollars I would be arrested. Told him I didn't have the money then he told me I could make payments and need my credit card number. U could hardly understand him because there was a languge barrier. I got off the phone with him and didn't give him any info. Think it was a scam

(602) 206-6232

Dusty said

Someone from this number just called me asking for personal information. When I asked him what it was in regards to he told me he was a stalker!!

(310) 975-0001

Bryon said

I dont get a reply when I answer it

(813) 362-0074


i have received multiple calls from this number. it was someone who is a male. probably a scam

(206) 259-0137

Ditto said

When asked to remove my number, the woman on the other end told me only if I voted and then abruptly terminated the call. Whether folks are urged to vote or not to vote, as in some places, is such angry intrusiveness where we want to see our democracy headed?

(601) 955-0073

Fedup said

Received a call from "Jackson Mississippi?" By the time I got to the phone they had hung up. They didn't leave a message and I don't know anyone in or from Jackson Mississippi.

(270) 957-0013

Vicky said

I received a strange text message from this number: Got this? I'm not opening that!

(619) 478-6153

mj said

Call me every morning... I never pick up. Never leave message.

(405) 646-0035

Shelley said

Missed call, I live in NY don't know anyone in Carney OK, must be a telemarketer! No message left! Called the number back and got a recording that said if you want to be placed on a no call list for this number to press 1.

(248) 605-0163

kgl5cp said

Caribean Cruise Auto Dialer

(206) 259-0137

kat said

Voter's message

(248) 573-0015

Sram said

Keep getting calls like it's going to a fax from this number.

(808) 213-0020

Pi'iaula said

Constant repeat caller.

(818) 312-0175

Sam said

This guy is not right

(201) 349-0116

Tim said

This is a delivery service. Or at very least it's a delivery service driver.

(516) 684-0223

h said

constantly calling my cell 2z a day who the hell is this???

(787) 325-0083

swim chick said

Called 3 times within 2 minutes. No idea what it's for, but the number will be blocked.

(404) 946-0096

Kat got said

I called the number back and it is for some weight lose something?????

(919) 714-0001

Upset said

I just got this same call, my caller ID was from a Local Police Station, so I called them and talked to the watch commander, and did have them check to see if I did have a warrant, very scary stuff, when you have these thieves use the Police Stations phone number, than of course you might believe that it is real, so just to be coy, I went ahead and did call the number, told them that I already reported them to the police and I knew it was a scam, he told me not to call this number anymore, lol!! Please people beware, I also get emails stating the same thing!!

(206) 414-0224

JJA said

I called back the number and left a message, some lady called back with Indian accent and did not understand me so one more scam.

(440) 219-0054

jim said

I get same thing. I think it is a political ad. We'll see after elections if it stops.

(440) 219-0054

Moe said

I received the same call and experience. I never answer a call that I do not recognize or leave a message.

(775) 374-0049

Perez said

Crank callers

(347) 371-0008

Kevin said

some person named Georgie this number will be reported

(808) 213-0023

LeAnn said

I answered "hello". And after a few seconds a recorded voice said "goodbye". I don't usually answer calls from numbers I don't know, but we are buying a new home and selling an old one, so I don't want to miss anything.

(304) 782-0164

Jen said

This is my Google Plus number. I can't make calls from it just text.

(808) 213-0023


Got a call asking for a donation to the American Veterans Support Foundation from this number.

(979) 272-0111

sssss said


(352) 234-0019

Bug said

Keep getting calls, never leaves message

(970) 571-0135

mich said

I don't know whose number is it

(313) 230-0022

Dre said

Constant calling! All times of day and night.

(801) 822-0120

Employee at Hotel said

Got a call from this number today 10/31/2014 from a lady named Stacey. She said that our bill information was wrong on the pay by date that their computer was messed up and entered a wrong date. She never tried to get any money out of us but did say that she had someone on the way to cut the power off. I called the department that our power is through and they notified me that it was indeed FRAUD!! DO NOT give them any type of information. The people calling from this number are under investigation as of today and there will be a law suit done in this case from our power company.

(347) 863-0011

fbi said

This perve called 7 am when I answered he says "I have a big dick"

(516) 684-0078

516-684-0078 said

Calling my private number and when I dial back it says the number is not in service? Blocking it permanently. Spam Scam!

(304) 599-0006

Annoyed said

They have called me a couple of times and left no message.

(206) 259-0137

Abc said

Yes I got a cal today. ThEy hung up.

(662) 325-0163


I got a call from this number

(424) 835-0025

COLT said


(202) 621-0020


The first time he said he was from a federal loan agency and offered me 25k. Then processed to tell me he was gonna marry me. Has called several times since doesn't say anything and hangs up! I blocked this number

(315) 307-0111

Annoyed said

Got a call from this number, someone with a strong Indian accent telling me there are claims against me and to call 202-241-8661.

(440) 219-0065

JR said

Yes about 10 calls in a week.

(608) 338-0078

T said

Have received several calls from this number, all different times of day. Does not leave a message and also does not pick up when I return the call. I did leave this number a message on their answering machine telling them to stop calling and have not received anymore calls.

(203) 680-0017

Shane said

Idk why they keep calling im 14 lmao

(202) 621-0020

Marmaduke said

just called left no message

(801) 214-0030

Melski said

A lady called and left a voicemail on my mobile with a heavy Indian or middle eastern accent. I had to replay the voicemail more than several times to understand what company she was representing and still was unable to get the name of the company she's with, it sounded like she said Banker's Life and she found my resume online and may have a job opportunity. Her phone etiquette was unprofessional as if she was working from home. Repeated the phone number (801) 214-0030 twice for a call back. Being curious, I returned the call to see who answers and what company it is,the phone line did not connect from my end to that number, there was no connections and the call was never successfully connected. If you receive a call from this number, I'd recommend not to answer.

(775) 335-0011

yvonne said

I keep receiving calls from this number. I called back and it says "Our system does not recognize your number". Quit calling me.

(303) 835-0131

KA said

I have gotten calls for 4 days in a row, 1-2 times a day. They never leave a voicemail.

(334) 316-0073


I "won" a $100 gift card. They wanted a credit card number for me to pay $9 for it to be shipped to me. It was not an American on the other end of the line. I could barely understand him. I hung up and called back and it was another foreigner who answered. When I asked how I won the gift card and started asking questions they hung up on me. SCAM!

(717) 371-0120

Carol said

They called at 10:23pm and again at 10:24pm so I got out of bed to see if it was important. Called back, no answer and no message saying it's a business. Called back again this morning only to be sent to the answering machine. I'm sure I don't know anyone in or from Pennsylvania.

