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(214) 271-0074

Ana said

I got a call from this number not too long ago and that's why I googled it and found that this person has been calling other people. well it was a creepy guy and he said that he had a crush on me and he like the way my hair was and he likes the way i looked but he didn't like the way I walked that was okay because we should change that. It was so freaking creepy.

(850) 933-0098

nanalite said

told me that my t-Mobile bill payment had bounced. told him it would never happen and to fix his computer..He said they would have shut phone off. I told him it would never happen and reported it. This is so horrible. Imagine all the people who have paid the guy..I wonder what he would have said if I asked him How much the amount is..hmmmmm

(347) 667-0131

Curicat said

Sent me a text asking for pics

(707) 590-2413

kevin said

Got a text that said they had a video for me at this site, never seen this number before

(518) 915-0003

Martin said

(818) 296-0004

jose said


(801) 718-0102


Made an appt with me twice no show , both times

(856) 334-0010

radd67 said

get text on wifi hotspot is a debt collection company or so it says.

(954) 530-0093

Roy said

This person keeps calling and not leaving a voicemail. What gives?

(407) 530-1013

Gary said

Have had this call twice, referring to some sort of rewards program... I myself don't get involved in providing numbers to retailers at register or otherwise, just for this reason. The caller refers herself as Lisa.

(256) 777-0047

Roger M said

they keep calling and calling, please STOP THEM

(361) 208-0042

Shane said

Finally answered this call and the guy said he was from a collections dept concerning late payments on a 2013 chevy 1500 2500 HD pickup. I don't even own a truck but I drive a company truck that is a 2500hd. I asked him for the license plate number and he gave me a fake vin. I asked again for the plate number and he gave me my zip code. I asked 1 last time for a license plate number and he finally hung up after a few seconds pause.

(919) 714-0001

Kesha West said

Called said I had a warrant I told him I work in the warrants division I live in Arkansas

(603) 563-0141

Shani said

Who is calling my phone with this number?

(717) 561-0204

Lee said

Said we had called this number, we don't think we have.

(708) 391-0005

Oli said

If these calls are made you your cell, please register your phone number on the Federal do no call list, then you will be able to file a complaint against them, here: I just filed mine.

(225) 395-0007

Felicia said

I got a call but I didn't answer

(361) 208-0061

summer said

unknown # - no message....

(801) 316-0002

Brandon said

I've had 3 calls in 24 hours from this number, and 2 last week. I never answer.

(567) 263-0001

gene said

(843) 649-0003

Tommy Boy said

they said they were a collection agent

(919) 714-0001

micky said

Got a robo call that said there was a federal warrant out for my arrest and to call this number back (919-714-0001) and ask for David Berkin. First off they don't use robo callers to contact people about a warrant. Secondly, they didn't even identify a state/locality which is ridiculous. The spoken English was improper which was another tell. Don't call back!!! Just ignore - it's a SCAM!

(954) 324-8800

KLA said

Got a call yesterday from them in the middle of a school function :-O and again today at the same time from Sophia with some travel place that i have a credit. This "type" of call i have recieved before and blocked their number.... now they have a NEW number to call from. I told this lady to put me on their do not call list! im sure there is none and they will call again from a different number after i block this one AGAIN! What pests!

(954) 324-8800

kLA said

Same here! and i keep blocking and they keep calling a couple of months later..

(469) 335-7811

Bill said

BEWARE. Terrible customer service. Nothing but lies. Fake photos. You won't get the girls the time OR the show or upgrades you pay for. All a scam.

(512) 387-4000

William said

BEWARE. SCAM Don't call these strippers. They are total con artists. Fake photos and fat chicks. Threatened to call cops and say we were trying to kidnap them unless we paid them anyway when they showed up. Google all of these companies are the SAME PERSON. She moves around trying to hide from get scam. BEWARE.

(609) 945-0090

Dez said

They called, I said hello a couple times, waited and nothing was said. 15-30 seconds later they hung up.

(602) 265-7187

Tommyboy said

Another un-trackable number without having to pay a service won't leave a message so hell with them

(904) 474-0008

Bill said

called a few times no message

(720) 987-0003

Bill said

who are u

(512) 387-4000

.Devon said

Beware and avoid. Ruined our party. Not as advertised. No refunds given. Terrible customer service.

(512) 387-4000

Ryan said

SCAM. Avoid this business. Said they were independent, then turns out to be an agency from out of town. LIES. Unattractive. Waste of Time. Avoid my mistake

(858) 437-5173

Dilbert said

They call and call but never leave a message.

(530) 784-0129

brc said

this phone was stolen

(972) 502-0044

poop said

(516) 232-0007

prince said

Looking up a business address for this number

(269) 932-0055

EbonMuse said

Creepy calls from this number. Knew my name and such.

(562) 794-0232

sr said

whos business number is this they called me and I did not pick up and they did not leave a message???

(971) 272-0004

uk said

whos is this

(315) 284-0049

Debi said

Was calling about financing a home. Call only lasted a little over a minute. They disconnected, not me. Redialed phone number and was told that they got my info off of a website.

(919) 714-0001

ky man said

well I got a call today I was on the other line so they left a voice message. said they were calling from the Kentucky State Sheriff's Department, if anyone knows anything about Kentucky is the Kentucky State Police and each county has its own sheriff's department named after the county. nevertheless the gentleman's name was Watson and headed some rather disturbing news for me that there was a federal warrant out for me if I didn't surrender to my local Kentucky State Sheriff's Department said they would come to my residence or my place of employment. Needless to say the gentleman had a Middle Eastern accent and why would a call come through from North Carolina if my local department had a warrant for me something needs to be done about this this is just getting ridiculous.

(361) 208-0061

Joe said

Same thing happened. Have received this call a couple of times before and same thing keeps happening too.

(801) 674-0088

MAC said


(405) 646-0061

LJ said

Multiple calls. Just hung up as soon as I answer.

(972) 259-0024

Jay said

General Electric home security - cold calling spam spam spam!

(806) 777-0003


Called. No message

(806) 777-0003

Shmuck said

yes I didn't answer it I blocked them. Next!!

(806) 777-0003

Gravix said

They can help me lower my credit cards interest rates! But I don't have a credit card. When I asked about the account information to find out if I am a victim of fraud, he hung up on me. Calling it goes to a personal voice mail box.

(808) 757-0191

trickyricky said

no answer

(253) 655-0252

Angie said

Keep getting calls from this number

(201) 788-2581

Lauren said

Caller is always asking for money to ship a car into the USA

(281) 791-0090

Audrey said

No one said anything.

(314) 471-0089

dave said

hangs up

(859) 916-0040

black said

Horrible person

(859) 916-0040

Anonymous Lady said

Obscene calls from this number.

(919) 714-0001

TP said

LOL just got a call from 911....ummm why is 911 calling any who...the non speaking english man on the phone asked if i recieved papers from officer alex watson...interesting being the fact that I am an officer i didnt recieve he would not tell me what it was about and told me to call Officer Watson. I laughed and decided I'll give ol' Watson a call to humor myself since i was told i have a didnt know us in law enforcement called people about warrants.. sure as hell know my dept doesnt. LOL so i called ol' watson and he put me on hold. I didnt hang on long enough to laugh at him...SMH what a shame!

(801) 335-0018

bm said

Also getting calls from: 801-701-1897 801-829-9157 801-203-4813 About 2 minutes apart on Friday, and now again on Monday.

(602) 206-3779

Stef said

Called me at 5 am... Lame

(601) 686-0003

jimm said

this number calling me its a strange number

(813) 610-0005

Michele said

Got a "happy mother's day" from this number...will not respond back, now that I see Jonathan gets a lot of calls from this number. Thanks

(206) 319-0042

gbandy said

Automated call stating they are IRS and I need to contact them. Obviously a scam as IRS handles business by US Mail S

(978) 631-0012

Mom said

Call came in, said hello and they hung up.

(801) 214-0046

Tiffany said

Asked if I still wanted a full time job, but no company name was given.

(281) 581-0041


Could not totally understand the woman - had accent. But something about being picked up if I did not call attorney. I take it to be a SCAM.

(210) 529-0047

boomer said

(877) 997-7779

Bill said

Avoid this business people. Having been around the block and experienced bachelor party services in different states from different companies trust me when I tell you this agency is the WORST. I expect a couple lies due to the nature of the business. But with these women EVERYTHING was a LIE. It was the WORST I or anyone else there had ever experienced. Terrible show. Terrible dancers. Terrible agency. Terrible customer service.

(941) 866-0266

Pennsylvania said

Received call from this number on 5-6-2015, foreign voice said my personal loan had been approved and I was to call this number back. Foreign voice sounded like India. I did not call number back. I have not requested a personal loan, will be checking my credit reports for any suspicious activity. Be aware

(254) 293-0069

Quissi said

Says it's in reference to a legal matter that may result in judgement, garnishment of wages, press 1 for immediate service or call a different number.

(203) 680-0043

Laura said

got an unexplained call from this number - no message left.

(850) 933-0098

Jim said

Caller said he was from AT&T that my phone bill was past due. Said they had emailed me and texted me and had not received payment. I told him that I paid the balance in full on line and that it had cleared my bank. He said the payment didn't go through. I told him I would check and hung up. Checked with AT&T - it's a scam.

(918) 212-0004


pretty sure this "company" is trying to scam me currently.

(706) 325-0079

Person said

Asked if I was still looking for a great dane, not the first text I have received asking that.

(314) 275-0106


Caller identifies herself as being with RCS Shipping Innovations, and needs to get you in touch w/ her supervisor, who then proceeds to say that the initial caller was mistaken, and should have said "shipping department". Then wants a physical address to ship out a Cardinals gift package.

(877) 997-7779

Geoff said

Bait and switch Internet scam. None of those girls should be stripping for a living. They showed up not matching their fake pics and tried to scam us into still giving them the money by saying they'd call cops and tell them we were trying to kidnap them. Con artists. I told them to go ahead and call as door was wide open they could leave anytime. The woman on the phone is their ring leader in this scam. Total R.O.B. Don't call this number for nothing.

(304) 841-0231

kevin said

rings a few times then stops before i can answer i dont know who it is but it is annoying

(256) 670-0051

sasmith said

Getting a call every morning between 8 and 9 am. No one on the line; so probably a robo call. Irritating.

(512) 915-9932

Chris said

Caller calls constantly. No voicemail. Likely a scam/phishing number used by a con-artist. Watch out folks.

(512) 740-0076

Joseph said

Really SHADY characters calling from this number. They called me, I didn't answer. They immediately sent a text saying "call me". I called back and a young males answered "What’s-up". I said I don't know, you called me. The young man said that he didn't remember why he called and said he would call back. Sixty seconds later a got another call. I immediately answered and and my surprise I had a different male on the phone with a deeper voice that said "What’s up Jay". I said my name wasn't Jay and he said, "sorry, wrong number" and hung up. They were calling on a Sprint mobile phone.

(425) 951-0015

Average Citizen said

My friend said this guy called and stated he was from a collection agency...Name more and hung up after being nasty and did not give a company assoc with. Debt supposedly 9 yrs old yet never heard or seen any notice of such debt and proceeds to elicit where person works and announces Co. going to start garnishing wages. ?????

(847) 528-0102

Bothered said

Lots of calls, no message sent and when you call the number back, an automated machine asks you to leave a message.

(877) 997-7779

Alan said

Watch Out Con-Artist! Will sell you a load of bull and not deliver. They will take your money and run. Protect yourselves. AVOID.

(212) 877-0113

omg said

Call to our business 800 number 1 A.M.- there's something I cannot tolerate!!

(985) 381-0034

metal said

(414) 365-0000

Grandmommy said

Called and said they were from windows. Calling at 8:10 in the am. not cool

(972) 213-0026

LisaB said


(702) 448-0147

kim said

I truly believe something is mentally wrong with this guy

(404) 720-0015


called during supper. NOMOROBO caught it. Hopefully all these underachievers will become obsolete. NOMOROBO rules, telemarketers drool.

(818) 253-1203

Clara said

Whats this tel number?

(877) 997-7779

Paul said

SCAM! Rip Off Alert! Watch out for this company. They get you in with fake pics then send you ugly chicks. No refund given by this shady company after. Thieves! Watch out!

(603) 350-0073

Jack Hole said

I called it back. A guy named Owen answered. He said it was the Economic Relief Center. They somehow obtain local area codes so that it looks like it is someone local when in fact they are from Cal. or NY This one looked like it was coming from Milton NH

(925) 522-5421

Jonathan said

Got a text which purported to be from Craigslist directing me to This is not part of the real craigslist site - Symantec listed as a known spammer.

(412) 489-0004

kelly said

they said there debt collection for student loans i owe

(567) 340-0016

James Neff said

I got a call from this number about 4 weeks ago. They said they were an asset recovery company and that I had probate money that was due to me. It was from my aunt who passed away 2 years ago, who left me $20K. Last week everything was finalized with their attorney and I got my check in the mail. They were awesome!! If anyone gets a call from this number you've got money coming your way.

(949) 208-0024

EGC said

They claim to be called Better Business Bureau and that they have a certified check for you for 1.1 million dollars with a bonus of $26,000.00 in cash. To get the check you have to pay insurance for $599.00 and your check would be deliovered the next day plus $26,000.00 in cash. The check comes from a raffle in which I was a winner, my name was obtained from a purchase made at a major outlet. The mans name is (David McAllister), I did not believe him and I think it is a SCAM som I declined the offer and hung up.

(520) 265-8772

Christie said

I just wanna know who called

(877) 997-7779

Drew said

BEWARE! Scam business! RIP OFF!! Avoid at all costs. Terrible. Will take your money and then not deliver as promised.

(706) 809-0108

Crossman said

This bitch is crazy...

(516) 684-0078

C said

Calls two or three times a day. Recently started. Spam call! I am on the Do Not Disturb Register so the only calls I get....are ones that I am familiar with and/or legit business calls!

(413) 424-0021

Scam Investigator said

This is a scam if you get a call from this number HANG UP, and report this to the police right away.

(361) 208-0042


Asked for me by name. Once confirmed. He hung up.

(708) 391-0005

JB said

Why call me if you don't even say anything ? I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND

(803) 207-0006

Jeff said

Just wanted to know who it was and why they had called me

(319) 693-0006

Do not answer said

Called 2x on a Sunday. Left no message. I know no one nor business in Iowa. I suggest no one answer this number if this happens to you. It's not worth your valuable personal time!

(408) 804-0000

Cheryl Brown said

(408) 804-0004

Cheryl Brown said

I am calling this number to let you know that Cheryl Brown is going to Disneyland with her field trip classes this year for May 3, 2015. I will not go to Disneyland this year is that because Michael Arroyo or Seon Abrahams don't have enough money to make any payments for these three deposits of $255.00 and $200.00 for the total cost of my Disneyland Field Trip with my Gavilan College Career Prep classmates and teachers. So, I have to wait for 2 more years until May 2017 when Michael Arroyo or Seon Abrahams have enough money like $600.00, then I am allowed to go with my Gavilan College Career Prep classmates and teachers to the Disneyland Field Trip. Thank You, Cheryl Brown

(408) 804-0004

Cheryl Brown said

(347) 352-0056

David said

There is a lady call to my phone with the Voice seem to be like Asian (Vietnamese or Chinese) that she told me:"I HAVE A WARRANT ARRESTED for TAX problem". I thought she can cheat the other person who is not understanding about the TAX law. I can tell you that the IRS will be sent to you the Notice or letter if you have any problems on your tax within 5 years. Remember, IRS never call you. So, be careful from now on. There are a lot of people who came from the Asia country No Uneducation, No Jobs .etc. They are always CHEATING and DISHONEST..