(314) 819-0062

ava said

who are you?

(662) 676-0009

Petunia said

They said I had won a reward of some sort. I don't even live there anymore and I don't owe anyone money.

(662) 635-0027

Julie said

(202) 621-0020

TM said

I had a phone message from this number when I got home today. I listened to it and laughed, it was literally a male voice saying "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I'm calling because blah, blah, blah, blah...." What a joke, the guy must have been bored!

(253) 802-0049

DD said

calls then hangs up, could be a call back scam?

(620) 322-0012

CJ said

They have called twice tonight, and everytime I answer, they hang up the phone.

(714) 313-0050

Theo said

Got an unwanted call from this number TWICE ! Left long message in Spanish on my phone. No idea who this is or why the call - checked reverse phone lookup, shows this call originated from Buena Park, CA.

(281) 758-0193

James said

its for an optometrist in cypress tx.

(410) 730-0063

Kelly said

I haven't received any calls from this number; oddly enough though, I CAN tell u who that was. What u choose to do with this info is up to you. Company/Name: Dronenburg William Satinwood Drive Columbia, MD 21044 (Off of Sunny Spring, across from The Hawthorne Center) (410)730-0063

(301) 971-0028

Brian said

Yes got a call from the number and i tried calling back and get a busy signal all the time now.

(727) 498-0151

Ain't Buying It said

Scam Artists!

(603) 809-0170

l said

weird text messages

(805) 331-0039

Joel said

I got one from this number. I don't know anyone in Santa Barbara so, I don't answer.

(347) 512-0092

EG said

Just got a call from this number but left no message.

(212) 221-0030

babsah said

I have received unwanted & harassing calls from both 212-221-0030 & 212-222-4899, 2x a day in the morning and afternoon. Same individual calls

(202) 621-0020

Mel said

I get several calls asking for "terry". Told them there is no one by the name of Terry. Then he said "kiss me, I am your husband", laughed, and hung up. Lots of background noise. Indian accent.

(313) 743-0215

Sho said

They called and said they were from Wayne County Courts but I can't find the number anywhere and they will not answer the phone. They left someone's personal info on my voicemail.

(404) 341-0045

jl said

Bunch of assholes they are

(754) 223-0020

LIZ said

Received call from 754-223-0020 - they did not leave a message. I called back and there is an automated message that I couldn't understand...

(608) 338-0078

Heather said

This number calls twice a day, no voice mail. Does not pick up when I return the call.

(706) 810-0124

liza said

man gave this number on a dating site and is pulling scams

(202) 621-0020

AL said

Have received calls from the 202 area code everyday for the past week. I let the phone ring. If they don't leave a voice message, I will block the number. Also received calls from area codes 321, 786, 855, 586, 877, 716, 254, and 815. No messages were left. I Googled all of the numbers and all were listed as scam numbers. All were blocked.

(571) 271-0103

dre said

Who are they

(404) 341-0045

tired of this shit said

Just called and said my google listing is in danger of being deleted and when i said who the fuck is this they hung up. And you call back it just disconnects call. Bunch of bitches

(405) 646-0035

kathy said

Missed a call and they didn't leave message. Tried to call back and call fails/wont go thru.

(304) 223-0158

cass said

who isthis number

(231) 730-0066

whoisit said

very crazy, who is this person?

(270) 737-0012

DEB said


(262) 506-0063

a good mom said

this women with this number is a dead beat and her and her crazy bf ride around in a semi with an innocent lil girl not letting her attend school!

(203) 517-0041

cat said

Phone call. No message. I called back and heard recorded classical guitar music.

(202) 621-0020

Bobo themuchmalined said

Scam. Told "Steve" I was the Queen of France. And some Other helpful things... He called back twice more to threaten me. Heh.

(956) 202-0227

jc said

This number keeps calling me I need to stop

(567) 258-0009

Jane said

automated call by a male voice with an Indian accent called saying if I did not leave my work aside and call immediately I would be arrested within 45 minutes for fraud

(334) 714-0021

sunflower said

They keep calling me

(715) 768-0097

Daniella said

Ben getting off the wall texts about drugs. Tryed recalling to c who the hell this person was an they won't answer. Left VM that hey dude or dudett u have the wrong person. I don't do drugs dude or sell them or buy them. Stop friken texting me!!!

(602) 322-0206

Sam said

Telemarketing call, said I was selected to receive a "$100 Walmart Gift Card" Reps on the phone all sounded foreign.

(609) 389-0130


The person was a debt collector and was very rude and demanding. I want to find out this company's name.

(210) 251-0259

him said

Its jessica sanchez

(417) 751-0025

D said

Received a txt for an add I had on craigslist. Just repeating what I had for sale. No questions, no offer, just a copy of my add.Hmmm?

(602) 488-1997

Liane Jenkins said

Is a home wrecking whore loves married men

(602) 333-5816

Jim said

farmers insurance co claims dept

(405) 646-0035

SONNY said


(567) 258-0009


Rec'd calls saying similar things. Said I had fraud charges coming against me that the IRS was going to freeze all my assest including checking accts. Strong Indian accent hard to understand. Said this was third notification and they would knocking on the door in 40 minutes. I asked for name to give my lawyer all the guy said was Lawyer, did you go to School?? Weird. Checked with bank said that they would never call. Besides no certified letter or papers were ever served....

(702) 648-0069

nun said

Error. Sorry. Not Walmart.

(702) 645-0069

nun said

Walmart Vision Center

(702) 648-0069

Julie said

This was the Walmart Vision Center.

(702) 552-0081

jim said

calls and leaves no message.

(717) 393-0011

me said from this number and they hung up after about 10 seconds

(214) 579-0144

Monica said

Dont know who this number belonged to so I didnt answer this strange call

(440) 219-0054

Kara said

This number has called me several times over the last few days but never leaves a message or says anything when I pick up the phone. Creepy.

(214) 271-0074

kiki said

Some one call say something about I'm involved in a crime with the Fed im like what the hell

(267) 909-0174

Josh said

Who is this bugging me so early?

(409) 233-0050

Buddy said

I have.....when did you get a call from it and did they say anything??

(813) 835-0145

D said

Sunday night call, rings through to VM, then leaves no message

(313) 728-0065

Sabby said

I received a call stating that he was Comcast and coming by our home. I have no connection. He also stated our address.

(630) 300-0009

Dr Pepper said

It is only Sunday evening and someone on the other end just called me "C**ksucker". I really don't understand the reality anymore.

(202) 621-0020

Rusty said

I received a call last week from this number asking me what time it was "there" and how old I was. When I would repeatedly asked who was calling the oriental sounding male would not answer..I hung up and then blocked this number from my cell phone.

(847) 861-0011

rosie said

hi im rosie

(405) 310-0189

king said

I keep getting calls from this number no one answers

(276) 780-0079

Double Dah said


(276) 780-0079

Duh said

Maybe they should have 'explained' it better.

(310) 361-0035

Beauty said

I received calls everydayon this number.

(302) 404-0029

Car in TX said

I received a text from this phone number and thought it was strange. The so call buyer asked for additional photos, which was weird. Things just didn't add up so I googled the phone number. Thank goodness I did. The text asked if I had a PayPal account I said yes but would rather have a cashier check. I have yet heard a response. Thanks and keep posting to let others aware of this SCAM! Posted on Oct 25, 2014

(316) 742-0194

The truth said

You are the loser, jeff gurski. You were one part of a burglary ring and you also had a taste for arsonist behavior. You arranged the burglary of your employer, Ivarson inc.

(316) 742-0194

The truth said

You are the loser jeff gurski. You were one part of a burglary ring and you also had a taste for arsonist behavior. You arranged the burglary of your employer, Ivarson inc.

(203) 680-0017

mike said

Keep on getting calls and a recorded women voice says its from a cruise line....obviously a scam so watch out!

(270) 635-0018

Anonymous said

This person is listed as having messaged my wife on her cell phone. The conversation was as follows: 9/24 - 270-635-0018 - "ok didnt want to scare you off" -- "so how long have you been divorced" -- "oh ok didnt know" I did not see her side of the conversation...

(208) 283-0099

scorpio said

calls but doesn't leave message. I do not answer calls from numbers and names I am not familiar with.

(202) 621-0020

Jen said

They were from the Federal Government with a $10K grant for me, thich I don't have to pay back, and don't have to pay taxes! She wanted to know if I wanted it in cash, wired to my bank account, or credit card. I told her cash, then she asked me to spell my first and last name. When I said "why don't you tell me", she hung up.

(985) 212-0044

LG said

I got a call from this number 10-24-14. No message.

(337) 392-0019

ANON said

Its City Police Leesville, LA

(602) 220-0002

Joanne said

They are a College Recruiter - which I let her know I was happy with my level of education and that her phone call was insulting. She hung up. =)

(850) 502-0033

Rachel said

I got 3 calls from this number back to back in under 5 minutes. They left no messages on my voice mail either.

(202) 621-0020

nphill said

I got a call from this number today. It was a male voice with a lot of background noise. He threatened me with "I,m coming there and I will kick your ass. He then hung up.

(334) 316-0073

palo alto, ca said

Got a call. Didn't answer. No message was left

(305) 207-0011

Pat said

I already voted no. Don't call me again

(714) 761-0034

Guest said

Scam Offering mortgages Robocaller not using Do Not Call list

(801) 492-0108

ben said

I received a call from this number a couple of times and there's no voice. I can hear noise in the background but then they hang up.

(302) 404-0029

Erica said

I have a car listed for sale in Kansas, I am so glad that I found this post, this number contacted me about my car, seemed legit, asking the right questions, then he asked me for pictures and if I had a paypal acocunt. I thought it was odd since there are 25 pictures on the craigslist ad, so I googled the number and found this site. I told him to lose my number and that he should try to google his own number before contacting anyone else! BEWARE!

(305) 207-0011


I've already voted. I did vote for the amendment 2.

(303) 754-0020

Colette said

It's the AMLI at Inverness apartment building in Englewood, Colorado.

(404) 341-0045


they offer a free security system. Asked what the company name was and they hang up. Scam of course but what REALLY pisses me off is how did they get my number? This is my cell and lately I have had several solicitation calls all scams so how are they getting my number?

(267) 295-0047

tal said

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia..Billing dept.

(805) 278-0008

Shane said

This is a collect call from a correctional facility

(213) 761-0186

Chuck said

This person has left harassing and vulgar messages to my family. He's also called places of work. How this person knows this information is beyond me. I'm filing a police report.

(423) 979-0021


Did not check no call list. Would not give address

(516) 554-0002

hard workin american said

yes 2X called it back and it was a couple of guys that sounded like they worked in the local 7 11 and they gave there names as tom jones and bob smith total scam

(347) 305-0202

Greed is bad said

These guys just scammed my mom. I called them and they yelled at me and hung up. Stay away from them. I'm scared to find out what they did to my mom's computer. They said they were from iFix.

(717) 204-0026

Omg said

Calls late night. They are scammers!!!

(347) 269-0099


its a us federal grants department

(805) 245-0039

Chris said

English lady that sold toffee and sounded like Mrs. Doubfire.

(972) 366-0012

George said

Calls all the time can't leave message to stop calling because mailbox is full!

(979) 823-0085

Mark said

business under new owner

(919) 714-0001

angry said

Just got this call left voice mail message with the caller Id showing up as the local police departments number. said Alex watson lodged a complaint against me and if I did not turn myself in they would come and arrest me, he then gave me this number to call back and speak to alex watson. I called my local sheriffs department and made a formal complaint against this fraud!

(972) 672-0033

susan said

(919) 606-0041

Jill said


(405) 213-0170

Cassie said

It's a sales call from Sirius XM

(205) 419-0014

Blondie said

Good work Condit! Thanks for the information.

(206) 414-0224

Sacramento said said

He stated his name was Jordan Smith from the criminal investigation dept of the IRS.I need to call back immediately because an arrest warrant was being issued for myself and my property due to a federal investigation. He demanded me to call right away so maybe we can stop the warrant......Scam

(314) 817-0047

irritated said said

I do not answer numbers I do not know. Left no message.....$#$#@%$^#^#^#$^#^#^#%@ETwtpwei9a

(205) 419-0014

Codit said

Number belongs to: Dana Beau Pre 342 Lathrop Ave, Birmingham Al 574 Tremor lake Cir, Alabaster Al

(775) 287-0060

tha mac said

Had a text from this number

(202) 621-0020

julie said

I get several a day always get hung up on when i ask how they got my number.

(732) 475-0007

PAUL said


(205) 419-0014

Blondie said

They just tried to scam me too!

(205) 419-0014

Blondie said

This foreigner calls our private home line asking for my husband who does not even use a computer (red flag there) and says they are Windows tech support and they got system errors reported to them and I did not see anything on caller i.d. so I asked for a number that appeared to be wrong 205 149-0014 and when I said a number starting with 1 is wrong so he then reversed it to 205 419-0014 so I call on the other phone and another guy picks up saying he is Windows Tech Support! Now I see they are scam artists as I blocked our number and called back and told them we were going to report them to the FCC and they hung up! The scary part is my computer is down from getting Internet access and I think they caused it!!! Beware everyone!