(805) 322-0025

Jt said

Not a nasty call but it autodialed me 17 times in two hours

(985) 218-0066

JP said

i ask who is this and they say something about " oh thats another department!" and hang up! ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(805) 538-0072

Ashley said

This is my cell number. I think someone is using my phone number and email without my knowledge

(603) 965-0114


may be a scam

(980) 223-0047

scam popo said

scam call

(760) 265-0015

Elmo said

text received.."what did you do?"

(847) 388-0179

rodney said

very abusive caller

(704) 266-0000


I have no idea who this call is from but they have called here 3 times today.

(904) 504-0044

Max said

this is not the real number it is a spoof number that someone hacked . I had it traced.

(415) 802-2987

Don said

Do Not answer your phone or call back. Its a scam. File a complaint with your local police dept.

(347) 352-0056

JT said

IRS Scam caller from this number.

(315) 215-0194

CPA said

Fraudulent IRS scheme call stating that IRS would file suit against me if I did not respond. IRS does not call they only send letters. Beware!!

(317) 657-0011

Bugged said

This number calls at random times over the past two weeks. Some at noon, some at 2:30, some at 5:30. I can get calls twice in the same day. I can do 3-4 days without a call. I never answer. This phone number is on a "Fake Info" site where someone has posted the number with false names and credit card numbers to see who is using it. On a whim, I call the number one night and blocked my calling number. An older guy, who was confused, answered the call. He had no clue his number was getting used. Don't answer this, it can't be good.

(314) 817-0047

ET said

it's for continuing education. They say they got your name off-line, from a form you filled out. I never filled out a form. And I am 71 years old. Retired, like I need continuing education.

(313) 230-0002

Ruu said

I keep getting calls from this number almost every day.

(567) 269-0019

confused said

I have been getting calls everyday to my home and cell phone from this number. I asked them not to call back and they still do. Then got angry when I said I was not interested.

(347) 352-0056

melisa said

Got a call from this number, SCAM.

(203) 680-0034

JayMackG said

Telemarketing call from "Holiday Cruise Lines" reportedly selling unsold cabins on cruise ships puportedly at discount prices.

(908) 310-0103

andy said

(469) 335-7811

Robert said

SCAM. Rip OFF. Watch OUT. They will send you fake pics. Girls that show up are terrible. Told me if I didn't pay them the "door fee" they would call the cops and say we tried to kidnap them.

(714) 881-0204

asdfadf said

(229) 207-0069

Art said

I believe it is against the law to impersonate a lawyer. They call from all over the country, but I have yet to get a call from the real Matthew Thomas & Associates located in Hutchison, Kansas. All the calls I've gotten and return call numbers I've been given are everywhere but Kansas. They say they are calling about a file on their desk, but never what it relates to. These people belong in prison.

(515) 758-0235


received a call from this number. No message.

(701) 253-0019


They call every day.

(718) 679-0002

celaya said

(662) 388-0006

Tiffany said

I tried calling this number back but it seems like a fax machine

(405) 646-0061

ashley said

Keeps calling won't leave message

(323) 843-0007

RC said

Have now received 2 calls from this number, no message. When I called it back to see who called, got a recording that it is not a working number & to please check & try my call again!!

(662) 388-0006

Lucy said

I received numerous calls from this number. Thinking it was an emergency call I tried calling it back it rings, then sounds like it is a fax machine and then says it is no longer in service. I wish it was away to stop all these annoying calls.

(256) 599-6599

Anonymous said

This number called multiple times, left no message.

(214) 530-0033

Karen said

Same for me. I was getting Car Ins quotes, but this number continues to call and there is no one on the line.

(270) 363-6211

Consumer said

Be careful!!! Saving a few dollars might cost you thousands? Check for insurance coverage etc...

(405) 253-0005


Credit score helper. Company helps you get out of debt. Lexington Law

(803) 577-0005

titites said

i have been receiving many messages from this man/woman I don't know who they are, I am terrified for my life. they seem nice but idk. lol idk bye ;)

(708) 391-0005

Vince said

this is for some vehicle protection. you try and tell them you have it already and they hang up the phone before you can do so. when you call the number back, like the others before, you try to take your name off the call list and it just loops back to the original message

(203) 680-0034

Bob said

Is this a spam for cruise line?

(954) 324-8800

Deb said

Time share cruise package. They call one after another. I blocked the number and had a quite time for about 90 days but they have started back up. Just a scam and I ignore the calls now. They threatened to charge my credit card for a cruise that i did not purchase or take, yada yada yada. I told them to go ahead since they didn't have one on file. God bless them.

(253) 777-0165

Brady said

I have on my cell. They want to verify information but wont disclose who they are or what the call is about until you verify info. I hung up and black listed the number.

(617) 510-0002

nick said

My name is nick scarfo. this is my number.

(626) 500-3481

me said

whats up

(512) 893-9740

Sister said

the text message only this: "Sending you video... http:// pxwazfq2P/349 I started to open it, but closed right away. We thought it may have been a relative from Texas. It was an application for glide something.

(512) 508-0006

AP Austin said

This caller is calling me and asking me when they can set up an appointment after I've clearly shown that I'm not interested in seeing this individual, even after quoting them and outrageous hourly price as well as unrealistic booking requests. They continue to send me "?'s" and say hello are you there? Seems to be just responding to get a rise out of me at this point which is why am no longer responding.

(701) 253-0019

Pissed off and Threa said

Called my phone and told me "You're gonna die tonight." The laughed into the phone repeatedly.

(917) 463-0016

Ridiculous said

This idiot called me 5 times in a row within 10 minutes at my work.

(253) 302-0058

manny said

The guy who answers this linevis a scammer...Casey. He states he does minors car body repairs...but the quality of his work is poor...he advertises in the puyallup myhometownvalues magazine...fake

(253) 302-0058

manny said

The guy who answers this linevis a scammer...Casey. He states he does minors car body repairs...but the quality of his work is poor...he advertises in the puyallup myhometownvalues magazine...fake

(240) 313-0099

Amanda said

Calling me

(701) 253-0019

pissed off said

This number has called my phone over and over again... finally picked up to tell them to f-off. I saud hello they said my I speak **name** I said yes this is her and they hung up. F*** Off, Aholes. get a real flippin job.

(814) 240-0035

Peggy said

They call and dont say anythng, and this isn't the first time they called

(240) 753-0171

240552164 said

(702) 536-0165

613 said

Its a fishing service number. They are seeing if your number works so they can put you on a call list

(281) 451-0161

Fork Lift Company said

Our phones were forwarded to this number when we came into work. They called our phone company pretending to be an employee here and had the phones forwarded after close of business.

(972) 635-0049



(602) 750-0024

Tom said

Left 20 second VM message, all breathing sounds.

(361) 208-0061

Manny said

Left no message, we do not know this telephone number.

(267) 878-0011

me said

need address

(858) 380-0001

Sharon said

yes. This company - Mitchell Intl, also calls me 5 times a day from their other number - 972-428-0211 keeps trying to fax something about 5 times a day. I called the 972 number back and it got a recording it was disconnected.

(386) 532-0061

Rick said

What is this gys name?

(386) 532-0061



(208) 777-0133

noneya said

It's a coffee stand in post falls Idaho.

(254) 350-0027


Got a text from this number. It said I'll be sending more videos and had a web address on it

(212) 658-0190

Joe won't stop calli said

This person keeps calling off an antiquated phone list. I've asked to be removed from their list but I keep getting calls. If their systems are too poor to accurately update their do not call list, should you trust them with financial issues?

(567) 269-0019

Rafael said

This number is a scam. Its a scamer company with a Pakistani and Americans too. They call you and fake that they are First Mutual Finance company and offer loans till $10000 but they charge you the insurance fee around $267 dollars before they deposit the loan on your account. I just discover because i called the "Real" First Mutual Finance company and the lady told me is to not give money to those people because they not associated with us. We do not offer personal loans. They are a scam. People wake up nobody offers money in the phone. Don't give then any information

(202) 656-0005


says he's from the us treasury dept. and I have been given a lot of $$$. It is definitely a scam!

(404) 720-0015


answering machine picked up...lady on other end "my I speak to Susan", then phone disconnected. I called the number on my caller id and got a message saying that number is no longer in service...seriously??

(515) 370-0032


I'm on a golfing list. I don't golf.

(310) 361-0028

cgirl said

just a 2 second voicemail on my cell... "Hi dare" think it was foreign speaking individual trying for Hi There, but came out as Hi Dare... nothing else, but I could hear callling center chatter in the background.

(304) 841-0231

AnnoyingPeopleCall said

Yes, and they only ring once or half a ring. This is nothing but harassment. A job would prevent these children from playing their little childish games.

(404) 979-0083

paul said

We also received a call from this number claiming to be Verizon calling about account closure.

(919) 714-0001

Richard said

I will surrender to my county at breakfast.

(701) 253-0019

Annoyed said

I have received calls all day. Usually I don't answer them but I thought it might be important. When I answered it is dead.

(980) 223-0047

Monodb said

Hung up.

(701) 253-0019

kkaa said

fraud.....trying to say you owe money and to send money reporting to fbi

(925) 783-0004

Annoyed said

Received 31 calls from this number to my cell phone in past 48 hours. Just blocked it on Verizon account.

(206) 615-0010

nick said

got a call,when i call back it hands up on me

(704) 264-0004

MJP said

Got a VM from Ashley who called me by my first name. Started to say she was senior accountant and then was cut off.

(704) 264-0004

munchkin said

It answered when I called back said for agent press 1 to remove from calling list press 2. Didn't sound like a ligit place but we will see. It was muffled as well.

(800) 580-9506

Chris said

Scam Alert! Fraud Scam Warning by Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie, Millennium Transport & Mechanics, INC. Scam Alert! are Frauds, Scams, and Cons Company. They like to scam people who need roadside assistance scams, truck repair scam, semi truck scam, diesel truck repair scam, auto shipping scam, towing scam, car transport scam, shipping scams, they will do what ever it's take to get your money and let you all over again high bill to the actual service provider. (877)783-2029 or (800) 580-9506 of New York, are AKA 1800-IMSTUCK INC, 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING INC and now Millennium Transport & Mechanics, INC notorious scammers. stolen millions of dollars using "strings," tactics phony truck repair shop / breakdown services operations, to con drivers

(877) 783-2029

Millennium Transport said

Scam Alert! Fraud Scam Warning by Steven Imperato, Melany Pouchie, Millennium Transport & Mechanics, INC. Scam Alert! are Frauds, Scams, and Cons Company. They like to scam people who need roadside assistance scams, truck repair scam, semi truck scam, diesel truck repair scam, auto shipping scam, towing scam, car transport scam, shipping scams, they will do what ever it's take to get your money and let you all over again high bill to the actual service provider. (877)783-2029 or (800) 580-9506 of New York, are AKA 1800-IMSTUCK INC, 24HR MOBILE DIESEL REPAIRS & TOWING INC and now Millennium Transport & Mechanics, INC notorious scammers. stolen millions of dollars using "strings," tactics phony truck repair shop / breakdown services operations. be careful

(203) 608-0027

Louise said

They called several times around 4:45am. When I aswered I was pretty mad and told the person on the line not to call that early and not to call again. They keep calling every two days.

(208) 914-0218

LaRee said

(208)914-0223 called our business. Want to know if this was (business name)?, was (owner's first and last name) the owner? Was (owner) the only employee? When I asked what this was all about, they hung up.

(985) 218-0066

Yo said

No one says anything

(205) 221-0193

D said

this is a loan company from jasper,al,if somebody gets a loan and give your number they call you if they cant get a hold of them

(847) 457-0039

gijanex4 said

been receiving a lot of calls from this number just today alone one at 10:02, 10:04,10:06 and again at 10:08 never leaves a message I don't answer calls from unknown numbers and I don't return calls from ones that refuse to leave a message but will repeatedly call.

(352) 287-0273

Frank said


(530) 570-0011


Single ring at 9:00 pm then hang up.

(530) 570-0011


Single ring at 9:00 pm then hang up.

(210) 399-0074

X said


(623) 234-0005

Mal said

lots of rude/threatening phone calls from this number

(949) 599-0025

Enough of this said

The number shows up as 949-599-025 and no message, just calls after calls after calls. I won't answer if I don't recognize the number.

(516) 684-0099

marc said

Called about vehicle warranty. Advised I was on do not call list, male caller insisted I had asked for information - I had not.

(956) 202-0227

R SAID said


(702) 620-0024

Texas T said

I received the text and they said that they got my resume from a friend, now honestly my friends do not have any access to my resume. So this number has been blocked because they did not bother to call bust a text asking id this _______ and that was all.

(347) 666-0168

idiot said

Never call me again

(210) 392-0172

Olio said

(360) 208-0030



(202) 609-7786

wes said

Calls everyday from this number. Debt collection on old expired debt.

(917) 463-0016


I receive a call from them at least once per day. They are a graphic design company out of New York. The woman is pleasant, but won't leave a message for the person she wants to talk to. She just keeps calling back despite my telling her that it's best to leave a message rather than continuously calling back.

(847) 212-0010

Tired of This Nonsen said

This company is an Ad Agency. They call ads online, pretend to be looking for an apartment, ask for all the pertinent information that actually appears in the ad. Once you confirm it, they will send you a nice bill in the mail stating that you placed an ad with their company.

(405) 213-0127

Marla said

This number calls almost daily and never will leave a message. I have no idea who is calling, but find it very irritating.

(203) 901-0019

Kaye said

I received three calls from them asking for my daughter. they were talking about a job. I said you have the wrong number, my daughter has not live with me over 10yrs.But they call back 5,days later speaking with a thick accent as usual. I ask him not to call back, he tried say good by but as though he thought he was talking to my daughter. I Think they are spoof calls and scammers.

(717) 241-5200

wolfgang said

Harassing calls from this number (717) 241-5200.

(717) 961-0007

Josh said

I looked up this number 717-961-0007 and it came back under several cars for sale listing by David Feldgus of Crazy Cars LLC in Carlisle Pennsylvania, 154 Spring Road 717-241-5200.

(717) 961-0007

me said

Got repeatitive calls from this number and kept on hanging up everytime I answered, SO STRANGED.

(847) 336-0204

Dori said

Caller ID says Hagerman. They've started to call three times a day and never leave a message. This started 3 days ago.

(850) 933-0098

Anonymous said

Date: 4/15/15 One of my family members was recently scammed by this number. The caller claimed to be a representative from Verizon following up on an overdue phone bill (that was already paid). Hopefully others do not fall victim to this.

(801) 822-0148

Marc said

This is a scam! This number has been calling businesses since December 2014 with the same story, you owe money to the local power company and you have to pay or power will be shut off within one hour. They just called my business here in Florida, I checked my account to make sure it was current, and called them out on the fraud. I told them I was reporting the call immediately and the guy called me a snitch. Seriously? Do not pay these people! Hang up and report it to the FTC. They have an easy online reporting form for this kind of thing.

(954) 324-8800

Dang said

In 2005, I received an ad through fax at work for a vacation to Florida. I paid $400 for a trip to Florida, and was never able to use it. BEWARE: this is a scam! They call me every 6 months since 2005! Just don't pick up the phone when you see numbers from this area code.

(701) 253-0051


called and left no message on answering machine

(862) 206-0041

Manny said

(702) 620-0024


I received a random text from this number asking my name (in all CAPS as if it were copied and pasted from a list somewhere). Then I was texted this message: "Good day , Hope you are doing well, I am Joji Sekhon Gill i am the Human Resources Director of (Fortis Healthcare Limited) , i am contacting you in regards your resume posted to our head dept , Kindly Reply Back if Interested. :)" People, this is likely a fraudulent inquiry fishing for private information. I wouldn't respond or confirm any personal information to this "HR Director" who feels that texting is an appropriate way to contact someone "about their resume." I recommend blocking the caller.

(512) 785-0075

tootie said

(619) 293-0017

eandv said

just called no message left

(864) 551-0124

D said

Yes, claiming hackers have got into her phone and the FBI and CIA ignore her requests.

(810) 305-0032

Jim said

(347) 389-0029

TT said

Big Scam from this phone number,,,,,,be aware they are saying they are the IRS. This is not the IRS.

(847) 852-0149

Me said

When was this posted?

(847) 388-0040

bob said

I said hello and a very nice women said hello, hello. I stayed quiet and she said hello again, I responded by saying I already said hello and she hung up. I called back and the number is "not in service".

(769) 251-0002

Paller said

Scam calls most likely debt collector

(256) 612-0043

DUDE said

I received what looks like birthday pictures at the Cheese Cake Factory. Then they sent me a text in Chinese.

(512) 387-5060

Paul said

SCAM! Do Not Call These Women! RIPOFF!! Hired them for a bachelor party. They do NOT look like the photos. At ALL. They only stayed 20 minutes and there we got NOTHING. No Nudity. No Show. Nothing. They kept stalling. We were robbed. They left with the money. I was best man and they made me look like crap. Do not call them. So unattractive it was embarrassing.

(512) 387-5060

David said

WARNING!! Scam and RIP OFF!! The pics are FAKE. They are NOT HOT. When I refused to pay them they tried to give me a story about how they were just needing to pay for their room. Bull! I refused to pay and they threatened to call the cops and say I kidnapped them UNLESS I paid them to LEAVE. NO kidding. These girls are liars thieves and scammers.

(512) 387-5060

Terry said

BEWARE. SCAM ALERT. These women will rip you off. They will not stay for the amount if time paid. They will also threaten to call the cops on you if you ask for a refund when they leave. These LIARS say they will tell the cops you are trying to kidnap them. See their reviews on I wish I had looked there before these girls ruined my night and stole my money

(512) 387-5060

Rick said

You girls have SCAM alerts on you on eccie. Don't act like you don't know. You show up demand money then say you feel uncomfortable when its time to DELIVER on what you have just been PAID for. You are nothing but a RIP OFF. The brunette is also VERY unattractive. If you're going to use fake pics at least pick done that even remotely look like you two.

(407) 488-0013


He is calling my wife.

(717) 972-0032

girl said

I keep getting a call from this number and then it hangs up. When I call the number back, I get a busy signal. I do a Google search and the name I get is Timothy Puchalski of 75 Autumn, Enola, PA 17025. Not sure if this is the character that is harassing me but I would like it to stop.

(919) 264-0007

yan said

Received random texts for "ManEaterTV" from this number. Seriously considering stalking this faggot.

(256) 399-0006

Tonya said

I keep getting calls from this number on my cell phone. They do not leave a message and I do not recognize the number.

(248) 850-0018

Mike said


(405) 213-0127

Bill said

I get calls almost every day from this number.

(405) 646-0061

Laura said

Keep calling me !

(817) 677-0029

PO'd said

No one there.

(941) 866-0266

DC said

No message left, no return call will be made!

(541) 772-0090

Jadine said

I think it's Century Link

(316) 448-0024

Guest said

I have received numerous calls from this number and also 316-854-9004 & 316-665-6023. All the same area code. All calls between 11AM and 2PM, one daily. No message, no answer.

(304) 693-0113

frustrated said

2 calls in 2 days - no voicemail

(801) 214-0046

Valerie said

They called me to offer me a job but didn't say the company.

(954) 941-0006

Anna said

Coral Springs/Broward Medical collections

(270) 315-0100

modern said

The number is owned by a local crooked painting contractor named Randy. Does poor work, doesn't pay his employees. Not sure why he is calling people, maybe the scumbag has a new telemarketing scheme.

(928) 482-0078

yvonne said

sick of these calls and i hate the internet generated numbers too

(314) 817-0047

nikki said

Just keep calling everyday

(787) 291-0027

CARLA said

(209) 433-0001

JD said

Daily calls, leaving no message.

(213) 286-0067

gch said

This is scammer trying to collect old debts that have already been either written off or paid off. DO NOT ANSWER!

(859) 559-0119

Notime for fake call said

Someone called me from this number claiming to be the FRUIT Guys, wanting to send my company free samples of organic fruit for our wellness. But when I try to call it back, the number does not take calls. They asked a lot of questions prior to saying they are sending us a box of sample fruit.

(859) 559-0091

Todzilla said

This number keeps calling me relentlessly and then puts me on hold while they "connect me to a represntative" its starting to PISS me off!

(415) 325-0033

PissedOff said

How are these dick knuckles getting away with this? I've got calls from several different numbers, scams for this, and scams for that. The government isn't good for much but they should be doing something with these degenerates. Who knows how many elderly they've been able to exploit? Anyway, call from this number, didn't answer, two second vm, no content.

(512) 569-0193

Bill said

Erotic encounters is a RIP OFF. Watch out. Right after you give your money girls make up an excuse to leave and refuse to refund your money. Paid for one hour. Got a total of 14 minutes. A total ROB. Avoid erotic encounters number 512-569-0193

(417) 522-0040

michelle said


(256) 455-0161

d said


(404) 341-0045

el chicarito de mx said

estos hijos d esu puta madre chinagn mucho nomas stan able y able y que le ban apasar aotro y les dise uno yo no nesesito nada y dise no esperate yo te paso alguin mas te ba a interesar nomas estan robando ala jente hijos d esu perra madre ya dejen de estar molestando alajente weyes

(512) 569-0193

Andy said

Erotic Encounters Austin SCAM. Do not give them your credit Card info. They placed THREE unauthorized charges on my card. BEWARE

(830) 850-0040

Liz said

I got calls from this number and no one responds

(207) 430-0053

TSM said

call is a reminder about Cumberland Chapter meeting. We welcome a reminder calls.

(508) 506-0009

AY said

(508)506-0009 If you get a call from this no, Probably youre a Used car dealer this no is for Central Mass Auto Auction in Massachsset.

(508) 506-0009

Andy said

Yes, Crazy Call From (508)506-0009

(941) 866-0266

AJ said

received a call from this number no message rang once. So tired of this waste of time. Just one more number to block

(571) 296-0202

D said


(919) 714-0001

Cheryl said

I got a voice message today and said there will be a arrest if I don't pay my loan for 602.00. My husband called and wanted to see why we owe a loan which we didn't get a loan in NC. We live in fla. Couldn't understand the guy and He asked him why we didn't get a notice in the mail and he couldn't answer that question. Should we call the police about this scam ???

(512) 651-0132

Gonzo said

They call an hang up. No message left...on day two now. Calls come in shortly after 8 a.m.

(314) 627-0030

Anonymous said

This phone # belongs to scammers is not only one a few. Do not pick up just let it ring.

(205) 379-0274

V said

Threatening jail sentence, threatening friends and family, and promising to prosecute me...

(949) 232-0011

Hate Scammers said

Low life scum, sorry excuse for humans, these are foreign people trying to steel your information and money. THIS IS A SCAM!!! Do not answer do not give them any information

(314) 527-0025

Stolen Laptop said

Sold me a stolen laptop

(734) 230-0008

d4real said

Getting calls pretty often and answered once and then got complete rudeness! I don't even know what they were talking about I believe it was d.t.e

(410) 653-0006

2inarow said

Me too. Lots of calls, 2 in a row. no message

(303) 505-0034

Nino said

who's this ?

(877) 425-9354

Elliot said

Terrible customer service. They sent us the wrong girls. Then charged us for nudity when we had paid for a nude show. We broke down and paid them so the bachelor would have something at least. We paid for one hour minimum. The dancers stayed half the time after we heard the agent call them with another reservation! They do not honor their promises. No response to phone calls asking for a refund. Thanks for making this best man look like crap

(877) 425-9354

Paul said RIPPED US OFF! They also use the name They sent us fake pics. And unattractive girls. This company ruined our bachelor party. There is no nude show unless you pay the girls $200 more when they arrive. NO dancing or dances unless you pay them 20$ A SONG on top of the $300 AND the $200 you ALREADY paid. Total scam and ripoff. No show just ugly chicks who show up and want to scam you into paying hundreds for crappy lap dances.

(253) 336-0196

bendo said


(301) 836-0123

someone said

I received a call they did not identify who was calling, just said a claim was filed using my name, SS, and this phone number. Gave a 800 number to call so that I could verify this claim.

(512) 569-0193

Jim said

Erotic encounters SCAM do NOT give them your credit card information. This is an online SCAM. BEWARE.

(313) 549-0175

Blaze said

Received text message on Easter with some holy-roller nonsense. Asked 'Who is this?' and of course, no response. Morons.

(323) 892-0172

Mike said

Telemarketer, very rude agent. Won't stop calling us.

(603) 991-0033

bob said

I also got an unexplained call from this number

(512) 569-0193

Paul said

Total Scam and Rip OFF. Upsells. Won't deliver and will steal your money. Avoid and Beware.

(662) 483-0125

Mary Miller said

I have a facebook page and I got a friendship request from a Larry Gibson,he was supost to be single,in army and deployed.Then got text from him,if your deployed you can't text,I check and found woman that he had con out of money.Sorry peole that want to prey on lonely people.

(304) 309-0044

Annoyed said

Called my cell phone two times in a row. No one answers. The caller id said Hinton, WV.

(661) 283-0060

Mike said

Us, too.

(702) 408-0130

RES said

I got two odd texts from this number asking Mom to forward them the money. Finally just blocked the number.

(267) 639-0104

John said

No they called and hung up

(202) 681-0001

chase said

looking for dentist business linked to phone number 202 681 0001

(919) 714-0001

Sam said

I got a voice mail saying someone had a complaint against me and a warrant was out and to turn myself into my nearest police station.... M saying what have I done. I work for the government and I'm mother stupid to jeperizied my career.i so badly want to call them back just to mess with them like what they are doing to others..

(405) 267-0000

rj said

keep receiving these calls throughout the day when you answer no ones there

(203) 680-0024

Kristin said

Yes--it's a recorded sales call from a cruise line trying to fill empty cabins.

(347) 482-0193


Claims that I won a cruise, refused to give any supporting information on the company in writing or email. Very pushy and evasive.

(724) 992-0005

Dre said


(213) 286-0077

Sofi said

Kept calling and said I was going to get a summons to go to court for a debt from 2012 for $300.00. Claims that I didn't pay a loan. I looked up my bank records for 2012 and there NEVER was a $300.00 loan deposited. Called about 10 times. Finally I said do what ever you want. Stop calling. Very unprofessional , I told the woman , Donna Smith to send everything in writing and she said she could not.!!

(347) 708-0076

Charley said

Received a call from this number stating that they are the IRS and that there is a lawsuit levied against you. This is a scam!!! The IRS will contact you by certified mail of a lawsuit or if you owe them any money! This people are trying to get you to call them and give them your bank/credit card(s) information in order to rob you!

(313) 459-0025

hzznz said

(817) 881-6599

Edward said is a RIP OFF. This company is run by a con artist who employs thieves to help her scam men out of money. They ruined our bachelor party and stole items from the hotel room.

(817) 881-6599

Walter said

Lies. Ripoff. Scam. See other bad reviews for this business under the name They have ripped off multiple guys and ruined a lot of bachelor parties. Avoid this sham.

(361) 208-0061

Walter said

Same here,left a voicemail but said nothing.

(602) 628-0066

TDS said

This guy said his name was Detective Kellerman, Said he was going to prosecute me to the full capacity of the law and that he was representing the court. Big lying bastard!!!! I called the police department and they have nothing on this guy. They said that if there are enough complaints he will be sighted for representing himself as law enforcement. Everyone call in and complain about this jerkoff.

(337) 319-0032

Joe said

Very crazy

(817) 881-6599

Andy said SCAM alert. Beware. Multiple bad reviews online from guys they've ripped off.

(512) 651-0135

callbothate said

I am trying to find out if it is a bot call.

(704) 264-0004

csw said

Im a homeless person so when I said that they cut off why go after a homeless person

(361) 208-0042

Doc said

Received call today. Hung up when I answered. I called back later to see who called. Woman answered, said thanks for returning our call but never said what company I was to push 2 to talk to an agent.I hung up.

(262) 709-0122

tammie said

Where is this job for

(504) 617-0008

Yose said

(361) 208-0042

Really said

Answered the call after the usual long pause of a telemarketer, and the person on the other end of the phone asked if I had my 2013 Jeep. They wanted to extend a warranty. NO GOOD CAN COME OF THIS CALL.

(218) 262-0034

Ralph said

You want to talk! You, called. At least leave a message! Christ, grow up !

(979) 203-0185

kumar said


(320) 270-0010

T said


(704) 264-0004

Jody said

Got a call from Ashley who knew my name. Said I won an entry to some magazine sweepstakes. After a few more questions I told her basically I knew she where this call was going and she hung up. Number is blocked now.

(206) 453-0136

Doc said

I received a call that the IRS was giving me a final notice and was going to file suit. Area code 206 is in Seattle. The IRS would never file suit without giving a taxpayer notice including the right to appeal. This appears to be a scam.

(206) 453-0136

Susie said

Message said that IRS was filing a law suit against me. The call was from a 607 number with a long list of complaints. This 206 number is the one to call to find out how to be fleeced!

(347) 559-0073

michelle said

i received the same exact message, blocked the number on my phone

(715) 768-0097

Allison said

Received texts referring to selling drugs. I texted this person back and said "they have the wrong number. This is my grandmas phone and to please remove this number, from their phone." A week later another text was received as to "I'm watching you I shared with you, why cant you share with me!" My grandmother was scared and we turned the message over to the sheriff's dept. They said they would check into it. Grandma changed her number. So who ever this was. I dont know what became of it. Who ever it is they need mental help!!

(715) 768-0097

Jody said

Ben recieving texts as to wanting a rock (meth) to be .4 and solid rock no powder and must be in a blue bag. and to drop it off at some park. I texted back WTF who is this? and they sent that text again with "JUST DO IT" ! I tryed to call no answer. left message. NOT TO CALL OR TEXT ME> U HAVE WRONG NUMBER!! DUDE!!! Got m sorry and i was jonzen could i hook him up? Im like WTF. Told him to contact "Burger King Maybe they could serve it his way!"

(518) 533-0004

RobB said

Called several time. Left no message. Scum bags

(706) 940-0035

Jim said

Who is it?

(808) 783-1116

yo said


(808) 783-1116

sam said


(313) 598-0209

john said


(240) 313-0099

240-313-0099 said

What is this phone number doing?

(704) 264-0004

BJ said

Same thing has happened to me this past week. All of the above is what I have experienced. BJ

(602) 254-5911

Cab driver said

Call for cab but don't show up

(337) 205-0091

Cliff said

Calls and hangs up.

(817) 881-6599

Ryan said

Beware of this con artist and liar. Avoid this company or have your bachelor party ruined like ours. Liars fake photos and stole our money. Won't answer our calls or refund. Scam

(954) 606-5303

Jonathan said

Got this text: D.ial (954)606-5303 to have your p rize sent Spam. Presumably a scam.

(347) 570-0195

Fake said

Fake pictures avoid at all cost.

(248) 215-0079

jo said

Has called me a cpl times hangs up when i answer

(303) 749-0006

J said

They called me and asked my name. I refused to confirm and they got very impatient with me. I asked what they were associated with or what the meaning of their company was and they wanted to confirm my ssn so I asked them what they have for my social. The last four digits were incorrect of course. So I called back and they would not confirm or explain anything to me when u asked questions back. They then proceed to ask what my last name and social was before explaining who and what they did.

(347) 570-0195

Not real said

This person uses fake photos and robbed me. Uses fake posting to sell stuff and escort on backpage. Beware

(817) 881-6599

Ethan said

Scam alert! This is a con artist and and liar. Made promises didn't keep them wouldn't refund our money. Not even partial refund. We got Nothing we paid for. Ugly girls showed up after sending fake pics then they tried to charge us even more when we got there. Upsell Hell

(206) 248-0016

November1 said

For the last month or so, this number, with caller id "MODESTO CA" has called my home number three to four times a day. When I answer, there's faint breathing but no words. After about 60 seconds, they hang up.