(417) 499-0011

Mo said

Texted me weird stuff??

(203) 812-0222

john said

(601) 898-0410

qwe said


(314) 675-0139

john said

who is this

(214) 299-0077

jen said

Called me and said awful things to me about myself and my husband. Trying to collect on a debt that does not exist trying to get payment info our of me. Awful people. Ghetto as heck too. Most unprofessional people I've ever had call me in my life.

(818) 317-0071

Linda said

I just did, first one hang up, second time they called back spoke but i couldnt tell who it was.

(818) 317-0071

Linda said

I just did, first one hang up, second time they called back spoke but i couldnt tell who it was.

(813) 863-0096

dr dre said

Like what kind of crazy?

(262) 332-0074


Guy lives in waterford wi,buys items from everywhere.

(760) 851-0027

Corky said

They called and have my voicemail tied up for up to 4 minutes when I hung up. As far as I know, the voicemail is still tied up.

(314) 817-0047

Sannoyed said

Call and leave no message.

(304) 945-0107

Mike said

I have they have called here 2 times in the last hour

(813) 336-0154

Kat said

I don't know who this is and this number keeps calling my son.

(904) 599-0044

Arnetria said

This phone is stolen when was the last call

(305) 562-0192

Bayli said

I don't know who this is and it weirding me out

(269) 477-2235

Blurry said

Answered. They started saying something about a home security system. I don't want one so I hung up.

(269) 477-2266

Jed said

Keeps calling and won't leave a message. Wish they'd stop calling.

(269) 477-2266

Terry said

No message

(404) 387-0108

cha said

Quien es

(717) 204-0026

Dave said

called here, machine answered, no message. (as usual)

(305) 207-0011

C said

Call thanking you for signing the Medical Marijuana petition in Florida months ago. Reminder to vote for Amendment 2.

(269) 352-0102

Dave said

Abusive person.

(715) 523-0027



(316) 251-0042

Renee said

Get several calls a day from this number...even on Sunday's!! I never answer and there is never a message left. So much for the "Do Not Call" Registry.

(262) 421-0185

sue said

do not know this #. Message was "Yo"

(682) 227-0089

Su said

Weird high pitched screaming. Texts that don't make sense. Just a bunch of gibberish.

(706) 580-0050

yeah said

they called my bondsman and said I was SKIPPIN town ..almost got me arrested again. The first time it was a man named kris harold. Connection?

(512) 591-0057

hello said


(970) 535-0120

nancy said

Call claims to Be collections for jcpennies

(337) 532-0040

ava said

some trick!

(410) 360-0016

michael said

Mine claimed to be with an electric company.

(603) 560-0101

G said


(972) 635-0049

Phil said

multiple daily calls with no Msg

(571) 305-0021

Smalls said

(954) 478-0264

George said

I received a call from a lady who claims to be Cynthia and is the new supervisor for ADT in the Hollywood area.

(206) 414-0224

bestinthewest said

here's another option: you can go to the following website specifically for reporting IRS impersonators:

(206) 414-0224

bestinthewest said

hello... call and report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1.800.366.4484 reference:

(850) 640-0031

VenomDG said

Thats fuckin weird because thats my phone number.

(620) 322-0206

ALJ said

I got one too. I didn't answer

(314) 817-0047

Billy said

no message left and when you call it back no answer

(254) 293-0088


something about banking transaction....but you have to press a number for a person.....sandy

(641) 847-0057

gordy said

(248) 661-0041

Christina said

This phone number is Temple Kol Ami.

(409) 771-0048


Yes, at 7am!!

(248) 877-0180

NICK said

(347) 257-0044

Ojo said

Can I have name of owner of this phone number?

(314) 817-0047

Frodo said

The person/company/crook, calls but does not leave any messages. No reason to answer calls from people you do not know.

(313) 879-0083

Dee said

I got a call and called them back and it was not random company claiming i owned them money and I had never heard of them

(304) 357-0142

Lee said

who owns this?

(269) 477-2266

Amena said

They call constantly.

(516) 554-0006

shoshone g said

i just received a call to call this phone number they said im getting 9800 and this sounds too good to be true. should i call the number or not?

(303) 847-0111

Tom said

I get calls from them almost daily. No voicemails or anything. WHO ARE THEY

(608) 226-0080

Richard said

"Amber" selling "stone-coated steel roof." No company name on the caller-ID.

(208) 514-0065

Office Manager said

We have an absentee owner that is a female and when I was asked for a Mr. I replied our owner is a Ms!! He then asked who was running the show here and upon telling him that person was not available he asked for their cell number. I then said I was not at liberty to release that information and was hung up on. He immediately called right back and I answered with the standard greeting Good afternoon.... and got a sigh and was hung up on again! Way to do business folks, think we will pass!!!

(641) 218-0082

Cunter said

i fuck pussy

(608) 783-0083

Pete S said

IT consulting firm trying to sell Microsoft Dynamics

(404) 530-0100

Intown Focus said

Trying to do a rental verification on a potential tenant. Calling this number and it rings 8 times, then it sounds like someone picks up, but nothing is said. Over and over again. Cannot find any info on the company/owner.

(516) 554-0006

Kevin Jones said


(516) 554-0000

Kevin Jones said

Guy with Iranian accent told my husband he has received a government grant for $9800 if he wired $200. Thank god my husband called me first, because he falls for this every time. There is NOOOO government agency out there that will give you free money, grant or otherwise, out of the blue. Do not fall for this, please!!!!! Guy said his name was Kevin Jones and when I called the number back and asked who it was he said George Phillip.

(727) 248-0036

April said

Same thing happened to me. However, I fell for it. Do I asked my local police department and they said it sounded like a scam so then I contacted Microsoft myself and they told me they don't track info from my computer. Needless to say, I went to my bank right away and closed my debit card.

(314) 817-0047


Bad line

(316) 942-0008

JT said

Received a call on 10/16/14 from 316-942-0008. I immediately blocked the call since it was out of state and an unknown number to me.

(717) 204-0026

A said

Fraternal Order of Police - They can't seem to take me off their call list! Years Later!

(973) 731-0017

po said

(956) 202-0168

Pete said

Would like to know who is calling me

(512) 284-0014

Iggie said

I'm a photographer and got a call about a wedding. Told him on my way out of town. Will call back later.