(405) 646-0143

Miles said

Received a call from this number, I answered, they immediately hung up. I looked on-line, now I'm adding myself to the long list annoyed commenters.

(240) 688-0181

jb said

Yes!!!! I'm actively trying to get police involved for cyber harassment

(850) 933-0098

fg said

He called saying he was from T Mobile after 9PM at night. This has to be a total scam.

(956) 790-0098

Ozz said

Voice mail said "this is the job interview of my life and I decide to smoke pot! How about that?!" If one thing i have learned... It is "keep it proffessional"

(262) 332-0074

Parker Anders said

Nice fella to deal with hope to see him again.

(352) 562-0030


no message left

(808) 744-0249

Wakai said

Received call at 4:24PM. Did not answer. No message.

(903) 317-0002

Barbara said

I received a call from this 903-317-0002,and I didn't recognize it so I let it go to voicemail and when I checked my voicemail all I heard was random music.

(405) 843-0005

MCK said

This is a secondary line for Gap at Penn Square Mall. Not an "unwanted" call on my end, but it won't show up on a reverse number check because only their main number is listed.

(971) 238-0009

Julia said

keep getting calls from this number. Don't pick up. It's across the country so I figure they want to sell something.

(209) 208-0002

andy said

said they were irs.

(516) 684-0099

marte said

I have a 7 year warrantee purchased when I bought the vehicle. Advised them that and threatened to sue because I am on the do not call registry. Lets see if that stops them from calling again

(203) 680-0024

Ben said


(727) 688-0032

alex said

yes too many

(513) 593-0011

J said

This person texted me in spanish

(949) 200-0033

David said

I got a call twice. Not sure what it is.

(352) 221-0206

CC said

male voice said "must have wrong number"

(530) 688-0038

KIT said


(314) 819-0063

Victor said

Does not leave message.

(203) 680-0039

chiki said

i have 3 missed calls from here - no message left ???

(410) 653-0006

me said said

Me too. lots of calls, no message or voice. Calls 2 times one after the other.

(626) 500-0047

Sco said

called back and some lady answered and said sales department please hold. I hung up . And blocked the number from my cell phone.

(201) 608-0047

Lori said

I just got the same call from a Gloria Davis.

(209) 208-0002

Betty said

Stated they were from the IRS. :(

(303) 839-0015

Kimo said

It's Sterling Jewelers AKA Kay Jewelers using CO Cross Disabilites to spoof their identity when they call you which is illegal according to the FCC.

(404) 979-0083

Pat said

Claimed to be from verizon wireless and said my last payment did not clear the bank. Gave me a case number and said his name was Jessie and his badge was 1744. Did not ask for any personal info just told me my phone was going to be shut off. I called verizon and verified there was no problem with my account.

(417) 751-0034

perron said


(704) 264-0004

rukh said

same here, Today morning I missed this call when i was in restroom and i saw a voice message which really has no voice, I tried to call back and i couldn't even hear the ring, second starts but no one speaks just airrrrrrr.... scam, Fraud and everything

(203) 680-0016

JP said


(347) 595-0165

Katy said

(314) 264-0019

Brian said

Just trying to find out who this number goes to

(850) 933-0098

Larry said

This guy called and claimed my AT&T bill is past due and I need to make a payment over the phone. We are current and verified with AT&T that this is a scam.

(201) 519-0027

Kara said

Has called before but just called at 1 am. It's getting ridiculous. Thank you.

(541) 833-0023

Kay said

Getting missed calls... Never leave a message.

(320) 288-0076

crystal said

I woke up this moorning the caller id had that exact number. i tryed texting but no response. am going to call and see what happens.

(715) 281-0237

clark said

Yeah, why?

(714) 869-0005

Kaylee said

This number has called me 2 or 3 times now and NEVER leaves a message or anything! Just random calls! I don't know who it is so I don't want to answer. This time at least, it seems too late for it to be a doctor's office.

(410) 949-0142

CDS said

got a call from this unfamiliar number. didnt answer. no message left.

(337) 466-0047

Jonathan said

No problem!

(252) 558-0012

lee said

I also got a missed call from this number

(850) 325-0036


annoying call!

(405) 646-0143

someone said

received several calls from this number. no idea where or who lives in Carney, Ok. I called the number back and I received a message saying this is not a working number. Creeps in this world!

(316) 448-0076

Krasick said

Ignorant foreigner stating they have issued arrest warrants for me and I need to pay them now with credit card to avoid going to jail. I asked what is this about? And they stated they are authorized to arrest me- but would not give name of "company" or allow me to speak to a "supervisor". Obviously this is a scam and must be one of those wacky call centers from India because the accent was so thick and his english so broken he cut his lip speaking.

(801) 747-0029

SY said


(361) 208-0038

Steph said

This number keeps calling, no message, no one answers

(337) 466-0047

Gabriel said

This is my number, must have been a miss dial my bad.

(256) 670-0051

ju said

Called twice now. No message

(801) 948-0005

chloe said

A text message. No call

(956) 242-0087

Jacob said

(360) 546-0017

DT said

America's First. Who are they? Whoever it is, they're pissing people off by pestering them. STOP CALLING!

(320) 315-0033

Anita said

People plz don't fall for it. I almost did he never gave me any of his info and was always asking for the money. Bad English and claiming to be doing missionary work! Thank God for this website or I would of sent the money. Such a shame im so desperate to move I almost believed him.

(620) 392-0026

browneyes said

I have been getting call from this number. I do not answer calls if a name doesn't show up.

(567) 269-0019



(484) 725-0001

jewels said

hay I got a call from this number and I am wondering who has been calling me I think it is my dad but I don't know so I want to make sure I am not texting someone random

(602) 628-0066

Jackson said

Detective going to take my case to prosecute if I don't return call. The number is to David Jones Efficient Towing and Recovery in Phoenix. Why not be truthful....

(805) 582-0066

austin said

i receive lots of calls form this number

(304) 989-0003

yyy said


(602) 299-0029

Sparky said

"Adam" is a thief! He is a psychopathic liar that hires people and doesn't pay. Owes me a pile of money that I'll probably have to go to court to get a judgement for. This scumbag is SMOOTH....don't be fooled!

(630) 864-0031

Luc said

Called my number a bunch speaking Arabic

(530) 698-0038

Heather said

Didnt pick up, they didnt leave a message only hung up once the answering machine picked up :/ Obvious not worth my time

(254) 442-0019

Waco said

Warranty scammers looking for your credit card information.

(717) 879-0013

Pissed Off said

What do these f-cking IDIOTS actually want. Keep calling day after day. I've tried ignoring the calls and even picking up. Never any response. Wtf!!!!! You would THINK in this day and age, SOMEONE would be able to stop them. So frustrating when you're trying to run a business and these MORONS just keep calling. PLEASE!! Someone invent a Stun Gun that can be sent through the phone lines. I'll buy the first one!!!

(313) 766-0077

Sansuw said

Appears to be a bill collector robocall. If I actually pick up, recording says this Kelly smith trying to reach me. Then I hang up. If I do not pick up no message is left, even though my system registers a voicemail, the message will be empty.

(727) 755-0003

Jean said

This number has been calling me every day. why?

(402) 859-0001

MamaOf3 said

I got calls from them too, tried to call back and it just said "to opt out of calls about this matter click 2" so I figured it wasn't important and opted out... Not sure of what but I opted out either way.

(248) 581-0001

Ms Wash said

Stop calling this number

(619) 855-0233

Haley said

(406) 790-0005

roman said

called my phone five times while i was at work and didnt say anything. i could hear a tv or radio or an announcer in the background. this company is crazy

(401) 214-0002

rusty said

I do not know anyone on block island. RI

(815) 994-0001


Dont answer his calls. Bad news!

(859) 276-0015

Todd said

Just calls and hangs up ......... annoying

(270) 267-0051

Hazel said

Getting calls from this number

(603) 820-0048

Blank said

Dirty dirty whore I met on craigslist. Got a blow job for 20$ and HERPES!!!

(253) 238-0062

ughhhh said

I received a call for my brother who is deceased from this number. When I told them I knew it was a scam he told me to shut up and listen because I was too stupid to know if it was a scam or not.

(919) 714-0001

Kori said

I received a phone message stating that I needed to call them back within 10 days or there would be a warrant out for my arrest! The broken englidh accent woman said "I needed to contact a detective Randy Smith right away". Stated I have a warrant out for my arrest for a federal fraud complaint and I needed to take care of it immediately! My whole life I worked as a paralegal so I knew no officer calls you in advance to say "hey you have a warrant and call me so we can fix this"! What a joke. That's like saying RUN! I Google the phone number and it is a scam! Don't be fooled by these con scums! All they want is money from you. I have to admit this is a new one that I haven't heard of before so some people may get scared and fall for it! This msg. needs to go viral!

(215) 383-0048

Lily said

Called my daughter's phone who lives in Pittsburgh. Don't know this person or number so I'm investigating.

(302) 241-0043

BaldEagle said

Who is this Earl Jones guy, calling my mom harassing her with some BS about owing money

(704) 264-0004

cupcake said

I have the same thing happen to me. SAYING I WAS ENTERD IN A 1 million dollar sweepstakes. I get magazines etcand Ashley was her name and then they transfer me over to a guy who started to know about these promotions and stufffrom the same 704 number that everybody is right now on the same number and rang my phone

(314) 817-0047

cj said

This is le' Cole culinary school. They keep calling for about 3 months now even after requesting number to be removed.

(717) 523-0048

Ally said

Me too. What's the deal?

(254) 284-0080

Dee said

I have been called 3 times for a Dominque. This is no longer her number and I have told then that every time...they keep saying they will remove the number but they never do.

(205) 379-0111

mikal said

Rang once no message is sounds suspicious

(864) 715-0192

Bethany said

I got a call around 1:30am and they hung up after I Said hello so I called back to see if something was wrong maybe a friend gave my number out but I didn't know. When I did callback what sounded like a middle aged or older man answers and says hello and when I said who is this before I could say anything else he hangs up on me again it just startled me because most people who have the wrong number are going to say there sorry or ask to speak to someone else this wasn't right. Has anyone else got a call like this from this same number before?

(850) 933-0098

trolley dodger said

Caller said he was from Sprint and that my phone payment was past due. Payment had already cleared the bank. Caller was insistent on my paying RIGHT NOW. Told him I would call 611 (Sprint services) and he hung up.

(903) 407-0007

Jaden said

Do u Know me in December 2005

(925) 783-0005

tiki said

Asks for 10 digit # says cannot use *67 or anything else to block calls.Has messed up my phone, can't call out Id gen certain areas. help!

(925) 783-0005

tiki said

Asks for 10 digit # says cannot use *67 or anything else to block calls.Has messed up my phone, can't call out Id gen certain areas. help!

(949) 600-0015

shelby said

who are you

(301) 325-0031

Bobo said


(928) 482-0084

Sin said

Got call from this number. When I picked up there was no one on other end.

(903) 407-0007



(213) 375-0002

j said

I've got 5 or more calls like this over the past month. As an ordained member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster I am deeply offended by those harassing me me with claims of the divinity of some made up supernatural vilian.

(401) 214-0001


I put them on my reject list.

(706) 541-0086

Roddy Piper said

Has called a couple times in the last few days. Does not leave message.

(530) 430-0022

Tam said

Called from a automated system claims they are an officer from the IRS never address who they are trying to reach and you or your attorney should contact them to avoid further action. IF IRS wanted you they will address you with a live person addressing you with using your name and follow up mail never give anyone your personal information over the phone!!!!

(320) 315-0033


I guess every real estate scam scumbsgs seems to claim that they are missionaries or doing God's work......

(512) 387-5060

Taylor said

When was this? I've never have had a complaint.

(718) 304-0006

Yo-mama said

caller-id said "skytel loc pagi"

(804) 410-0009

same thing said

Called today, claiming I owed $$ to IRS. It is a scam. report them.

(786) 259-0026

Mike said

Scam Indian call center. Allege you applied for a 10k loan and ask for your bank account number and SSN. When you ask for a term sheet and their exact location they call your mother a "whore" and hang up.

(804) 410-0006

Jay said

Recieved a voicemail from 804-410-0006 saying a bench warrant will be issued due to tax fraud and to call them back. Talked to 2 different individuals, while they gave similar information, there were definite conflicts with the years in question they gave me and a lrge difference in the amount they said that I owed???

(401) 214-0003

MAK said


(603) 965-0110

AC said

yes, regularly call but no voice then hang up.

(253) 238-0062

princess said

For the last couple days,I've been getting calls from this number stating that they're from the IRS...Is anyone else having this problem?

(619) 202-5256

DA said

Yes, seem to be someone shopping for info about our proeprties?????

(248) 253-0032


I did as well. Did u find out who its from?

(888) 844-7660

Ben said

Allstarentertainers honest review: Trashed our party. The woman we called sent us photos of hot chicks. Then the girls texted us fake pics. Did they not think we would notice when they showed up? If they'd been hot it would've been fine. But these chicks looked terrible. Both were meth head skinny and ratchet.

(262) 207-0057

Cece said

Very rude gentlemen called and was talking to someone on the other side. He would not answer me and then told me I kept talking over him. Then he ended the call by saying I am not talking to you and hung up on me. I called him back and then he told me not to call again.

(404) 720-0015

ca said

same thing. asked me me then hung up.

(708) 391-0005

Dave Naze said

Called by this number dozens of times. No voicemail. When I try to call back, there is no answer or voicemail option. When there is an answer, there is an automated voice that allows you to either be removed from the list or speak to a representative- but neither option works. It just back to the same recording to go over your options.

(304) 937-0240

niky said

they never leave a message and if I call them back they ask if I got a call or a letter. So, I'm assuming it's a debt collector. But, they don't identify themselves unless you provide information. Since I'm not providing information to someone that won't identify themselves, it's a stalemate.

(702) 447-0057

nrwing said

Who does this number belong to? Its not the first time.

(804) 410-0009


Just received this call. Don't call back. SCAM. I think they are just trying to get your personal info. Be smart never call back any number that you don't recognize. God only knows where you are calling.

(804) 410-0006

Marty said

Similar message from a man with a heavy, hard to understand accent. He did not identify himself as being from any particular government entity.

(205) 379-0111

NR said

Called and hung up.

(516) 684-0099

Kev said

Auto warranty renewal solicitation. Knew my name and vehicle info. Told them I was not interested.

(804) 410-0006

cheryl-ann said

just got a call from an Indian woman saying she was an IRS agent and that they have evidence that i defrauded the IRS for over $5000 and they were filing a lawsuit. Said they had tried to deliver documents to my house, but gave an address where i have not lived for 5 and a half years. When i told her that, she hung up. Now the number will not go through.

(404) 592-0011

bill said

what is this number

(254) 232-0007

Lindsey said

Received back to back calls from this number. they did not leave a message

(424) 702-1455

Jonathan said

Got a call from this number this morning. Caller ID came up as "AUTO PARTS" (so not a company name). The lady said she was from eBay and was calling because I had called eBay. I told her I hadn't called eBay (I haven't ever called eBay) and she said "where do you think I got your number?". (Me thinking 'your autodialler'!). I hung up. Presumably some scam; I didn't get far enough to know what kind.

(602) 628-0066

Aryam said

Just received a call from this number saying it was kellerman and asking info about my vehicle that has a lein also he said i was going to e prosecuted with a felony

(530) 430-0022

Meme said

Received call from this number and called back. Could not understand the person due to heavy accent and ask for someone else (Supervisor) was told there was no one else and I was hung up on. Some form of scam.

(888) 844-7660

Gene said

Allstarevententertainers is a CON. LIARS and THIEVES. Don't make a reservation with them. The girls will NOT be the ones pictured. They will NOT be hot. They WILL however, leave BEFORE the time you paid for. They also WILL charge MORE for getting even topless once they get there (though we had already paid hundreds). 20$ a song. EACH. OR they will leave. Totally sucked. Beware.

(415) 325-0033

Andy said

These are legalized criminals existing off government welfare under the guise of servicing the economy by collecting on bad debts. 1. You work and unwisely go into debt 2. You have a medical problem that disables you. 3. Your debt holders charge off your debt. 4. For charging off their loss they get corporate welfare handouts from the government. 5. Then they sell you debts and private personal contact information to 3rd parties. Those 3rd parties often resale your contact information to all comers without vetting legitimacy of the buyers of your info as revenge. 6. The so-called debt collectors are often lawyers and judges who use their friendship and legal knowledge to abuse you. 7. Best solution: bankruptcy, change phone # to invalidate their databases, Panasonic KX-TGE233B

(303) 803-0018

Chad said

Called did not leave message

(603) 351-0071

cc said

left no message...

(302) 404-0029

adrian said

I had the same issue I was trying to sell something threw PayPal and this person was trying to scam me threw a fake paypal.

(804) 410-0006

Jay said

They hit me up the other day saying an indictment has been issued for me. What I found amusing is they tell you to call them immediately, yet the number "does not go through". Also interesting - the voice sounded like the same cat that called me a few months ago informing me that my Windows OS has been infected, and wanted to do a remote access to "clean it". Wow, this must not be my viruses AND tax fraud.

(361) 208-0042

B said

When I answer this call, the person on the other end dosen't say a word and hangs up.

(208) 345-0011

jo said

he is just an hateful old man

(256) 568-0177

Scott said

Same thing just happened to me. Weird.

(314) 275-0106

steve said

Telemarketing scam

(205) 419-0014

Dana Beaupre said

This is not my number.

(205) 419-0014


This is not my number.

(920) 329-5465

Mary said

I keep getting missed calls from this number. Leaves no message. Anybody know who this is?

(646) 652-7215

Bobby said

Missed call did not leave message. I called it back and got a recording saying if you would like to be placed on a do not call list to press 1.

(804) 410-0006

Maria said

I've been getting the same phone call definitely a scam.

(214) 530-0033

gary said

Several calls the past few days, i was looking for car insurance quiotes, however no one says anything when I answer.

(530) 430-0022

Alice said

Said they are with IRS, but calling them, was hang ups. When I got through, they were so unprofessional and couldn't even spell my name, when they felt that I was testing them, they hung up.

(804) 410-0009

DiverBro said

Apparently I need to call or else there will be an arrest warrant out for me... F THIS SCAM SHIT

(787) 365-0101

????? said


(404) 341-0045

Kristy said

Keep getting calls from this number. When I answer they hang up.

(847) 532-0052

DC said

He called and told me he was with Global and out the fluorescent light order. He said they want to send us gift cards from Home Depot to thank us for all of the business. He did not make any sense so I asked him what company he was from again and he hung up. Definitely a scam.

(320) 315-0033

PDX House hunter said

Wanted me to send $2000 to get keys to a house I was supposed to rent site unseen. Plus spoke very bad English but supplied supposed pictures of of his 'ideal American family.'

(320) 315-0033

Morgan said

Bummer, I was so excited to move into the house he had listed. I knew it was too good to be true! Why can't people just be good humans?

(205) 379-0298

scott said

I recieved a call from this number saying it was Tommy Carter with AG law group. I questioned him a second time about who he was with and he hung up on me. Wont answer when i call back,he had an Indian accent.

(718) 978-0042

annoyed said

This number calls me all the time9

(405) 665-0020

Jennifer said

This scammer from Facebook sent me text messages as follows: Congrats.....your profile name is still available on our winners list here and your winning money is still available for claiming Fro m federal government and world bank Commission Worldwide, This is shirley ann jackson we embarked on a worldwide promotion called CH ARITY FUNDS ,The charity is an organization of 187 countries,working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability , facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world. The su m of 150,000 Dollars had just been donated to you by the CHARITY FUNDS ORGANIZATION, FEDERAL

(256) 568-0157


We don't know who that is. Called on cell phone. No message left.

(214) 447-0211

Joann said

Kept getting calls from this number but never got a voice mail from it

(515) 221-0033

Ben Carpenter said

This number has called us for hours and wont stop

(978) 654-0000

Laney said

I received a call from this number today. When I called back the woman hung up on me. Who is this?

(407) 745-0271

Dinah said

Very hateful, hurtfull message.

(270) 775-0053

Liz said

I keep getting calls from this number and when I answer no one says anything.

(404) 341-0045

Warranty said

They just called me about my car warranty, probably trying to sell me an aftermarket warranty or something. I guess they've changed their business.

(267) 236-0149

smithy said


(484) 550-0005

Angie said

Recd a call from this number at 5:55 on a Saturday morning.

(888) 844-7660

Stan said Makes promises that are false. Agent will lie and you will waste your money here. Girls were overweight and not hot. Fake photos sent by agent on and girls.

(888) 844-7660

Ron. said is a SCAM. Rip OFF. BEWARE. This agency scammed me, the girls charged more money after we paid initial fee. Agent would not refund money.

(804) 410-0009

me2 said

(404) 979-0083

dennis said

claimed to be verizon wireless and wanted my checking account to fix a torn check to apply to account. I pay over the internet, checked my verizon account and it was paid

(662) 296-0051

Mary said

Too many "wrong number" calls from this number

(304) 309-0044

JRF said

I have many times at home and on Cell phone - NO MESSAGES ~ IT NEEDS TO STOP!

(256) 568-0177

West Jordan said

I got a ring from this number. It rang once and disconnected before I could answer. Maybe it was a wrong number.

(256) 568-0157

zone said


(256) 933-0188

slick said

getting a lot of txts from this number!

(256) 568-0183

Sandra. said

Ring twice they hang up no message.

(818) 430-0001

Angie said

Lots of calls from this number. It is obviously a telemarketer. If you answer don't say anything. If it recognizes a voice that is when you get the pitch. Just answer and listen, don't say anything, the call hangs itself up.

(404) 341-0045

a nony mouse said

Giving you a courtesy call from the vehicle warranty center...

(850) 933-0098



(347) 229-0049

Anonymous said

347-229-0049 from NY CITY ZONE 12......NEAR ROCKFELLAR CTR BETWEEN 47.......50 ST ST WEST 51 ST.....

(347) 229-0049

Anonymous said

347-229-0049 WILL BE REPORTED....

(817) 677-0020


Calls and leaves no message

(530) 430-0022

bob boy said

have recieved message stating THIS IS IRS AND THEY WILL TAKE ACTION AGAINST ME IF NOT CONTACTED.Contacted twice.

(508) 313-0036

Nick said

Called me at 4 am! I called the number back only to get a recording that the offices are closed.

(229) 821-0003

randy said

wife texted this number!!!!!!!!!!!

(717) 559-0139

Angie said

Someone claiming to be UN Santa Cruz California keeps texting me from this number

(415) 948-9475

Kev said

Got this call today. Was about to answer it but was a little skeptical. But no message.

(219) 669-0229



(832) 342-0005

Andy said

I don't know who is this

(865) 258-0004

thatgal said

yes...His name was "Ashley" and loves to talk, very much and ask too many damn questions

(262) 806-0078

kate said

Frequently calls about 5pm everyday. Called back this # no answer.

(404) 720-0015

Jeanne said

Just received call from this number. They asked for Jeanne, I told her this is she. Then she just hung up.

(704) 264-0004

amanda said

they called and knew my name and asked if I could hear her okay then said I had one a million dollars from a sweepstakes

(530) 430-0022

BobL said

IRS Scam

(404) 341-0045

JayChill said

They just called me. No one said anything, they just hung up. I called back and got a series of beeps. Added to the "Junk" list.

(417) 741-0071

Debbie said

Just trying to find out who this number belongs to.

(804) 410-0006

doe said

us federal court scam. pay them or they will arrest

(205) 379-0111

Karen said

No message AGAIN

(404) 341-0045

Mac said

Called twice, never picked up. no message left on machine

(804) 410-0008


They left a threating message about being sued.

(361) 208-0042


Received call today, claimed they were with Ford. Wanted information on vehicles wanting to sale extend warranty. Made some phone calls to Ford. Ford sales extend warranties at the dealership now. If that number appears on phone, IT IS A SCAM. PLESE DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION.

(313) 989-0008

alex said

called about car insurance

(719) 992-0003


An unidentified male has telephoned three times from this number today. Caller ID shows "SMS" with the number noted. He asks to speak with my boss, I tell him that my boss is not available and ask if I may take a message. The male immediately hangs up.

(858) 386-0030

️J a said

(318) 536-0060

Bert said

Returned call and was hung up on immediately.

(253) 336-0196

Jane Doe said

Called 4 times right in a row. This is a scam collection caller saying they are an attorney's office representing Washington Mutual - their call back number left is from Louisiana

(252) 777-0092

terry said

this guy pulls scams on kijiji and harasses people do not ever email him he will get all your info

(401) 450-0018

KCL said

I don't answer numbers that I don't know.. This Number calls, but never leaves any voicemails or anything..stop calling my cell phone!!!!

(804) 410-0006

Don said

Got a call from 804-410-0006 from a person posing as an IRS agent claiming we owe the IRS money for back taxes and bad tax returns. Obviously a scammer with a thick Indian accent.

(314) 817-0047

birddog said

Probably a phishing call. Don't return these. You invite information brokers to sell your phone number to others.

(609) 465-0037

Pope of Hollywood said

Not true

(949) 988-0017

Joey said

This person texted me crazy texts.

(585) 228-0005

Alex said

Caller said pertains to allegations against my name and social. Caller leaves a call back number that has nothing to do with the number on caller ID.

(956) 221-0066

Burger said

(315) 934-0093

Julie said

just got a call with a blank voicemail. no idea who it is.

(817) 677-0020

Reese said

They keep calling like a Cray Cray Bfriend!!! no msg/nothing!!! Its driving me crazy!!

(570) 983-3805

Cora said

Me too. Didn't answer.

(404) 341-0045

TD said

Just got a call from this number saying they are giving away free security systems, when I told them I was a renter they hung up on me. I am on the do not call list so why are they calling me?

(304) 937-0028


They said they are a national branch seeing if I have extended my warranty. I don't believe it. He freaking hung up the phone on me. Don't know how he got this info..but don't answer..I only answered bc it was a local number for me!!!

(804) 410-0000


Same here. He said non criminal arrest warrant which makes non sense. Then ended the call with 'take care about it'

(919) 714-0001

Larry D. said

got a voice mail from this BADLY broken english nut case that he was officer "JOHN" and there was a complaint from the Federal Investigation Bureau that I had committed a felony and there was a warrant out for my arrest and I should turn myself in to authorities and if i didnt They would sen a TEAM of investigators to my place of employment! HA! HA! Im retired-Im at home every day! I should call Alex Watson and talk to him or else. I think they must have got the WATSON name from the movie Coming To America with Eddie Murphy in which one of the characters was THE REVEREND WATSON !!!! LOL :) He even had the guts to tell me he was from the WI. State Patrol! The Idiot knew I live in Wisconsin. FREAKY:( also: if you listen to the Voice Mail you can tell clearly he is reading from a script.

(415) 475-0029

Timmy said

This is a scam, autobot claiming to be the IRS, don't fall for it!!

(209) 433-0001

eve said

They called this AM & left no message. The second time, I answered, but they did not say anything

(314) 800-0113

Julie said

Caller ID reads "PNC Bank" but when I answered the phone they were trying to sell me SAT & ACT test prep. They knew my child's name. When I tried to call the number back, I received an automated message saying the number was disconnected. Sneaky and deceiving- BEWARE any company that would do business in such a way!

(708) 391-0005

Keith said

Just got the same call. They asked for me and I just hung up.

(281) 451-0161

Company said

We received word that this number was able to get an account of ours changed and when that company called us to verify they were able to route our number (direct line of worker)to another number to verify on our behalf.

(603) 965-0102

kay said

google + web site

(304) 693-0108

fred said

market research company.. bet they got my name and number off craigs list false interactions

(503) 456-0021


The message read this I the internal revenue service, please do not ignore this call, call back immediately and when you call back there is a recording that says leave a message

(520) 312-0043

chris said


(754) 212-0270

Jonathan said

Got a text "Travel to the tropics for free! C.all 754_212_0270". When it's too good to be true...

(706) 449-0007

happycommon said

calls several times a day

(708) 391-0005


They call 5-6 times and leave a voicemail but say nothing.

(903) 407-0007

JADEN said


(404) 561-0080

isiah said

Hey who's this

(253) 336-0042

daughter said

This number keeps calling my 93yr old dad at his assisted living facility. Who is this and why are you preying on an elderly man?

(662) 813-0134

Ivy said

They're Threatening my step mom

(904) 297-0017

Annon said

Called and no msg left.

(919) 714-0001

neka said

Got a voicemail from a unknown number. perdon on the vm said call asap of the police would come to my job or home to get me for fraud. I called and was put on hold for 10 min. I asked the guy wat it was about he got rude sayin i stole money from a loan company. crazy thing is they had my soical. It scared the heck out of me butthey said i had funds deposited into h&r block account i use when i file taxes. So i called then and i havent used that acount since 2014. How can these pple get your soical????

(210) 501-0015


received text from an asked to e-mail response to I never responded

(305) 602-0983

DarkOne said

Just need the last known location the calls came from and the rest is easy. Then we make him go away..

(516) 554-0199



(706) 594-0036

Kilgore said

Just looking

(214) 531-0116

Cheryl said

Calls everyday...says nothing...who is it?

(520) 265-8777

Nan said

Recorded message stating they had been authorized by my credit card company to lower my interest rate. Said this would be the only call. Caller ID said BENSON

(520) 265-8777

Nikki said

Just got a call from this number...didn't leave message

(954) 324-8800

Jill said

This number keeps calling me. Almost so much that it seems like they are hanging up and calling right back. Even as late as 9 at night. super frustrating.

(954) 324-8800

Candace said

They call me at least twice a day. I just ignore it. I thought about blocking it but they call from other numbers too. I bought a cruise package with Celebration something back in 2012 and paid $600.00 for it, but was never able to take the cruise. They call me all the time asking why I haven't taken it and then at one point when they were first calling me, they told me that since I didn't take the trip, I owed them $900.00. I was like "Whaaat???" I paid them for the cruise! They got their money and I basically ate the $600.00 they got for FREE! So they try to sell me stuff now and I just never answer it.

(772) 646-0056

Lisa said

Annoying - these people call all the time, sometimes every 15 minutes. Need to find a way to report them. My phone does not have an automatic block, so I have named them in my contacts: WTF - Block This Call.

(708) 391-0005

none said

answered twice no voice hungup?drgtuv

(704) 264-0004

DB said

Rang 3 times and hung up. I will block.

(607) 722-9687

Thomas Atwood (name) said

I run a nonprofit education foundation,, based on robotics and am not an idiot, and this guy calls me and tries to tell me that the record of transactions in my computer is malicious malware. The particular files can be located by keying the Windows key plus "R", which brings up "eventvwr" that simply tracks transactions. There are logs in there that have labels like "error" and "critical" and to the untrained eye is convincingly appearing to be spyware/malware. When he realized I was onto him he hung up. Are the police in that area code probing this criminal activity? Somebody should contact them to report this activity.

(801) 864-0080

holly said

This number called and I tried to call back and is disconnected I think it's a appn phone number

(404) 341-0045

Annoyed said

Tried to sell me a security system. CallerID said "PREFFERED NETWO". I asked their company name, and guy said, "Great question! Let me get a specialist on the line." I said I didn't need a specialist, just the company name, and he hung up.