(972) 366-0010


Plz stop calling me

(262) 682-0173

cindy said

just wondering about this number had a few calls and texts from em,,,,,

(240) 882-0124

max said

Who is the owner of this phone number? I keep getting calls from it.

(800) 816-3521

Jonathan said

Some political campaign for the Californina election. Asked to be put on their do not call list but they hung up before I could finish my sentence. Is this some new tactic to avoid me finishing my request? Seems to be getting more common and I'm getting more pissed off at it.

(801) 608-0040

Jock said

No message

(405) 310-0092

California said

WTH is a political call from Oklahoma calling California for?! When we do answer, nothing is ever on the other end!

(313) 449-0046

Heather said

keeps calling with no voicemail

(270) 243-0026

Kelsea said

Missed call and a text but no response

(717) 204-0026

sonny said

calls late at night

(856) 256-6001

Annoyed said

Carpet cleaning company - asked to be put on a do not call list and she hung up abruptly.

(567) 258-0009

Ronn said

They told me that I was going to be arrested in 45 minutes but would not tell me the charge. I started toying with them and told them I was a Cop and then they hung up.

(281) 627-0169

annoyed as always said

received 2 texts from this parasite. 1st What's up! at 2:05pm 2nd Hello at 2:24pm 10/15/2014

(415) 325-0033

stanley said

Yes, keeps calling but I don't answer.

(347) 481-0038



(567) 258-0002

Debbie said

Just received the same message called number back, said call back in 15 min. My representative on another line I ask what company they are with he said we are not a company we are the dept. of legal affairs what a scam!

(714) 782-0032

flaco said

only wants to talk to the owner, and hang up

(313) 989-0055

Captain Detroit said

Continue to call asking for personal information Saying I qualify for a grant to go to college

(347) 871-0147

buddy boy girl said

yeah they called but refused to admit it

(714) 224-0237


This guy is a stalker and calls from different phone numbers. I have no clue who he is

(404) 341-0058

Kevin said

This number has called me to no message ever left, have you answered or called back

(239) 288-0182

Cheryl said

Ask for a co-worker. ????

(315) 391-0163

315 391 0159 said

(405) 310-0092

Debbie26 said

It's a political call. Some lady, who's a dentist, and is running for office. They ask if they can count on your vote.

(303) 200-0055

sick of them calling said

received 4 calls today from this number, about an hour apart, no message left

(405) 310-0092

Debbie said


(954) 699-0033

Anil said

(727) 248-0036

Kitty said

I received two calls back to back from this number. I could not understand her and had to ask for her to repeat what she was saying several times. All I got out of it was that someone was trying to hack into my computer. And she wanted me to turn my computer on (it was on) and she wanted to come into my computer and clean out files from someone. NO way! I hung up.

(303) 200-0055

JR said

who is the nimrod that calls from these frickin' numbers? So annoying!!!

(715) 226-0060

Sue said

I sure domt appreciate this guy calls me on my cell and says " let me ask you a fuckin question" sure as he'll don't like that .... How he got my number?????

(567) 258-0009

Mel said

Scammers beware! Said they were dept of legal affairs.

(316) 804-0012

slut said

family of sluts

(334) 347-0196

Dean said

left no message

(847) 689-0093

Oscar said

I did

(706) 840-0098

paul said

number has shown up on caller id few times, never a message says Marion Furr on caller ID

(646) 397-8847

Christine said

Calls about wanting a nanny.

(715) 952-0138

Christine said

Get calls about needing a Nanny.

(215) 995-0001

mike said

Im not getting calls from this number..your crazy

(214) 661-0056

Yes said

Solicitor for American Kidney Fund

(302) 404-0029

BJ said

WARNING - Also received contact from same number, wanted us to cover movers fees and moneygram fee. Before he sent money to Paypal account. Beware!

(619) 555-6598

Jonathan said

Got another call with an 11 digit number - 61955512566. Just got a click when I answered. Guessing it's the same set of bozos.

(567) 258-0000

md said

Jon left me a voice mail saying the united states treasury is filing a lawsuit against me...weird stuff

(567) 258-0009

Me2 said

Same, threatening then demands call back.

(213) 286-0077

Romel said

Got an unexpected call from this number harassing me by saying i defrauded someone. Guess what, i defrauded no one.

(516) 554-0006


A call came from this number showing up on my phone as 800-111-3344 but when I asked them what is there contact number he gave me 516-554-0006. Stated I was selected for a free grant worth $9000. When I asked him did he know my name, he couldn't tell me. FRAUD!!!!!

(504) 247-0020

Aura said

I got 3 missed calls from this unknown number. I answered and they said is this (xxx) xxx-xxxx I said yes and they said "sorry, wrong number", then hung up. They then called IMMEDIATELY AFTER.

(608) 226-0080

Jay said

When I call this number back, it says the number has been disconnected. Anytime I get a call and the ID says a City and State, 9 times out of 10 they hang up as soon as I answer and when I call the number back it says the number has been disconnected. Nothing can be done about it. Even if you answer and stay silent, you will hear someone, but they will not talk to you. So, I do not understand what their goal is other than maybe to verify that your phone number is to an actual person.

(347) 723-0080

NICK said


(847) 505-0086

Sordita said

Just got a call from this number and my voice mail picked up, but they didn't leave a message. Wonder who this was?

(361) 728-0191

Nath said

Yes, they have called twice today. The first time they left a voice mail but you couldn't make out what they were saying. The next time there was no voice mail

(858) 956-0023

tar said

scums who keep calling are going to get a call from an attorney. They call all of the time on my cell phone and won't stop.

(567) 258-0002

Melynda said

Left a message, male, Indian accent. Said he was with the Dept of Legal Affairs and that we needed to call him back right away or law enforcement would soon be at my door! What a nasty scam message!

(516) 777-0048

dmm said

this is a solicitation call for further education. you get this when you answer yes to an online request for a job.

(858) 956-0023

Hot Buns said

Big Charles called me and at first I was skeptical but his deep smooth buttery voice soon warmed me up to hearing about his goods. After Big Charles helped me pleasure myself on the phone, we then agreed to meet at Appleby's for some midnight eats and desert. I later helped him go bareback on me from behind in the bathroom. Answer this call . . . Ohhh yeah! Love ya Big Char

(440) 219-0061

DaytonFam said

Sandy Hook Promise-about gun violence.