(804) 410-0007


This is a scam. I called IRS today and reported the number.

(404) 341-0045

CA said

Surely there must be a way to find out which carrier owns this line and get it disconnected? I wish I had known they were scammers, I would have taken them for a ride and wasted their time. Maybe next time!

(203) 680-0029

nickname said

Yes I have who is this

(919) 714-0001

CE said

Got a call from "John" to contact Sheriff Alex Watson at this phone #, but the incoming call showed 911 on the Caller ID. Wanted $661 or 3 payments of $287. It's all a FRAUD. Middle East Accents with the names John & Alex Watson, Right!

(772) 646-0056

andrew said

Yes! Many of them, in fact! I even answered a couple of times and asked them to remove my number since it was a scam about a vacation I canceled years ago. Also, you can't call them back those assholes.

(404) 382-0005


I received a call saying I was approved for a loan but have to pay the first payment in advance

(804) 410-0007

lo said

got a call claiming to be irs ,I called and heard the call forward then talked to indian accent, gave my google number instead of number they called to, it seems they have a record of numbers they call. whats so funny is that call on voicemail didn't say my name that's why I used google number and record of calling to that number.So I didn't get info about the scam

(314) 997-0000

Bob said

(248) 581-0001

chuch said

2 calls - no message - I didn't answer!

(404) 341-0045

Jonathan said

re: sickofit... Nice one - great idea! :-D

(682) 888-0064

Jonathan said

No I didn't

(850) 240-0020

Steven said

Got a call with no message from this number

(704) 264-0004

real witch said

12 calls no messages. Call back and call doesn't go through just dead air.

(214) 274-0035

sarah said

Called but did not leave message

(682) 888-0064

MA said

Did you find out who this was?

(717) 879-0017

Jen said

Same thing insane amount of calls no message always at 6:30 pm

(626) 500-0047

Demonic said

Have called multiple times, no message left. Must be scams

(254) 296-0001

Tasha said

I got a call from this number also. They said something about trying to deliver a package but, I have not ordered anything. Weird!

(404) 341-0045

sickofit!! said

Yea, just got a call from this number. I usually don't answer but I did this time and said "Oswega police department, can I help you?" Well that sure got them off fast!

(954) 324-8800

CR said

Yes - same MO for the call as others reported. Will not remove my number from their call list. Tried blocking phone number but they change numbers frequently so the calls never end.

(303) 416-0106

Anonymous said

Engineering Recruiter

(804) 410-0009


Received message from man with heavy Indian accent telling me a lawsuit has been filed against my name and SSN due to taxes and I must call soon to resolve or a warrant for my arrest will be issued. SCAM.

(302) 404-0029

Angie said

this number text me that he can only pay via paypal at the moment. that we can set up paypal account@ i am not sure with this Number so i look it up 12 people about desame story.

(302) 404-0029

Angie said

this number text me that he can only pay via paypal at the moment. that we can set up paypal account@ i am not sure with this Number so i look it up 12 people about desame story.

(302) 404-0029

Angie said

this number text me that he can only pay via paypal at the moment. that we can set up paypal account@ i am not sure with this Number so i look it up 12 people about desame story.

(626) 500-0047

Kcdachs said

Keep calling - no message left

(270) 468-3025

Pam said


(850) 933-0098

oreman said

Caller said my phone payment didn't go through. I said good job moron my pay as you go phone bill was paid for 1 year 9 months ago. I heard click....LOL...

(954) 699-0033

Claire said

Keep getting calls from this number and having then ask for my husband but won't say what it's in regard to. They have identified themselves as Diversity Consulting....whatever the heck that is.

(804) 410-0007

StillNotFallingForIt said

Received another call today from this number (they just don't quit!). This was an East Indian woman who asked for my DEAD husband! She said that if he didn't pay his IRS taxes, he would go to jail; good luck with that!

(202) 650-0020

Chaz said

Gentlemen identifying himself as Alan Anselmo with USDA asking very targeted questions about my company and colleagues. Sounded very marketing/salesy, and sure enough some research led me to mr. anselmo's linked in profile (who happens to be in sales/marketing). Called the number back and receptionist only identified the organization as "publications."

(315) 285-0089

rbk said


(847) 532-0052

big e said

Guy keeps calling says he is from global get my cust serv reps and tells them that I told him to have me paged when calling. I do not know this guy and he never leaves a vmail on my line.

(804) 410-0007

NotFallingForIt said

Received a call this morning from a man with a heavy East Indian accent telling me I am in trouble with the IRS and to call back. I didn't answer and let it roll over to my voice mail since I did not recognize the number. DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SCAMS!

(804) 410-0007

mcgurk said

they say they are irs and i owe money

(267) 240-0005

Don't Worry About It said


(347) 305-0200


Left message that they were the FTC and were coming after me for fraud and seizing my SSN#. Called my State Attorney Generals Office and they said it was a scam.

(802) 238-0024

Tired said

My home phone rang at 3:00am and no I be on the other end

(619) 924-0018



(252) 347-0084

Andrew said

Same problem with this number

(256) 568-0176

Spun said

(256) 568-0176 Ranburne, AL Just called (Saturday at 10:40am EST) and rang twice. I called back and it was a recording saying that "Hi, this is Lisa. You recently visited one of our affiliate websites. You are eligible for a $100..." That's when I hung up.

(856) 870-0002

ark said

Called twice at 3 am. Didn't leave a message. Name's Joe Smith. Looks like some fake name and number

(207) 891-0046


This number belongs to me asshole American! Me! Sergei Stetchkov! So why don't you stop playing stupid & trying to make troubles for persons YOU do NOT even know--peasant! Go stick you head up your ass---dumb American trouble-making children!

(415) 655-0003

boo said

(281) 417-0101

houston said

called last night about 8:oopm,do not who it is called feb 19th 2015

(919) 714-0001

E said

Just received message from Alex Watson saying I have a warrent to please call this number back or they will come to my house and arrest me haha what a joke!!!

(320) 315-0033

cab said

scamming me right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(336) 802-0123

Nova said

Called my cell and hung up. I think they may be dialing wrong number.

(303) 888-0129

ali said

Got random texts from a "Brad g" with random tv/ movie pics

(956) 968-0020

al said


(641) 847-0057


Dont know who this is?

(801) 312-0010

Da Truth is Here said

It is Link Debt Collection located in Sandy Utah. DO NOT ANSWER! THIS IS A DEBT COLLECTION CALL!

(405) 225-0071

William Mason said

I spoke with vacation rewards one time and said no to upgrading. They keep calling me. I hang up or don't answer when they call.

(570) 534-0010

KC said

Got a contact message from this # on whatsapp. Didn't open it and blocked it right away.

(919) 714-0001

Bmad said

Ok if you receive a call from this number it is a scam but call your state attorney General and the federal trade commission because if there are enough complaints they will go after them

(252) 347-0084

Puzzled said

I get a call from this number about once a week. If I answer they hang up. Whenever I call back it is always a busy signal.

(787) 291-0027


Llaman pero no me Dice qué compañía estan llamando

(619) 818-0013

john said

like what?

(567) 269-0012

Redfox13cts said

If I dont pick up a robot leaves a message that says "012, I repeat, 567690012, thank you." If I pick it up it disconnects. I keep getting calls from them

(567) 269-0013

Mike said

i think you mis-understood him because of his broken english. he DID NOT say I.R.S. this man is employed by ISIS. division of information acquisition. do not give him any personal information. not even your name. if he asks is your get you to confirm and you tell him, he inputs that data and builds a profile to gather more information. when he calls you again, have a recording of Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A. ready. turn it on and place the phone next to the speaker so the caller can hear it. if he calls back after you cast the Bruce Springsteen spell, you will need more powerful magic. next time, repeat the enchantment process, but this time use a recording of Ted Nudent. "stranglehold".

(919) 714-0001

ARoberts said

just got a call on my cell phone to call officer jack dawson (wonder if it's jack dawson from titanic) to call that a warrant was out for my arrest. freaking grow up and leave hard working people alone.

(602) 628-0066


This caller said he was a detective looking for my vehicle, and that he was going to report it stolen if I didn't tell him where my vehicle was located and I would be arrested, when I would ask for more information from him he would hang up on me, I have no idea how he got my information on my truck or my phone number, The company that has a lein on my truck confirms that they do not use investigators or detectives for repossessions. I have already contacted my local police department to file a complaint.

(567) 269-0013

So Confusing said

567-269-0013 Raghead scam artist pretending to be from IRS and wants $10,000 now or he is sending the Police! 2 hours later, same Raghead claims to be from some bank, and says I'm approved for a $10,000 loan, that is real convenient, so I told him I needed the loan to pay the IRS agent that just called me from the same # and he cussed me out and hung up! LMFAO

(314) 925-0051

BA said

Called back on my cell. Answering machine says Funding Merchant Source. This bs call is daily. Blocked on cell but keeps calling my home.

(219) 462-0004

Concerned said

Said they were fop

(303) 847-0111

ME said

Diversified Financial Solutions is what she said. very rude and unprofessional and hung up on me. It wasn't a call for me. Was for someone else.

(918) 212-0004

annonymous said

These are really bad people! Thieves! Pretending to be a company and steal merchandise from you!

(404) 341-0058

Keith said

True! People, like me, come here KNOWING it's a debt collector.

(260) 504-0032

Beth said

I got a call at work from this number, they did not leave a voicemail. This is supposedly from the Fort Wayne area, according to a google search.

(254) 230-0044

Ms Wright said

A Man Called so he say his name was Mr. Mckinnely. he was very rude and ignorant and you could tell he was African-American.

(847) 826-0145

Jerry? said

Jerry, you sound like John.... Hi...

(202) 621-0020

Cindy said

I just received a call from this number and after I ask for address, verification, badge number, paperwork verifying the transaction, we were told that we had been chosen to receive US Treasury Grant monies from the Federal Government. As I am a certified Fundraising Professional and a grant writer, I know that this is totally a fraud and upon asking for the information, the man on the other end of the line began yelling at me and his voice escalated and when I ask if he was threatening a customer of the federal government....he hung up.

(281) 670-0138

nonof said

Who the heck is calling me and hanging up from this #???

(315) 285-0088

Mike said

This is a scam number don't answer

(205) 379-0111

nena said

scam !! said i have 100 dollar reward card.. bs

(954) 699-0033

Andre said

Received a call from this phone. They had my name and wanted to confirm SSN. Person was very impatient and said also it was from a certain Diversity Consulting.

(256) 212-0005

Dawg said

This woman was telling me she is from Webb, AL, but the area code for there is 334. She says she is single with one young boy and is looking for someone that can lend her a helping hand with rewards of course. all I did was hang up, I am concerned how she got my number. It is a private number.

(702) 408-0224

flor González said

(205) 379-0111

Arthur said

call and hang up

(956) 202-0227

Tired of this number said

Leaves no message. Keeps calling. If you answer it gives you a 1 to accept charges...2 to decline. But the recording doesn't tell you who or what you are accepting. There is no greeting - just asks you to choose 1 or 2. If you don't make a selection after a short while it just hangs up after a period of silence.

(956) 202-0227

Tired of this number said

Leaves no message. Keeps calling. If you answer it gives you a 1 to accept charges...2 to decline. But the recording doesn't tell you who or what you are accepting. There is no greeting - just asks you to choose 1 or 2. If you don't make a selection after a short while it just hangs up after a period of silence.

(602) 628-0066

Curious said

Said they were a detective????

(415) 948-9478

Mariel Kamp said is a slut and her pussy smells like stretched salami

(415) 948-9478

Queenie said

This bitch is a whore

(206) 289-0026

j said

Person will call but leave no message

(702) 463-0179

A said

Aloha Animal Hospital

(567) 269-0013

receiver said

something financial bank.

(973) 932-0008

Ra said

(801) 312-0010

Unblock All said

Did they state what they wanted?

(320) 315-0033

CT Renter said

Definitely a real estate scam. It was listed with a property in Canton, CT.

(702) 808-0187

Angel said

His name is James he's an old man that is into disgusting sex with girls on craigslist. He drives a blk Avalanche and is very aggressive. I know he lives in Las Vegas be clear of him

(262) 682-0173

pogo said

possibly... spam, child care without personal interview, and wanting to send money prior to meeting

(929) 232-2808

RU Nutz said

Indian accent speaking man called to tell me he had a number of error reports from my windows computer. I told him that I had not reported any errors. He said it was automatic to be sent for windows to correct the problem. I have 3 computers with different operation vs of windows I asked which system was affected and he said it didn't make a difference. I went along with him for a while. He wanted to open this and that so I told him I had to go and could no longer have time to stay on the phone. He just kept talking.......try this enter that....I said good bye and hung up. He called back 3 more times. One time from a different number.

(301) 971-0028

Ed said

2 calls today (2/13/15). No message.

(213) 222-0040

so tired said

I also answered because the caller ID said LA Child Care and of course it was the Microsoft Scam. The woman did not answer why the incorrect name showed up on my caller ID and I told her my computer was not infected because I had a Mac.

(662) 796-0039

Ty said

Received a call from this number for unknown reason.

(440) 388-0028

ugg said

bill collections

(512) 919-0083

jay said


(405) 604-0257

Jonathan said

Cool - thanks Jay.

(405) 604-0257

jay said

Idk how long ago it was that the number called you but as of 12-17-2014 this is one of the phones at jimmy johns deli.

(567) 269-0012


I got a solicitous call from this number. I interrupted and said I wasn't interested. He called me back later in the day, asked for me BY NAME then when I said "this is. What can I do for you?" He screamed "nothing," and hung up.

(404) 341-0045

Jjt said

Call multiple times. Never leaves a message

(401) 214-0003

SID said

I keep getting calls from this number too and they do not leave a message....ever.

(401) 214-0017

Chris said

Calling every day and several times. I am not answered. Unknown numbers I never answer. It is an annoying call

(859) 550-0021

misty said

Did you find out who this was

(201) 395-0027

Ted said

When I answered they hung up

(304) 693-0120

Flyguy said

They called at 8:55 PM tonight, 11 Feb. 15, did not talk, then hung-up. I`ve received numerous calls from this number, and frankly, I`m sick of it. They just called again, I can see where the call originates from, if it continues, I will pay that place a visit.

(304) 693-0120

Flyguy said

They called at 8:55 PM tonight, 11 Feb. 15, did not talk, then hung-up. I`ve received numerous calls from this number, and frankly, I`m sick of it.

(323) 637-0062

Javier said

I just met this guy at the mall, and he is super ugly and has some type of disease. He didn't look anything like his picture online.

(323) 637-0062

Erick said

This guy has AIDS, and he's having unprotected sex with men in Montebello and near Cal State Los Angeles. Be cautious if you meet him on Adam4Adam or Grinder.

(947) 517-0018

DLB0917 said

I'm getting non stop calls from that number... I don't answer calls that don't identify who they are.....

(715) 621-0099

KG said

Weird call from this number

(954) 649-0002

Tony said

Vision 33 in Ft Lauderdale (Weston) area. They are an SAP affiliate.

(706) 423-0075


Person keeps calling our house and harassing us. Also has threatened us

(401) 214-0018

maria said

same as all the rest

(941) 794-0035

Rob said

Recieved a call from this number on my unlisted cell phone, then they hung up on me. I called them back and after a long time some one answered and I heard spanish spoken in the background...

(256) 670-0051

j said

call every morning shortly after 8:00 am. and several times late evening. does not leave a message.

(440) 219-0054

Karen said

Received a call with no message two nights in a row. Called it back today. It's Sirius XM radio.

(847) 990-0085

Cindi said

Keeps calling early in the morning!

(336) 907-0068

keri said

who are you

(928) 482-0078

Jenn said

Yes and I held on for 15 mins an pressed 1 when he said to. got connected with an operator and got my number taken off. They asked my name and I said you don't need to know my name just take my number off list.