(281) 546-0174

mee said

i need 2 know who this person is

(316) 742-0194

vvizbang said

Someone from this number coaxing guys on to communicate. Undoubtedly some loser looking to scam some poor, unsuspecting, desperate soul. Absolutely pathetic. Get a job you loser

(530) 282-0033

Tonya said

It rang, I said hello and I usually do not take calls I do not recognize, but I just had to deaths that I had gone to school with so I answered, they said nothing at all.

(602) 410-3634

6024103630 said

(347) 204-0102

truth said

This number belongs to Hussain Rahim of Brooklyn, NY.

(254) 627-0053

owner of this phone said

do what?

(641) 980-0100

Mike C. said

Calls my girlfriends daughter and says very very explicit sexual things. Always hangs up when I speak to him. Law enforcement has the information

(858) 956-0023

Patrick said

This number called me i picked up and said hello then they hung up.

(218) 866-0016

Larry said

unknown caller

(404) 369-0100

Delane said

asked if we will complete the 'form' soon?..????

(970) 376-0113

Tim said

Got 2 calls from this number

(775) 473-0090

deb said

Tons of calls, no one ever responds when call is answered.

(215) 487-0050

jacob said


(620) 322-0206

Zayn said

Got a call this morning and i didnt answer but i would like to know who it is

(947) 323-0123

james t said

this number txts me spam.

(717) 271-0013

Angry said

Are the Ephrata, PA state police aware of this?

(609) 496-0063

latoray said

from jr see where you live in bordentown,

(208) 922-0204

Spud in Caldwell said

Ustick Baptise Church, makes unauthorized charges to debit cards.

(626) 454-0054

Bloop said

When did you start receiving calls from that number.

(208) 922-0204

Idaho said

No call. This number just charged my debit card over $100 for the Armor of God, Tolerance for all group. I got an alert on my account.

(256) 493-0027

Jacob said

Whats up

(772) 266-0027



(567) 258-0009

RZR Family said

Left an automated threatening message about legal action and demanded a call back immediately. The automated voice was very choppy, so it was hard to understand everything. Definitely a scam.

(567) 258-0009


Called demanding money and said if they did not relieve it they would report to the local authorities. SCAM!!!!

(856) 256-6001

Donkee said

Carpet cleaning spam, asked to be added to do not call list and they hung up. What donkees!

(302) 404-0029


Thanks this is helpful. Same thing just happened to me. I was asked if I have a paypal account. Next text was I will arrange for a mover to come pickup from your side after you have cash your money out of Paypal.

(323) 898-4092

angrygramma said

This is an illegal telemarketing call from some entity calling itself HOME ENERGY SOLUTIONS. If you call back you get a recording saying that. I can't find a contractor's license for this company or any listings on google. I think it is either a scam or an unlicensed contractor.

(626) 443-0049

Irritated said

I use a program on my phone called TrapCall. It transcribes voice mails when one is left without me being bothered by it. This number called both my cell phone and my husband's. TrapCall transcribed this, and the transcription is not accurate due to the low volume at which the caller spoke. New voicemail transcription from: (626) 443-0049 Temple City CA (10/10/14 1:08 PM) This is a message for _________ call my name is Carla and I'm contacting you on behalf of birth social services

(240) 292-0175

Tina said

That's hilarious, what an idiot.

(206) 414-0034

Genia said

Said he was from Microsoft and had received a msg there was something wrong with my computer. Foreign male voice. I don't own a computer. Beware.

(229) 368-0033

Rachel said

They call, don't say anything, then hang up after 3 seconds. They have called 3 times today already. I am about to snap

(858) 956-0023

Jenny said

They called my cell phone and hung up as soon as I answered. I called right back and some man answered asking who I was and what kind of car insurance I had. Immediately blocked the number after finding this page.

(858) 956-0023

PAW said

I got a call from this number. I didn't recognize it. I called it back and it sounded like they had a TV going in the background.

(214) 281-0011

Peter said

Yes, crazy call from this number. Shows up as a private number. Someone talking in a baby voice.

(610) 762-0164

maggie said

person keeps pranking

(404) 341-0045

SmoothLee said

The FAKE pieces of shits just called trying to get into my home by giving a free security system!!! If they call from this number, PLEASE PLAY ALONE WITH THE BULLSHIT!!! GET THEM TO YOUR HOUSE(NOT IN IT) AND THEN CALL ME SO I CAN COME AND TAKE CARE OF THEIR BITCH ASS!!! 678-764-5262 Trust me, it'll be the time of your life!! You may even be able to get a WHACK out of them also...

(417) 606-0124

Charles said

number keeps bothering me at 3 in the morning

(858) 956-0023

MikeR said

Caller was asking to speak to someone who didn't live at my home. I told the caller he called dialed the wrong number than he proceeded to ask me my name because he wanted to sell me car insurance. I told him my name was irrelevant since he dialed the wrong number. I asked him not to call my home again and the call ended. Than 20 minutes later he calls back, hangs up three times.

(571) 485-0072

Kaithsi Damha said

yes got 2 calls but missed.....

(641) 980-0100

Curt said

Constantly sends lewd text messages to my girlfriend. Coward never replies when we respond. Coward!!!!!

(786) 233-7764

Reet said

You w0-n our c ontest! 786/233/7764 This is the text I received

(801) 822-0120

rick said

Have you received an unwanted call from this number and she ask about light bill not pay cut my light

(787) 281-0116

potro said

Unwanted calls from this number

(352) 484-0218


Called 3 times in a row. It was automatic so I hung up immediately.

(219) 916-0127

Seriously?!? said

IDK who this is but if it's that Psycho bitch Abby Van Etten I am gonna go nuts!

(321) 373-0047

Tey said

Got a phone call from this number -- left no message. Sirius??? (Unsure)

(303) 200-0055

SS said

I have received many call and hangups from this number

(714) 329-0001

Rick said

Odd Text messages from this number. Doubtful it's a prank, I have an east coast area code.

(361) 561-0178

no sales calls said

Number called representing the city of Jacksonville, when I asked their specific URL it wasn't even on the first page of Google results. They wanted me to pay to advertise on their site. They even had the nerve to tell me they got 113 customers wanting my service in town - like they would know calling from Corpus Christy,

(801) 822-0120

Police Chief said

Trying to scam businesses and people threatening to shut off their power if they didn't go make a payment at Rite Aid. This is crazy.

(717) 271-0013

Not Sure said

This is a robo-call from a fake fund raising group. It is a scam. Do not answer. Do not give them money.

(404) 946-0096

Jen said

Missed a call, Google says it's a locksmith company??? But the business no longer exists at their address.

(404) 341-0058

Chrystal said

Calls no message

(602) 251-3131

Adibawa said

Why are these recorded phone calls placed to us & how are they getting our numbers?

(949) 206-0036

idiotheads said

they called me about 10 or 11 times with in 5 mins. they are security somepany for you house.

(919) 714-0001

redhead said

Just received the same call from officer alex Watson , federal police default on loan . never asked for money just said I was default on a loan and a case was being filed tonight in court and get a lawyer. Also mentioned a warrant was out for my arrest. I know this is has to be a scam.

(231) 916-0020

Sarah said

Text received from the above number 10/9/2014 12:25PM: "You must be on cloud nine knowing I'm bummed that my Tigers are out in the first round and your KC Royals are still in the playoffs. Making it farther then (sic) the Tigers :)~"

(858) 956-0023

Vivian said

Received call from this number; I didn't pick up and they didn't leave a message.

(205) 419-0014

ComputerGuy said

This is a scammer trying to install remote control software on your PC.

(440) 219-0051

TC said

Left a messgage, Political call

(303) 915-0163

Jeanne said

Called me twice looking for parts

(949) 599-0026

z said

THIS IS A SCAM!!! She asked if we owned our home still; wanted to show case it after we use their client paints. I asked how you got my personal cell number and information. Could not advise,so I asked for her supervisor. Her response was "is that they way you want it", I responded "yes". She hung up on me. Called the number back several times it rings and goes into a fax line.

(262) 388-0240

anon said

getting calls from this # at 3 am. what # is it?

(818) 527-0109

leo said


(323) 998-8607

Unwanted text said

Harassing with text

(304) 362-0120

dave said

these ppl are idiots

(205) 419-0014

Duck said

Calling in the Athens, GA area posing as a computer service person for Windows....

(847) 701-0032

midwesterner said

dental apt

(404) 200-0054

Emmer said

No info avail. Oh well...probably the Nigerian Minister of Finance calling with my cheque.

(361) 561-0171

shield184 said

Rude telemarketer for an online directory

(334) 546-0206

Stunned said

Yes I received a call from this number last night. They asked who I was and I wouldn't tell them until they told me who they were. They called me a DF and said that I texted them first. I told them that I didn't and so they said BYE! I've been trying to figure out who it was ever since! I don't like being called a DF!

(858) 956-0023

dorothy said

i called them back and talked to "jake" who wanted to sell me insurance. sounded like they were from india

(609) 297-0008

Tall Tony said

Same. They read keywords and then contact you about short term contracts. I've been contacted for jobs that are as short as 3 months long and over 500 miles away from the city I live in. Annoying! Not only that, they try to interview on the phone but don't understand English. I'm all about diversity - BUT COME ON! If we can't communicate, there is no point in speaking!

(609) 297-0008

Tall Tony said

Same. They read keywords and then contact you about short term contracts. I've been contacted for jobs that are as short as 3 months long and over 500 miles away from the city I live in. Annoying! Not only that, they try to interview on the phone but don't understand English. I'm all about diversity - BUT COME ON! If we can't communicate, there is no point in speaking!

(619) 350-7871

Melody said

Called my dad and tried to make my dad give him a cc# for my moms heart medication. My mom just had a heart attack 2 1/2 weeks ago and was still in the hospital. He told my dad that he was her primary dr and needed my dad to buy her some heart pills for 133.00 and demanded a credit card #. Of course my dad didn't give it because my mom was being taken care or at the hospital and thought it was odd that he'd need to buy more meds from another source

(218) 483-0073

Go away said

this guy need to know it is the year 2014, Any one get a call or text from him to e-mail him back at just block his number and for most DO NOT RESPOND HE IS A SCAM.

(202) 905-0002


Get calls from this number all the time. No message. Possible IRS scam call. I do owe taxes, but the real IRS does not call you, they communicate through mail.

(207) 320-0018

Sherlock said

Yes, on my cell all hours.

(717) 483-0176

Teresa said

This number calls late at night. I don't answer that late unless it's family.

(315) 353-0033

Dorothy Hoffman said

I do not know who this number is and I want them to STOP calling me

(516) 325-0039

annoying said

too many calls all hours of the day

(919) 714-0001

wanda said

I just got the same call from and lady said call officer David Cooper and said I have to paid 192.00 bey Friday and every 10 of the until 9O0.00 is paid off for and loan I didn't. Get

(323) 434-0036

Brittney said

Jonathan...Don't call back

(323) 434-0036

Brittney said

Jonathan...Don't call back

(240) 292-0175

accountant said

I have received multiple calls, claiming to be IRS & daily hang up calls. IRS does not call people, they mail notices. They hang up now, but the rude guy mentioned tax debt, which I do not have, and possible jail time, if I didn't pay him. I asked the criminal if this was regarding tax year 2014, and when he said yes, tax years 2010 thru 2014, I could again see it was a scam. Tax year 2014 has not been processed for individuals yet.

(619) 555-6598

Jonathan said

Got multiple calls from this number - actually the caller ID came up as 61955565980 - maybe spoofed because it's too many digits? They called themselves "Golden State Energy". Trying to sell me solar. Ignored my request to put them on their do not call list.

(253) 954-0118

paul said

Dialing (253) 954-0118 & it rings (310)459-9200 only

(214) 448-0155

velia said

cuenta nueva

(269) 477-2235

Miss Re said

Called the first time on 9/6/14. Answered but no response. Called me back 6 more times within a few hours, no response. I get a busy signal when I call. I have been getting at least 3 calls everyday with no response.

(206) 414-0244


We got a call from this number as well, hugs name was Mark Watson. He also claimed he was from the IRS and had a warrant for an arrest. He never asked for any specific person hmmm!! IT'S A SCAM. DON'T CALL THEM BACK!!!,, plus the IRS never contacts you by phone only by mail.

(801) 524-0060

Ciana said

This guy called about fixing something with my computer. After I told him I didn't feel comfortable doing anything since the computer is not actually mine he started telling me that I had a sweet voice and asking when he could call back if he wanted to talk to me again....and he kept pressing for it until I hung up.

(813) 336-0154

Gary said

This number has appeared on phone bill as a text received, but I didn't recieve anything?

(602) 460-5387

Person said

Getting blank calls from this number

(240) 292-0175

debbie said

I have been called from this number and when My husband called from a different number that they called, they hung up right away. They could not find his number in their system. I will be reporting it to the police. This is a scam.

(541) 609-0164

sam said


(206) 414-0244

Tom said

My Wife was scared, because of course Mr. John White said that her husband was involved in a crime and before any measure he will have to talk to me, I told my wife to give me his number, because I was not at home. When I Called was a Magic Jack message, so I was convinced that was a Scam, I left him a rough message and ask him to call me back but he never did !!!