(706) 890-0004

We said

No message. Returned call. solicitation for magazines

(361) 208-0688

ozz said

(301) 836-0123


I keep getting calls about a claim filed in my name and their needing to speak to me or my authorized rep. They are asking for my SSN, but never do they identify themselves.

(347) 553-0031

boner said


(203) 680-0030

Connor said

This number calls from waterbury, ct. It is a recorded line made to sound human, with stutters and pauses. It offers a free cruise, yatta yatta yatta. They called 3 times in 3 days.

(585) 228-0005

connie said


(361) 208-0048

Angie said

This number keeps calling me. I would call back and was unable to get through. I called back and heard them dialing someone else and when that person answered the operator said her name was "Jennifer and she was from a cruise line that had available space due to last mintute cancellations, the guy that answered hung up" I heard the whole conversation, it was weird.

(304) 918-0180

M said

I answered they didn't

(567) 269-0012

bluescooby14 said

First call today @ 6:20 am, yesterday multi calls all day . Recorded message you have been approved first national bank blah blah blah ..... I am now on the do not call list how long does this take?????

(215) 383-0048

Kelly said

Called my cell several times in a short time period will not stop calling me.

(404) 341-0045

JS in AL said

This number just called my cell phone number. I didn't recognize the number so I answered and then immediately hung up/disconnected the call because I didn't want it going to my voice mail. I looked this number up online and saw these messages about it being a scam. I have blocked this number.

(281) 417-0114

mel said

been getting calls from this number. does anyone know where is from.

(567) 269-0012

jan said

this phone number keeps coming up on my phone over and over and I have not answered it. how did this person get my phone number?

(972) 632-0043

神 said

I've gotten texts that ask me if they wanted to FaceTime me. When I ask who they are, they never respond.

(310) 462-0001

gump said


(504) 335-0034

Rocky said

Someone from this number keeps calling - even early Saturday morning - but never leaves a message.

(847) 883-0079

Bobby said

(404) 720-0015

JANNE said


(314) 498-0100

marlene said

caller screamed and made my ear bleed

(302) 404-0029


Feb. 7,2015 Same story here in SW Wisconsin, answering our CL ad for a car trailer. We told them "No cash, No deal!" Then the texts stopped. Rotten scammers make you not want to trust anyone! Sad really. I guess be cautious and skeptical pays off sometimes.

(405) 928-0195

george said

Told this is a woman named Tammy out of Oklahoma presently working in Nigeria, won't answer phone calls only texts talking for a few weeks and mmaking OK plans to move here Withme seem like a scam to you??

(858) 369-0077

858-369-0077 said

(631) 333-0031

Mr Fanculo said

The number is from Greenport, Long Island, NY. Requesting for donations to a Police organization. Just hang up on these scammers and if you see the number on your called ID again, don't answer since the scammers will not leave a message!

(567) 269-0012

kelly said

Omg!!! Some dude just called me from this number and said he wants to F me. Then goes on to tell me all sorts of nasty stuff. I am so angry right now.

(919) 714-0001

Angry said

I received the same call. A message was left "call officer Jonathan Cook" or I would be arrested at my home or place of employment. I had a warrant out for my arrest & I should turn myself in or call this number. This isn't the first time I've received a call like this... I was prepared. I called, I didn't let the first person speak too long... I immeadiately asked for his supervisor, who I was told was "Jack Dawson". Got switched to him, then I asked for a physical address before he spoke which I was told was in NC. I was put on hold twice, so I knew it was a scam by then. they haven't called back.

(214) 612-0142

Anon said

Calling on my work number, ridiculous!!!

(361) 208-0061

Dave said

Not sure who this number is or what they want

(202) 621-0020

RD Said said

I got a call from this number and with a lot of background noise and hang up.

(424) 233-0051

Efrem said

They called my cellphone multiple times this morning but never left a message. I'm ignoring this caller.

(314) 817-0047

yea... said

this number is linked to porn sites... theyre calling because you visited a site and a virus copied your contact info.

(254) 284-0067

Eric campuzano said

The auto message was reporting for a different person. I asked if I could be taken off there phone roster and the guy wanted a cause number and he hung up on

(602) 628-0066


yes we got a call from this number. they said they investigating detective.

(631) 333-0031

Blue Moon said

Called but did not leave message!

(864) 990-0120

Ryan said

Just wanted to nw who cald????

(228) 349-0029

Uknown said

Rings twice then hangs up.

(248) 581-0001

lynn said

Keeps calling my phone but never leaves a message.

(201) 890-0031

Louie said

Fruitcake number

(305) 707-0019

lois said

who it belongs to?

(303) 351-0185

SH said

Called back, no answer machine, ... Most likely stammers

(779) 201-4191

Judi said

I received a call from this number. I called the number back on my cell phone and they answered as Life Giving Moments.

(779) 201-4191

NotABot said

Computer generated survey. "This is Amanda calling on behalf of life giving moments". Don't bother - it's automated. Augh. Sounds real. It's not.

(404) 341-0041

go fuck yourself said

go fuck your self

(303) 749-0006

JV said

I received call from this number, there phone was not clear sounding. They introduced themselves as IC something and said that I owed money and how was I to pay it. I asked them to send me a letter in their company letterhead so that I may review it and they said they don't do that. He apologized and hung up the phone. Don't know who this is but anyone asking for money over the phone is not right. (SKAMMERS?)

(302) 404-0029


This number texted me today about my horse trailer I had posted. He asked me my bottom dollar and made me an offer pretty close to my asking price. He then asked for more pictures and asked if I had PayPal. He said he had PayPal and could only use that. I told him I wanted cash or cashiers check and never heard back from him. SCAM!!!

(407) 721-0191

Amb said

Who is this?

(410) 255-9094

Bobby said

I got this message too. I was wondering if anyone of you called the number back and what happened?

(410) 255-9094

Karla said

Here is what my text says - Hleb4692lghzq12inkz_Dear user, something went wrong. Call out office: 4102559094. Msg from:BnkOfamerca DEBIT. We appreciate your time.dre9599jsrpwo538 Received at 3:01pm PST 2/4/2015 Lot a typos give it away as well and I do have an account with them. I'm deleting it. Thanks for your post, Joshua

(410) 255-9094

Joshua said

SCAM. Texts purporting to be from Bank of America... I don't have a Bank of America account. Consider yourself forewarned!

(320) 210-0010

sam said


(972) 203-0004

ba said


(303) 542-0069

h said

i get the same call....e-mails also from the same "company"

(256) 872-0108

edie said

called my business 4 times in 2 hours and didn't leave a message

(440) 219-0006

TopRow said

This number has called 7 times in the last 2 days. No message left. I do have a vehicle with a recently-expired Sirius XM Subscription and I know how aggressive they can be so I wouldn't be at all surprised if this is them.

(213) 805-7276

Jonathan said

Asking for donations for breast cancer research. Legit? Not sure. Knew my name.

(347) 237-0033

q said


(305) 602-0983

Jonathan said

Unsolicited text. "D.ial (305).602.0983 to have your p rize sent." Yeah, sure. SCAM!

(301) 219-7589

Joan said

I received the same text message as Anon above at 1:01am on a Saturday morning. I didn't call either number or text back.

(315) 285-0088

ih said


(360) 200-0113

Gunner said

Called this number back after I received a call. Career connect was how they responded. Didn't get much more than that

(310) 984-0033

Miguelito said

Got an inquiry that seems to indicate somebody in realestate

(401) 214-0003

heywood said

keeps calling dose not leave a message also 401 214 0018

(253) 655-0224

Steve said

Definitely a scam. Ask an Indian guy to verify my last 4 numbers of SSN and he hang-up the phone. If they are from government, they should know, right?

(256) 868-0001



(424) 644-0004

Save Children Worldw said

we didn't know who this number was until she showed up with love and Christmas presents for all (every one of them) kids in our facility, we are a humble facility and this amazing woman made Christmas come true for so very many kids such a blessing to know this beautiful woman such a blessing

(301) 966-0072

Skeeter said

I just received the same text as those above. WZD8cb

(610) 901-0082

maryanne said

annoying call form Premier energy trying get you to switch electric companies Located in Morgantown PA

(440) 840-0143

Anonymous said

(301) 966-0072

Bob said

I dont't have such an account, but I received the following text message Feb 1, 2015 @ 2:48PM (most definitely a SCAM because my wife received the exact same text about 15 minutes prior): fed choice Federal Credit Union ALERT: Your Visa Check Card #448380 is deactivated. Please call Card Services toll-free (301) 966-0072

(301) 966-0072


Sunday Feb 1, 2015 2:30pm. Text to my cell phone with this message "fed choice Federal Credit Union ALERT: Your Visa Check Card #448380 is deactivated. Please call Card Services toll-free (301) 966-0072" It's a scam, I don't have an account there.

(301) 966-0072

Said2 said

The same thing happened to me just like said mention. My bank will call not text!!!

(301) 966-0072


I received a text message saying my visa check was deactivated and asking me to contact this number. When I dialed this number, I was prompted to enter my credit card details. This is NOT the service number of my credit card provider.

(269) 767-0051

student said

Whoever owns this number represents himself as a sugar daddy looking to pay money for underage sex

(512) 777-0060

Michelle said

This number is a scam. Please do not respond to any emails or zillow listings from this number.

(301) 966-0072

Tony said

Scam. Will probably ask you for credit or debit card details. Don't give it to them

(301) 966-0072

Taskforce said

This is a scam. Do not comply or respond.

(302) 404-0029


Similar experience here as well...what will it take to get this scammer shut down

(301) 219-7589

Anon said

Got a text saying: "Federal Credit Union ALERT: Your Visa Check Card #448380 is deactivates. Please call Card Services toll-free (301)966-0072" This is not my card number and I called my bank's fraud team to report the scam and double check my account. My card was never deactivated. Do not reply to text or call either of those numbers. They try to get your PIN and account information.

(760) 605-0238

Laura said

I have received several calls from this number the most recent one just now and my call blocker blocked their call Last time she said "did you just call me?"

(781) 985-0002

jack said

crazy woman mumbling to call her

(801) 462-0120

bonk said


(619) 202-4576

Jonathan said

SPAM. Some guff about the American Recovery and Investment Act ... eligible to get a 60% reduction in my electricity bill... blah blah blah. Press 1... etc. *Click*

(904) 413-0023

Gregg said

Keep getting sexting from this number. Some pervert most likely

(334) 844-0163

Adrienne said

This is from someone on Auburn University's campus I believe. But I don't know who or what it's about.

(303) 221-0049

Wanda said

Unexplained call and when I called back on a blocked line they would not accept the call

(585) 228-0005

annon said

supposedly North East Arbitration Group. Its a scam phone call.

(314) 627-0030


called, spoke to keyan rodney. they are scammers in st louis asking for people to send checks to apartments rented out under false identities. they refuse to give out company information addresses or account #s when i pressed him about where i should send his money. lol scammers...

(850) 313-0011


No message

(281) 907-0167

Victor said

I received a call. Did not answer the phone. It went into fax mode with beep...beep sound. I guess someone is trying to send a spam fax. I do not have a fax machine. The caller ID said 'Mitchel Thomas'. I Do not know this person.

(404) 341-0045

Thought so said

Thanks for posting all. I didn't recognize the number from Georgia, didn't answer, and then looked it up on line. Glad my instincts are good. They are truly a-holes calling cell numbers.

(323) 892-0225

Kay said


(501) 340-0002

Rodriguez said

They always call my cell but they never leave a message.

(404) 341-0045

pissed off said

these guys called trying to sell a security system, a bunch of spammers

(253) 233-0008


None four missed calls at 6:09 am

(334) 316-0073

NYC said

One ring and hung up. No message. Won't bother calling them back.

(602) 628-0066

question said

I received a call from this number say they are a detective.

(731) 418-0067

wonder who said

Wondering whos number this is..dont remember how or why it got saved into my contacts because its been a while. I had it saved under my husbands office contact as a second number. So im not sure. Possibly a shady call i seen on his phone call log so i saved it.? What did they say to u

(304) 693-0120

dacid said

every day sometimes twice a day

(304) 693-0120

Wv1cent said

three to four times a day now. Any way to make it stop?

(360) 546-0017


Don't call me

(662) 995-0103

scammed said

He scammed me out of money I fell for it. First time Imagine if I only looked up this number and found this posting Does anybody know who he is?

(516) 644-0018

bob said

(864) 952-0006

hearoldo said


(567) 269-0020

Mike said

IRS scam from individual . Said that I had an arrest warrant and that I would be arrested today.

(424) 644-0004

Ryan Stone said

this is the BEST MOST BEAUTIFUL Person/Organization in the World!!

(715) 978-0020

jeff said

said i had to dial 715 i did

(845) 450-0019

lisa said

Keeps on calling during the day and evening, but leaves no messages, a usual confirmation that it is simple a "cold call'. Ignore or block, if you receive a call from this number. (only the tel number appears on my caller id)

(516) 490-0137

Pablodee said


(919) 714-0001

Linds said

Just got a call right now. Said he was an Illinois State trooper and that I needed to call Jonathan Cook for several complaints against my license plate? He didn't know my license plate # or any other details. This is definitely a scam!

(336) 292-6192

Bethan said

Another "already referred by a medical professional" scam call. Ugh.

(315) 565-0044

fuckyou said

(315) 635-9781

Jonathan said

Guy with an Indian accent claiming to be from Microsoft and I have a problem with my Windows PC. I don't have a Windows PC. Hung up.

(609) 843-0015

John said

Do not trust this number. Total scammer.

(956) 433-0145


Harassing message with incomplete message and not clear

(334) 316-0073

Julie said


(334) 316-0073

DK said

I got the same kind of scam call, but in addition, they said they wouldn't accept a prepaid card as a means of paying my shipping and handling for the "prize"

(787) 610-0065

Frank said

Got a call from this number "(robot of P.R)" is true?

(202) 621-0020

thinks said

Even though some of these calls mentioned here are funny there must be a reason for them. No one has ever spoke when I answer and the calls come from many different numbers. All that happens is after 5 to 6 seconds a recording says goodbye. I think it might be important to find out what is going on! What can be done?

(202) 621-0020

carol said

I get the same thing and it comes from other numbers also. I answer and after a short pause a recording says goodbye. Who is this? Why do they keep calling?

(214) 716-0090

wood said

constantly calls and does not leave message

(334) 316-0073


Hung up on the 1st ring.

(303) 481-0047

Jennifer said

Getting about 4 calls a day from this number never leaves a message when I do answer they never answer and hang up. Ready to take legal action.

(212) 281-0731

Jonathan said

Caller ID said Abushaar Shaif. Didn't answer - no voicemail left.

(206) 339-0001

daa said

(956) 536-0169

Daniel said

What kind of crazy calls?

(864) 832-0082

edwards said

got a call from this number, didnt answer. no message was left.

(320) 699-0003

Jacob said

He is the most wonderful man!

(205) 379-0111

Paul said

Called and hung up.

(304) 237-0012

bill said

(631) 333-0031

sag said

Not legit collection for police. Give to your PBA . NEVER GIVE ANYTHING TO ANYONE WHO CALLS YOU!!!!!

(602) 462-5931

Monica said


(316) 395-0233

Jerry said

I received a call from this number tried calling it back and got the message this is not a valid phone number to check the number and try again...

(662) 995-0103

Itza said

Tried to con my husband out of tickets; over paid and when my husband offer to pay him back he wrote- "I would like for you to send it to me in cash via western union, that will be better and fast and the check should clear today or tomorrow, please check your bank account the check should clear today or tomorrow my email address is" Email is a fake and so he/she/them

(786) 470-0064

No tolerance said


(662) 676-0009

Annoyed said

Glad I'm not the only one!! They call me and won't say anything either. Wish they'd get a job or do something productive lol!