(662) 269-0016


Asked me to confirm that I knew someone that had my last. When I said I didn't she repeated the question then hung up

(727) 248-0036

Sissybuddy said

I received the same call from this women telling me that she works for Microsoft, and I told her that I wasn't the person that she asked for asked me to turn on the computer to get rid of bad files that came from Microsoft, I in return told her that I was recording this call, and she said the same on her end. I said good, and I proceeded to tell her that Microsoft doesn't call anyone regarding these problems, and of course fibbed & told her I worked for Microsoft & she wanted my ID Badge, so I a

(313) 320-0166

officer Garcia LAPD said

This is number is fraud and they will lie about flipping money and rob you everyone please help LAPD locate the name of the individual that stands behind this number and this scam. Any in futher information feel free to contact offficer Garcia @ my personal email

(626) 617-0272

PAH said

this # keeps calling my land line, but never leaves a message

(801) 214-0030

Shaughn said

the caller said my resume was found on Monster, that is cool, but they were calling for Banker's Life jobs, I am an accountant, no caller idea other than number, my fault for answering I guess, blocked now, just kept talking while I was trying to be gracious and leave

(314) 367-0026

sick of the hang ups said

This number calls alot - the caller ID says Sterling Jewelry. When I answer their calls - they are not on the line. It is just silence then we are disconnected. I think they are associated with Kay Jewelers (making the collection calls if you are late on your payments)

(269) 477-2235

MTS said

I received a call on my corporate phone, owned by my company, no message. Called back 10 times in 2 hour time period, Line BUSY!

(334) 477-0164

Chris said

Yep this happened to me too. No message, must be a craigslist scam cause i just had something on craigslist a week ago.

(603) 820-0079

luvbadgals said

Provider is a total scam artist. Do not waste your time or $

(786) 201-0021

BBI said

Sent me a message,

(714) 472-0012

fucku said

Who is this

(206) 414-0053

dj said

some foreign people with American names trying to scam you to buy a vanilla card, put money on the card to prove you can pay, take your money from the card and never give you the loan. great scam. dam Indians.

(620) 669-0205

kev said

It's a fax number for Key Management in Hutchinson- employee Renee Wehremister keeps calling off of it to disguse number- report her please.

(864) 505-0059

sk said

(603) 821-0083

Momma said

Call all the time and hang up before you can get to the phone.

(410) 482-0020

Preshere said

This is a telemarketer for the Maryland State Fraternal Order of Police, seeking donations for their cause.

(386) 366-0054

DL said

Called 3 out of 4 days in a row, doesn't leave a message.

(303) 862-0053

hey said

hello what is your name

(786) 233-7764


Claim winnings

(201) 942-0115

Teresa C said

Transworld Systems?

(520) 208-0228


Shes an escort in Phoenix, Blonde and really nice tits. She was really sweet and definitely made me feel comfortable, Dont usually do these kind of things but I'll, more than likely be calling her again. I liked the fact that she was a little bit older (like 30) I think, her performance showed experience

(650) 555-9856

Pissed said

A day after submitting my resume through TALEO, I got this call from 650-555-9856. This number called my landline and my cellphone. Someone from TALEO is selling phone data sent by jobseekers. I will report this to the FBI and apprehend the perpetrators. I've recorded the IP address of the caller. The caller ID displayed for this number is DIR ASST CA. make a few more calls so that I could narrow down your exact location. Please, call me again!

(786) 233-7764

Katie said

I got a text saying "I took first place" and to call

(662) 298-4862

Grace said

Fraternal Order of Police call for donations.

(717) 271-0013

G said

Call from someone claiming to represent the Fraternal Order of Police. Told him to take me off their list.

(662) 298-4862

jack said

Debt collector

(301) 971-0023

jeanette said

I did said had a delivery from a medical supply hung up

(717) 271-0013

SAL said

Supposedly a state Police fundraiser to help injured police officers, they should shut them down. Do not pay them anything. Scam artists

(240) 292-0175

Margie said

I also received two day. 10/3/14 two messages from that number saying that they are from the IRS saying that I owed money which I don't I called my accounting ..its a fraud number please do not answer or give them any personal information you must notify the police and reported to them let me know what's going on in the area. do not fall for this scam any numbers from the area code 240 and happened to me from the 215 area code I called the police they told me that it is a scam

(608) 785-0067

hi said


(313) 766-0092

Susan said

Convergent Scam Receive calls regularly from this number (and sometimes an 800 number with same name). Call me at least 2 - 3 times per week over last 4 - 6 months. At any time day or evening. I never pick up, they never leave a message. Google search for Convergent Reso and it comes up as a company called Convergent Resources (an outsourcing company). It's a real company that

(214) 612-0002

Dave said

Received call on my office phone. No one on the other line.

(302) 404-0029

Car for sale said

This guy text me (I am in SC) about my car for sale on Craigslist. At first it seemed legit, then he just made a low ball offer. I stated I would feel more comfortable if he actually came and looked at the vehicle before making offers. If he still liked it, we can go to my bank and make an "official" deal. He has yet to respond. From what I can tell this guy is a scammer. And a bad one at that.

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Steve Van Lieshout said

The number is for Tom Hickson. He is a long time friend. I have his e-mail address and phone number. I am looking for his mailing address for Christmas cards, etc.

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Jen said

Said they are going to get a warrant for my arrest.

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GY said

I just got the call and demanded to know who this was. He gave me some ID # and told me I would get a local sheriff to deliver the complaint. This is the second time I got a call and so far no sheriff has shown up. I am going to contact the IRS about this number to check into it.

(240) 292-0175

Chief Thom said

I have been getting a series of scam calls and now adding this number to it. I know for a fact I do not owe IRS a penny; and I know that if they wanted to reach me they would not robo-call me from a machine...would be in person.

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D said

Yup. He calls and hangs up. Just another guy with no life.

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Albert said

He said he was calling on a recorded line, then he said he was calling regarding information I had requested about continuing my education. I said I never requested any info then I asked for his name. He hung up.

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That girl said

Full of crap trick

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KP said

Calls multiple times a day then hangs up when it gets my answering machine.

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gj said

Who is this

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Joe said

Scammer call trying to steal identity and CC numbers

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usmarshall said

This guy is a twisted sexually deviant sicko..........he sexually assaulted my girlfriend at work. Be careful if he calls you, and beat his ass. Im planning on it soon !!!

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Amy said

I received three calls and three messages I could not understand from this number.