(405) 646-0035

Charles said

They call about everyday and I have tried to cal back as well. So I blocked the calls from coming in on my phone. Hope this works.

(602) 997-0027

Alice said

Yeah i got a call but no one answered

(847) 877-0186

sexy said


(813) 507-0221

Prome said

hay buddy

(516) 858-0038

joan said

received a call and an email giving this number as owned by Realty Bargains .com

(631) 333-0031

Ed said

Called but left no message.

(202) 621-0020

Linda said

Answered my phone and told the caller to take my name off of his list. The guy, who sounded foreign, told me there was a "Bomb" in my house! That's why we need effective immigration.I called the FBI.

(626) 500-0047

me said

These people call when no one is home, over and over again. Sometimes there are 3 or 4 calls, just minutes apart. They never leave a message on the answering machine. If you call the number on caller id back, a recording says the number is not in service. Just another scam.

(281) 791-0111

Rebel1962 said

I believe this is from PETCO I began ordering pet food online and found that others received a call from this number, some are saying payday loans, I have never inquired so I do not know about that. But anything is possible with this harassing we get on our phones, I just changed my number after 13 years and now I a getting calls already from telemarketers.

(314) 817-0047

LSD said

Motha fucka won't stop callin' me every day. I'm like damn, what the problem is?? Do mind if I don't. #livefreshwitoutstress

(323) 843-0007

JB said

Have received 15 calls from this number with no message.

(954) 324-8800

Shell said

This number keeps calling me and saying I have a vacation credit from an Orlando trip I purchased. 3 big issues 1. I don't have kids and have zero desire to travel to Orlando 2. My work has me traveling every week so I have enough points accumulated to travel for free and wouldn't purchase a vacation package 3. They will not remove me from the calling list. Any suggestions on how to get removed from this calling scam???

(407) 914-0268

cc said

calling me during class. who is this?

(203) 680-0007

danni said

Calls every day. Doesn't leave a message and just rings when I call back. Really annoying

(203) 680-0012

danni said

Calls every day. Doesn't leave a message and just rings when I call back. Really annoying

(262) 806-0054

tiffany said

Got mutilate calls from this number several times a day for 3 days in a row and no messages

(512) 651-0100

unwanted spam said

I'm getting an unsolicited email including this phone number. My name is Laura Toberman and I work with Iconixx. We have never spoken, but I'm reaching out because I help companies automate and manage their sales commissions, merit plans and incentive and bonus calculations. We've helped companies eliminate spreadsheets and manual calculations, and I'm curious about your process and whether there's room for improvement? Wasted time, data errors and reporting issues are frustrations I hear most often as reasons why people seek to automate. How does your calendar look this week for a brief 5 minute phone conversation to discuss your process and whether there's room for improvement? Kind Regards, Laura Toberman Business Developer (512)651-0100 x1307

(248) 825-0080

ABC said

Yes, so did I. It's a guy named David Campbell. I think he is a scammer.

(213) 222-0040

Stacey said

Answered this call, said on caller ID: LA Child Care. When I answered someone named Alex said he was calling about my computer!?! I've reported to FCC since I'm on the "Do not call" list. This is not the 1st time someone has called about fixing computers or saying they're from Microsoft. It's a scam!

(301) 971-0027

Raven said

They call every single day. I never pick up, they never leave a message. So much for registering with "Do Not Call" on FTC website!

(929) 232-2806

Juanita said

They say they are computer repair service. I told them to go to Hell. This is the second time they have called. The last one was in the middle of the night and they wanted credit card numbers to "fix our computer". This one came at 7:30 in the morning.

(919) 714-0001

Lola said

this call just came in talking about and officer Jonathan Cook had placed a complaint on me that I should call Mr Cook and get all details call 919-714-0001 and they started talking about a payday loan but the original call came in under call ID of 1(911) ??what should I do

(631) 333-0031

Bosco said

Collecting for some police organization. Impossible to know if it's legitimate. My guess is that it's not.

(702) 552-0081



(206) 313-0057

smiley said

Yes very unusual

(206) 313-0057

smiley said

Unusual callS5yHuH

(203) 680-0038

Jenny G said

Calls frequently, no message left

(662) 676-0009

cdh75 said

Receiving calls from this number with no one saying anything when I answer

(405) 646-0143

Unwanted said

This was supposedly a vehicle warranty company. The man was extremely rude and kept reminding me that if I didn't give him the information he was asking for, that this courtesy call would end. He finally hang up on me.

(315) 307-0071

shd said

Spam. fake beneficiary email.

(904) 474-0008

tony said

yes I did call from this number

(480) 648-0116

Perplexed User said

Calls my work cell phone. I don't answer.

(904) 513-0029

yo said

me too was it legit?

(320) 315-0033

Amanda said

I know this is for a real estate scam. BEWARE.

(651) 605-0014

abc said

i got call from this number a few times. doesnt leave a message either. not sure if this is a debt collecting call. must not be that important if they didnt leave a message.

(567) 269-0011

BB said

They call my cell several times a day - first as some kind of medical compensation company; they saying I had been approved for a $10K loan - today, they identified themselves as First Financial Bank - I have repeatedly asked them to quit calling - finally blocked their #

(210) 827-0023

cal said

Weird times

(512) 919-0074

hhh said

yes and need to find location

(405) 646-0143

linda sue rossen said

This man and his company are stealing identities! Adam Segler 405-257-2321 Rebecca Segler 580 216 0738

(405) 646-0143

Jonathon said

I keep getting this call to my work number so we traced it back to this person-Adam D. Segler AN IDENTITY THIEF!Not spammer!This is company scams peoples identities! I found the main number 405-257-2321

(424) 217-0154

tee said

I get alt of text from 4242170154 please tell me who it is? Thank you tressa hermosillo

(516) 570-0227

Devil's Advocate said

Annoying shit heads!

(567) 269-0007

Sherry said

I was left multiple messages from this number. Said he was from Ireland and that I was being sued by the IRS.

(440) 249-0052

scott said

Did also. they are builtmore dedt collection.out of ohio. usually for medical .I told them to call Obama and get the funds from all the illegles they support and give free ...

(315) 351-0083

Orange county reside said

Husband just got a call (this is Saturday )saying he had a felony charge pending with the IRS. We file jointly but the caller didn't know that. The caller hung up when my husband started asking questions. He allegedly owed $4000. All they kept saying is that he paid his taxes wrong. From 2005 to 2013. I Plus, our taxes are always on the short form.As uncomplicated as it gets. Thank you for this forum.

(210) 308-2648

Elizabeth said

From "medical alert" says that I was (BULL) referred by a medical professional and that my medical alert order was ready

(979) 606-0025

Nate said

I just want to know who is this calling every couple of days and not saying anything on my vmail or when I call back they don't say anything.

(302) 404-0029

Carlene said

I received a text message asking what I wanted for my truck. Then asked for details and then what was my bottom dollar. I got the same run around as every one else after that. Will have carrier pick up after I get my money. They made an offer too easy. I told them I needed to see what PayPal would charge me. They said 2.9 but would split the cost with me. I figured this was a scam but have been entertaining myself for a little while. Some one offering just below retail and paying a shipper is a red flag. Said they lived in one state but working in another. Not bad scammers when they hold personal conversations with me. Never asked me about the title. Stay away from this one.

(315) 351-0083

kira said

i just got the same message on my voicemail and with the name julie smith saying the same thing, i actually ended calling back tho, and they knew my address and said i owed 4,270 in back taxes and that an hour after hanging up they would have someone at my door with a warrant for me if i didnt give info on how to settle it before we hung up, i then gave the phone to my husband and they hung up on him then everytime we called back the would pick up and hang up! total scam! do not call back!

(732) 770-0009

Mrose said

Got a call from someone calling herself Gladius.

(847) 532-0052

M said

Guy called asking for Maintenance supervisor about florescent light bulbs ordered. Said he was with Global. He said he would look up name and call back. We don't have a maintenance manager, so I knew it was a scam.

(206) 313-0055

why said

is this a person that's bidding texts

(202) 621-0020

Fl said

I get calls from this number every day, several times a day, with no message left. I finally answered and after a long pause a recording said "good bye" and disconnected. I am on the do not call list. Why can't this stop!!!!

(956) 202-0227

Boo said

This number calls all the time I'm sick of it . 956-202-0227.

(845) 450-0019

Shel said

Lower your electric bill from Congers, NY on caller ID.

(215) 710-8632

james said

They are harassing me and won't give me a name but want to fight?

(262) 806-0078

lyn said

They have called me repeatedly asking for my personal information. I have asked who they are (as in name of company) they just hang up on me. I called them back and again when I asked who there were they stated they don't play that game and hung up on me. I am on the do not call list.

(734) 230-0007

fredd said


(530) 698-0038

BDI Program said

+15306980038 Telemarketer scam. See if you qualify??? No Thanks.

(228) 349-0029

Anonymous said

I called it back. It rings twice and then hangs up

(404) 341-0058

Shame said

It's those guys in black suits calling to collect a debt. You know who they are, because the message asks by NAME!

(732) 890-0003

Spencer Ryan Nemerof said

hi Daddy

(281) 991-0107

Gina said

Quick Weight Loss Center off of Fairmont in Pasadena. They will keep calling over and over if you do not answer your phone.

(662) 995-0103

Pamela said

Tried to scam me out of tickets. Very sketchy dude

(954) 364-0002

matt said

any one getting calls?

(706) 890-0004

KP said

Had a missed call from this number. No message was left. I have no idea who this is.

(970) 376-0135

L said

lots of pry calls

(662) 676-0009

Tamara said

I keep receiving missed calls from this number. I always get a "new voicemail" notification, along with their missed call.. But the voicemail is always just a few seconds of silence!! What a waste of time!!

(704) 264-0004


Called 4 times in 2 days, never said anything, I called back, person just sat on the other end of the phone breathing!

(213) 905-0018

David said

I got a text msg from this number. and this person never get the phone. it is cell phone number. something wrong person.

(404) 720-0015

Virginia said

Receiving calls from this number........ I don't snswer them.....let them go to answering message is ever left on machine -- just hang ups......this is just a nuisance call. I am on "no call" list.

(704) 264-0004

nancy said

Received 2 calls from this number while in the shower. Tried to call back but it does not even ring. WTH I am blocking this number today.

(704) 614-0010

PG said

Getting random txt's from the this number...very random. "This is miles I love you so much xoxo gossip girl jk its isis" "Fights" "Vegging"

(248) 540-0209

Alex said

It's Fedex Mailing/Print shop in Birmingham, MI (14th and Woodward).

(330) 460-0035

Lee said

When asked who's calling, "Mike", no last name or company.

(714) 224-0237

mayra said

got several calls from this number , i never answer call from unknown numbers but i have no idea who can this be !

(954) 554-0059

fiw said

fuck you

(704) 264-0004


Happened to me today...knew my name and asked if I could hear her. Then she hung up.

(530) 312-0042

JEN said


(972) 965-0065

hogg said

she offered me sex

(702) 552-0081

John said

Unwanted calls from this number. Calls then hijacks the line leaving a dial tone. I'm on the do not call registry.

(360) 252-0244



(315) 842-0083

mary said

I have gotten several calls from this number and they don't say anything.

(801) 864-0080

Gio said

Same here, they called and they stayed in the line with out saying a word,

(252) 791-0006

Manor said

(567) 269-0007

VE said

This IS a scam AND many people have fallen for it and have lost MILLIONS of $$! I reported this ph# and the caller ("MAX") to the IRS, the Treasury Inspector General (TGITA) and the FTC. The government is taking this kind of calls VERY seriously. (I spoke to someone at the IRS).

(401) 214-0018

naj p nyer said

same as everyone else and if you do pick up they hang up

(956) 242-0087

Me said

number keeps calling

(602) 237-7031

SUZ said


(717) 579-0005

Ant said

Crazy calls from this number

(717) 579-0005

Juju said

No just trying to see if my dad is cheating on my mom

(405) 225-0071

T said

Government vacation rewards

(401) 214-0003


These people need to stop harassing me with these calls. Not only for this number, but also (401) 214-0018/0007/0017!

(203) 680-0038

jade said

I rec a call and I answered to see why she could not hear my machine she said I won something that enters me into a 5000. dollar pool or something in that nature but I had to call another # and answer a few questions I hung up

(602) 237-7389

shelly said

yes, i get calls from this number asking for my child, they are rude and very secretive of what they say then hang up on me./ wont leave a message.

(704) 264-0004

sheila said

Calling me too. I just lay the phone on my car speaker and turn radio up. Hopefully they will stop soon.

(919) 714-0001

Achan said

Called the number back and was told to surrender myself to the police department. Told him I was already there and he hung up on me. Called the number again and he cursed me out and would no longer answer after speaking to me and being called a fraud.

(320) 421-0064

dre said

stop calling me

(313) 230-0067

Lynette said

I received call but they left no message. When I called back they knew my name and said the phone call would be recorded and I hung up

(717) 447-0071

Drew said

No idea who these people are. Soliciting something

(704) 264-0004

annoyedwebuser said

I Just received call from 7042640004.I answered but didnt say anything. Someone said my name and asked if I could hear them. I said, yes. Then they said their name was ashley from a sweepstakes company and that I had registered for thier 1 million dollar sweeps and she was calling to congratulate me. Then the phone call suddenly ended.

(208) 514-0065

NW electric said

This man calls and asks for business owner's cell number. When I ask to take a message he hangs up!

(567) 269-0007

Brian said

Got a call from fellow saying he was a federal employee with IRS saying I was subject to an IRS lawsuit. Sounds like a scam.

(631) 902-0010

Ally said

They don't say anything then hang up!!!

(941) 803-3113

Gotcha said

This is a collections company.

(412) 362-0007

Jana said

Calls in the evenings and never leaves a message. I don't answer the phone.

(412) 362-0007

bob said

called and was silent, then hung up

(304) 693-0120

JayCee said

every day, who are they?

(412) 362-0007

KCF said

Caller said was calling from Pittsburgh Fire Fighters and he was stopped at that and call terminated. Looks like another report I will be making to the Federal and Local authorities.

(404) 341-0045

Annoyed said

The number you dialed is not a working number is the message I get when trying to call these idiots they do that.

(855) 788-2587

Chris said

Scam Fraud Truck Repair This Number 855-788-2587 is A truck repair scam company operate nationwide scams trucks drivers and trucking companies don't call this number.

(800) 567-7529

Steve said

Scam Fraud Truck Repair This Number 800-567-7529 is A truck repair scam company operate nationwide scams trucks drivers and trucking companies don't call this number.

(904) 513-0029


Just got a text from a Craigslist posting. Wondering if it's legit.

(800) 790-2797

Bobby said

Rip off and con artist. The woman who calls herself Angel lied and cheated us. We were told girls would be showing up we had Rec'd pics of. Girls texted us pics and guess what they were fake. But what we were really mad about was the con artist on the phone who told us we would get a toy show and a girl on girl show which would've cost us $600 more the girls said. On top of the $300 we already paid. A little honesty would've gone a long way here. They will never again get my business.

(704) 264-0004

Bearr said

Super creepy phone calls from this number and another number 7046466406 they keep calling and when I return call no answer and when I answer no one speaks please help

(806) 355-0031

Latin girl said

I received a call that Robert Gall wanting to book escorts for his lil brother who was getting married and he is claiming he has a lot of money. wants girls for 2 days and trying to make himself look like a big baller which he is not cause he wont answer his cell 806-437-7377 and know says this phone is not in service. I am calling 806-355-0031 and now can hear some kids in background. He said he is married I will keep calling this number till I reach her in person to tell her that her husband is a cheater

(717) 989-0070

Ugh said

Yes....calls my unlisted home and my brand new cell number??? No idea who this idiot is.

(717) 989-0070

Ugh said

Yes....calls my unlisted home and my brand new cell number??? No idea who this idiot is.